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Bragantia vol.29 no.unico Campinas Jan. 1970

Effects of micronutrients on potato crops production in hidromorfic soils of Paraíba Valley
Gargantini, H.; Leite, N.; Hungria, L. S.; Venturini, W. R.

Bamboo as a raw material for the paper industry: studies of three cooking processes with Bambusa tuldoides Munro
Ciaramello, Dirceu

Effect of application of granular or ground fertilizers on the development and yield of cotton plants in different types of soils of the State of São Paulo
Silva, Nelson Machado da; Fuzatto, Milton Geraldo; Ferraz, Carlos Antônio Menezes

Effect of fused phosphates and plain superphosphate on the cotton production in different soils of the State of São Paulo
Silva, Nelson Machado da; Fuzatto, Milton Geraldo; Ferraz, Carlos Antônio Menezes

Effect of liming and phosphate manuring on wheat cultivated in a soil of low pH and fertility
Igue, Kozen; Gargantini, Hermano; Alcover, Milton

Selection of cotton plants resistant to fusarium wilt in a plot where similar disease occurs on hyacinth bean (Dolichos lablab L.)
Gridi-Papp, Imre L.; Fuzatto, Milton G.; Ferraz, Carlos A. M.; Cia, Edivaldo

Comparative reactions of some cotton varieties to Verticillium wilt in field conditions
Cia, Edivaldo; Ferraz, Carlos A. M.; Silva, Nelson Machado da; Fuzatto, Milton Geraldo

Fertilizing soybeans VIII: effects of increasing doses of lime, phosphorus and potassium on a Red-Yellow Podzolic soil
Mascarenhas, H. A. A.; Miyasaka, S.; Igue, Toshio; Freire, E.S.

Diagnosis and prevention treatment, of zinc defficiency in upland rice, cultivated in soils with pH below 7, in São Paulo State, Brazil
Souza, Derly Machado de; Hiroce, Rúter

The development of the root system of tomato plants
Inforzato, Romeu; Campos, Humberto Ribeiro de; Camargo, Leocádio de Souza

Effects of Nitrogenous and phosphorous fertilization on rice cultivated in flooded soils
Leite, Norberto; Gargantini, Hermano; Hungria, Luiz S.

Interplanting indicator plants to determine leaf roll spread in certified seed potato fields
Cupertino, F. P.; Costa, A. S.

Effect of exclusive and continuous application of mineral fertilizers on the fertility of a soil
Franco, Coaracy M.

Response of Phormium tenax to different phosphorus fertilizers
Castro, G. A. de Paiva; Ciaramello, Dirceu; Venturini, W. R.; Freire, E. S.; Toledo, L. C. Pinto de

Soybean varieties insensible to photoperiodism and tolerant to low temperatures
Miyasaka, Shiro; Guimarães, Geraldo; Kiihl, Romeu A. S.; Lovadini, Luiz A. C.; Demattê, Joel Domingos

A new species in the genus Stifftia Mikan
Leitão Filho, Hermógenes de Freitas

Particle morphology and intracellular behavior of cole latent virus
Kitajima, E. W.; Camargo, I. J. B.; Costa, A. S.

Fertilizer experiments with corn XXVI: Trials with various phosphorus sources (9th SERIES)
Viégas, G. P.; Miranda, Luiz T. de; Freire, E. S.

Effects of mineral fertilizers on peanut pod production
Tella, Romeu de; Canecchio Filho, Vicente; Rocha, José Luiz Vasconcelos da; Freire, E. S.; Igue, Toshio

Occurrence of the main coffee beans deffects in several stages of ripening
Carvalho, A.; Garrutti, Ruth S.; Teixeira, Aldir A.; Pupo, Leda M.; Monaco, L. C

Behavior of São Paulo cotton varieties under different levels of N, P and K fertilization on Lattossolic B "Terra Roxa" soils
Silva, Nelson Machado da; Fuzatto, Milton Geraldo; Ferraz, Carlos Antônio Menezes

Survey of the nutritional condition of the coffee in the State of São Paulo through foliar analyses: II - Podzolized soils of Lins and Marilia, Latosolic B "Terra Roxa" and Ortho-Red Yellow Podzol
Gallo, J. Romano; Hiroce, Rúter; Bataglia, O. C.; Moraes, F. R. Pupo de

Morphological characters and chromosome numbers in Pelargonium
Conagin, Cândida H. T. M.; Pinto, Alcides J. D'Andréa

Effect of different nitrogen fertilizers on the productivity of flooded rice
Leite, Norberto; Gargantini, Hermano; Gomes, A. Gentil; Igue, Toshio

Rice fertilization: study of the effect of nitrogen, phosphorus, micronutrients and lime
Leite, Norberto; Gargantini, Hermano; Hungria, Luiz S.; Igue, Toshio

Preliminary results in clonal pear rootstock selection
Ojima, Mário; Rigitano, Orlando

Studies with lime and organic matter on paddy rice
Schmidt, Nelson C.; Gargantini, Hermano

Fertilizer experiments with corn XXVII: trials with various phosphorus sources (10th Series)
Miranda, Luiz T. de; Viégas, G. P.; Freire, E. S.; Igue, Toshio

Interrelationship between cotton fiber quality and field properties as related to cotton yield, yarn strength and appearance
Lazzarini, José Fernando

Effects of addition of boron on potato plant production
Leite, Norberto; Gargantini, Hermano; Hungria, Luiz S.; Venturini, W. R.

Evaluation of yield losses induced by potato leaf roll
Cupertino, F. P.; Costa, A. S.

Seazonal variation of Myzus persicae migrations at Campinas, during the years of 1967 to 1969
Costa, C. L.

Effect of some herbicides on okra crop in trials performed in the greenhouse
Alves, Aldo; Forster, Reinaldo

Nitrogenous, phosphatic and potassic nutrition of potato as revealed by foliar analyses
Gallo, J. Romano; Hiroce, Rúter; Nóbrega, Sylvio de A.

Leaf analysis in dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.): II. diagnosis of phosphorus requirement
Hiroce, Rúter; Gallo, J. Romano; Mascarenhas, Hipólito A. A.

Productivity of rubber tree clones cultivated in São Paulo
Cardoso, Mário

Survey for virus S in local and imported seed potatoes
Cupertino, F. P.; Oliveira, A. R.; Costa, A. S.

Mineral composition of grape leaves of variety Seibel 2 grafted on ten different rootstock
Hiroce, Rúter; Gallo, José Romano; Ribas, Wilson Corrêa

Effects of planting time and cutting on the seed and green matter production of sunn hemp
Lovadini, Luiz A. C.; Salgado, Antônio Luiz B; Miyasaka, Shiro

Preliminary study on the control of mango anthracnose
Carvalho, Ana Maria B.; dos Santos, Rui R.; Petinelli, A.; Igue, T.; Venturini, W. A.

Electron microscopical evidences for the multiplication of tobacco mosaic and vira-cabeça (Brazilian tomato spotted wilt) virus, within coffea leaf tissues
Kitajima, E. W.; Costa, A. S.

White Spike disease of wheat, a possible virus-induced abnormality
Caetano, V. R.; Kitajima, E. W.; Costa, A. S.

Studies on the storage of dry bean seed
Zink, Eduardo; Almeida, Luiz D'Artagnan de

Veinal necrosis, a malva disease caused by a virus of the potato x grup
Costa, A. S.; Kitajima, E. W.

Studies on storage of snap bean seeds
Zink, Eduardo