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Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria
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Table of contents
Arq. Neuro-Psiquiatr. vol.48 no.3 São Paulo Sept. 1990

Epilepsy in a psychiatric hospital
Trevisol-Bittencourt, P. C.; Becker, N.; Pozzi, C.M.; Sander, J. W. A. S.

Diagnosis and treatment of myasthenia gravis: study of an inpatient population
Rey, Roberto D.; Sanz, Olga P.; Fernandez, José M.; Rey, Raul C.; Panizza, Marcela; Lucilli, Norberto; Astudillo, Miguel A.; Diaz, Gloria; Villegas, Alejandro H.; Sica, Roberto E. P.

Brain tumours in south Brazil a retrospective study of 438 cases
Torres, Luiz Fernando Bleggi; Almeida, Renata; Avila, Sandra; Alessi, Silvoney; Freitas, Renato

Clinical, radiological and cerebrospinal fluid presentation of neurocysticercosis: a prospective study
Bittencourt, P. R. M.; Costa, A. J.; Oliveira, T. V.; Gracia, C. M.; Gorz, A. M.; Mazer, S.

Social aspects of premature mortality (15 to 59 years) by cerebrovascular diseases
Lessa, Ines

Photoparoxysmal responses
Muszkat, Mauro; Guimarães, Rosana M.; Silva, Ademir B. da; Campos, Carlos J. Reis de

Craniocerebral involvement in lymphoma
Correale, Jorge D.; Monteverde, David A.; Bueri, José A.; Reich, Edgardo G.; Lucatelli, Néstor

Visual evoked potentials in chronic Chagas-Mazza disease
Pelli-Noble, Raul F.; Iouzquiza, Oscar D.; Riarte, Estela Graiff de

Neurophysiological evaluation of patients in coma through multimodality sensory evoked potentials: general aspects
Luccas, Francisco J. C.; Lopes, José A.; Plastino, Félix R. T.; Knobel, Elias

Specific count of cerebrospinal fluid cells in counting-chamber using supravital staining
Moraes-Rêgo, Sydney F. de; Rodrigues, Ana Lucila; Moraes-Rêgo, Kátia G. de

Antigenic expression in human choroid plexus carcinoma: report of two cases
Almeida, M. C.; Bacc'hi, C. E.; Queiroz, L. S.; Facure, N. O.

Lhermitte's sign during lateral cervical puncture: a survey on possible accidents on lateral C1-C2 puncture with report of two cases of spinal cord puncture
Rositti, Sandro L.; Balbo, Roque J.

Photosensitive epilepsy: report of two cases
Lauda, Erika Ellovitch; Albuquerque, Marly de; Nascimento, Cláudio L. do; Campos, Carlos J. Reis de

West syndrome in identical twins
Zerati, Edson; Seba Junior, Antônio

Successful treatment of primary reading epilepsy with clonazepam: a case report
Yacubian, E. M. T.; Castro, L. H. M.; Grossmann, R. M.; Marques-Assis, L.

Epilepsy and Turner's syndrome: report of a case and review of the literature
Trevisol-Bittencourt, P. C.; Sander, J. W. A. S.

Observations concerning: a purely spinal form of leptomeningeal cysticercosls
Rossitti, S. L.; Roth-Vargas, A.A.; Moreira, A. R. S.; Sperlescu, A.; Araújo, J. F. M.; Balbo, R. J.

Central nervous system Schistosomiasis: report of a case
Ferreira, M. S.; Costa-Cruz, J. M.; Gomes, M. A.

Syringomyelia: review of the literature and case report
Gonik, Renato; Rosso, Ana L. Zuma de; Maranhão Filho, Péricles A.; Novis, Sérgio A. Pereira

Interhemisphertc disconnection syndrome following total callosotomny associated to anterior commissurotomy for treatment of intractable epilepsy: case report
Cendes, Fernando; Ragazzo, Paulo C.; Costa, Valter da; Martins, Luís F.

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