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Bragantia vol.17 no.unico Campinas  1958

N-P-K fertilizer test with peanuts
Gargantini, H.; Tella, Romeu de; Conagin, A.

N-P-K experiment on wheat
Gargantini, H.; Conagin, A.; Purchio, M. J.

Some preliminary studies on fertility problems of soils from several "campos cerrados" in São Paulo and Goiás
McClung, A. C.; Freitas, L. M. Martins de; Gallo, J. Romano; Quinn, L. R.; Mott, G. O.

Sugar cane variety trials 1953-1956
Segalla, A. L.; Alvarez, R.

Artificial polyploidy in the production of seedless watermelons (Citrullus vulgaris Schrad.)
Medina, Dixier M.; Prado, Olímpio T.; Mendes, A. J. T.; Roessing, Carlos

Variety trials with dwarf types of castor bean plants
Canecchio Filho, Vicente; Tella, Romeu de

Influence of deteriorated coffee beans on the taste of the beverage
Lazzarini, Walter; Moraes, Ferdinando Roberto Pupo de

Earth dam project and construction
Barreto, G. B.; Forster, R.

Nitrogen sources for the sugar cane
Alvarez, R.; Segalla, A. L.; Catani, R. A.

Canning experiments with pineapples
Veiga, Ary de Arruda

Influence of moisture content and temperature on the vitality of citrus seeds
Bacchi, Oswaldo

Purification and properties of chenopodium mosaic virus
Silva, Darcy M.; Meneghini, Mário; Santos, Helena Lopes de Souza

Soil fertility survey of the pindamonhangaba agricultural experiment station
Gargantini, H.

Nitrogen fixation by bacteria in association with soybean
Gargantini, H.; Catani, R. A.

The influence of moisture content on the viability of wheat seeds
Bacchi, Oswaldo

Soybean improvement in São Paulo: II- cross-pollination method
Miyasaka, Shiro; Silva, José Gomes da

Soil bases and their behavior under acid extraction
Verdade, F. da Costa

Coffee seedling placement in the planting hole
Mendes, J. E. Teixeira; Scaranari, H. J.

Fertilizer experiments with castor beans: I - Preliminary trials
Canecchio Filho, Vicente; Freire, E. S.

Influence of moisture content on the viability of coffee seeds
Bacchi, Oswaldo

Fertilizer experiments with corn: XI - Residual effect of phosphorus
Viégas, G. P.; Freire, E. S.

Progeny experiments with peanut: I - Experiments during 1953-56
Canecchio Filho, Vicente; Tella, Romeu de; Conagin, Armando; Conagin, Cândida H. T. Mendes

Description of several varieties of cultivated peanut
Conagin, Cândida H. T. Mendes

Castor bean strain trials - VIII
Canecchio Filho, Vicente

Fertilizer experiments with corn: XII - Residual effect of potassium
Viégas, G. P.; Freire, E. S.

Sources of phosphorus for the sugar cane
Alvarez, R.; Segalla, A. L.; Catani, R. A.; Arruda, H. Vaz de

Fertilizer experiments with cotton: V- Experiments on the effect of N, P and K in private farms
Schmidt, W.; Neves, O. S.; Freire, E. S.

Abnormal ovaries in the cultivated peanut plant
Conagin, Cândida H. T. Mendes

Effect of hormones on rooting rose cuttings
Souza, Hermes Moreira de; Inforzato, Romeu

Observations on rooting softwood cuttings of olive (Olea europaea L.)
Bernardi, José Botter; Inforzato, Romeu

Sowing time for some annual ornamentals
Souza, Hermes Moreira de

Residual effect of potassic fertilizers
Neves, O. S.; Freire, E. S.; Freire, Tendo Viégas e

On the accumulation of organic matter in São Paulo's soils
Freire, E. S.; Viégas, G. P.

Cytological observations on "fruit flies"
Mendes, Luiz O. T

The chemical 4 - Chloro, 2 - Methylphenoxybutyric acid (MCPB) as a root - inducing hormone
Normanha, Edgard S.