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Bragantia vol.28 no.unico Campinas Jan. 1969

Morphology of pepper ringspot virus (Brazilian tobacco rattle virus) particles
Kitajima, E. W.; Oliveira, A. R.; Costa, A. S.

Forms and content of phosphorus in different soils of the State of São paulo
Jorge, José A.; Valadares, J.

Effects of initial cutting, frequency cutting and its severity on the yield of Phormium tenax Forster
Castro, G. A. de Paiva; Salgado, A. L. de Barros; Igue, Toshio; Toledo, L. C Pinto de

Study of Verticillium albo atrum Reinke and Berth resistance in São Paulo cotton varieties and strains
Balmer, Eric; Cia, Edivaldo; Salgado, Clélio L.; Modelli, Atílio A.

Fertilizer experiments with cotton XVI - Complete leaf fertilization of cotton
Silva, Nelson Machado da

Potato virus Y strain valuable for experimental work
Costa, A. S.; Nagai, Hiroshi; Kitajima, E. W.

Mineral fertilizers for dry beans XII: effects of lime, nitrogen and phosphorus on a Latosol of the Ribeira Valley
Mascarenhas, H. A. A.; Almeida, L. D'Artagnan; Miyasaka, S; Freire, E. S.; Cione, J.; Hiroce, R.; Nery, J. Pio

Cation exchange capacity of the organic and mineral fractions of soils
Raij, Bernardo van

Restoration of an old and never fertilized Phormium tenax plantation by means of lime, organic and mineral fertilizer applications
Castro, G. A. de Paiva; Ciaramello, Dirceu; Venturing, W. R.; Freire, E. S.; Toledo, L. C. Pinto de

The complex of Sitophilus spp (Coleoptera Curculionidae) in the State of São Paulo
Rossetto, Carlos Jorge

Behavior of lettuce varieties in the Campinas area
Bernardi, José Botter; Igue, Toshio

Comparison of four sunflower varieties in the presence and absence of a NPK fertilizer
Rocha, José Luiz Vasconcelos da; Canecchio Filho, V.; Tela, Romeu de; Sordi, Guido de; Cruz, Luciano Souza Paes; Freire, E. S.

Study of the root system of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merril) plant
Inforzato, Romeu; Mascarenhas, H. A. A.

Effect of plain superphosphate and fosforita de Olinda on the cotton production in different soils of the State of São Paulo
Ferraz, Carlos Antônio Menezes; Fuzatto, Milton Geraldo; Silva, Nelson Machado da

Influence of the local of rice planting upon the infestation of Sitotroga cerealella (Olivier) (Lepidoptera Gelechidae)
Rossetto, Carlos Jorge; Accioli, A.; Oliveira, L. B.; Souza, D. M.

Variety trials of strawberries
Camargo, Leocádio de Souza; Alves, Sebastião; Igue, Toshio

Incorporation of resistance to virus Y in tomato varieties
Nagai, Hiroshi; Costa, A. S.

Behavior of new varieties of sweet pepper in the area of Campinas
Bernardi, José Botter; Igue, Toshio

Determination of the leaf roll virus in newly harvested seed potato by tissue grafts
Cupertino, F. P.; Costa, A. S.

Spectrophotometric determination of calcium in soils
Coelho, Fernando A. Soares; Gargantini, Hermano

The influence of planting time and rooting depth of fig tree cuttings
Ojima, Mário; Rigitano, Orlando; Igue, Toshio

Studies on germination of cotton seeds
Zink, Eduardo; Cia, Edivaldo; Igue, Toshio; Cavaleri, Popilio A.; Ferraz, Carlos A. M.

A new tetraploid species of the genus Gossypium
Aranha, Condorcet; Leitão Filho, Hermógenes F.; Gridi-Papp, Imre Lajos

Improvement of the São Paulo cotton varieties: origin and breeding of the IAC 12 variety
Neves, O. S.; Cavaleri, P. A.; Gridi-Papp, I. L.; Ferraz, C. A. M.

Microsporogenesis in Coffea stenophylla G. Don and C. salvatrix Swynn et. Phil
Medina, Dixier M.; Rijo, Luisete

Leaf analysis in dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.): I - nitrogen and potassium nutrition
Hiroce, Rúter; Gallo, José Romano; Miyasaka, Shiro

Presence of the tobacco ring spot virus in potatoes in Brazil
Cupertino, F. P.; Costa, A. S.

Correlation of the pineapple gummosis with some climatic factors in State of São Paulo
Giacomelli, Eloys Jacskmolley; Pinto, Hilton Silveira; Roessing, Carlos

Responses of soybeans to lime, phosphorus and potassium application on a Red Latosol
Mascarenhas, H. A. A.; Miyasaka, S.; Igue, Toshio; Freire, E. S.; Sordi, Guido di

A method to eliminate iron oxide from ramie fibers
Sabino, Nelson Paulieri; Lazzarini, José Fernando

Occurence of gummosis in a collection of ananas and pseudananas
Giacomelli, Eloys Jacskmolley; Roessing, Carlos; Teófilo Sobrinho, Joaquim

Application of nitrogen to cotton plants by foliar spraying of fertilizers
Ferraz, Carlos A. M.; Fuzatto, Milton G.; Gridi-Papp, Imre L.