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Bragantia vol.13 no.unico Campinas  1954

The grass flora of campinas county, Brazil
Dedecca, D. M.

A new variety of Stifftia chrysantha Mikan
Dedecca, D. M.

Frequency and severity of leaf cutting upon the growth, longevity and yield of the sisal plant
Medina, J. C.

Extraction of phosphorus from the soil by the neubauer and chemical methods
Catani, R. A.; Gargantini, H.

Solubility of Limestones
Gallo, Romano; Catani, R. A.

The influence on the soil of the continuous use of fertilizers
Catani, R. A.; Gallo, J. Romano

Leaf variegation in coffee plants
Carvalho, A.; Antunes Filho, H.

Nitrogen availability in several nitrogenous fertilizers
Catani, R. A.; Gallo, J. Romano; Gargantini, H.

Preparing bibliography for a technical paper
Bolliger, Nelly

Solubility of commercial grades of limestones in 1 per cent acetic acid solution
Gallo, J. Romano

A new nematode parasite of potato tubers
Lordello, Luiz Gonzaga E.; Zamith, Adiel Paes Leme; Boock, O. J.

Occurrence of Conidiobolus utbiculosus in Brazil
Viégas, A. P.; Teixeira, C. G.

The influence of adding ammonium salts and rice polishings on the rate of alcoholic fermentaion in juice of Co. 290 sugar cane
Teixeira, C. G.; Salati, A.

Coffee breeding: VII - Empty fruit locules in the mundo novo coffee
Antunes Filho, H.; Carvalho, A.

Influence of yeast strain on the alcoholic yield of Co: 290 sugar cane juice
Teixeira, C. G.; Salati, A.

Rectangular lattices
Conagin, A.

Reaction of the sour orange plant to tristeza
Costa, A. S.; Grant, T. J.; Moreira, Sylvio

Efficiency of randomized block designs in experiments to test corn varieties and hybrids
Arruda, Hermano Vaz de

Methods of identification and control of tristeza disease of citrus
Moreira, S.; Costa, A. S.; Grant, T. J.

Cotton "vermelhão" or anthocyanosis
Costa, A. S.; Sauer, H. F. G.

Genetics of Coffea: XXI. Inheritance of the characteristics of C. arabica L. var. laurina (Smeathman) DC
Krug, C. A.; Carvalho, A.; Antunes Filho, H.

Cytology of the development of empty fruits in the mundo novo coffee
Mendes, A. J. T.; Medina, Dixier M.; Conagin, Cândida H. T. Mendes

Plasmodesmata in endosperm cells of Coffea arabica L. var. typica Cramer
Mello Ayres, G. C. de

Effect of hydrogen peroxide on soil organic matter
Verdade, F. da Costa

Results of spacing trials for a dwarf variety of castor bean
Canecchio Filho, Vicente

A cotton mosaic caused by the tobacco streak virus
Costa, A. S.; Pinto, A. J. D'Andrea; Neves, Oswaldo S.

Hibridação de primaveras (Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd)
Germek, Emílio

Cotton malformation due to 2,4-D
Correa, Domingos M.; Schmidt, Walter; Costa, A. S.; Neves, Osvaldo S.; Cavaleri, P. A.

Genetics of Coffea: XIX. Somatic mutation affecting leaf color
Antunes Filho, H.; Carvalho, Alcides

BCH dusting to control insect pests in peanut plantings
Canecchio Filho, V.; Lazzarini, W.; Souza, O. F.

Changes in starch content of cassava roots during storage
Pacheco, J. A. de Camargo

Genetics of Coffea: XX. Preliminary results from treatment of coffee seeds with X-rays
Carvalho, A.; Antunes Filho, H.; Nogueira, R. K.

The occurence of Palorus subdepressus Woll. in Brazil
Mendes, Luiz O. T.

Identity between ordinary cotton mosaic and abutilon mosaic
Costa, A. S.