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Bragantia vol.36 no.1 Campinas  1977

A study on crop rotation for cotton using velvet bean and peanut
Ferraz, Carlos A. M.; Cia, Edivaldo; Sabino, N. P.

A comparative study of cotton seed delinting methods
Ferraz, Carlos A. M.; Rodrigues Filho, F. S. O.; Cia, Edivaldo; Sabino, Nelson P.; Veiga, A. A.; Reis, A. J.; Ortolani, Dirce B.

Desings (1/5)(53)
Conagin, Armando; Jorge, Joassy de Paula Neves

Studies in a special group of (1/5)(53) designs
Jorge, Joassy de Paula Neves; Conagin, Armando

Degree-day estimation in respect to altitude and latitude for São Paulo State
Pedro Júnior, Mário J.; Brunini, Orivaldo; Alfonsi, Rogério Remo; Angelocci, Luiz Roberto

Transference of the genes SH2 and SH3 for resistance to Hemileia vastatrix to the mundo novo cultivar of C. arabica
Carvalho, A.; Monaco, L. C.; Fazuoli, L. C.; Ribeiro, I. J. A.

Coffee cup quality: effect of storage time
Teixeira, A. A.; Fazuoli, L. C.; Carvalho, A.

Mineral composition of three lowland rice cultivars
Furlani, P. R.; Bataglia, O. C.; Furlani, A. M. C.; Azzini, L. E.; Schmidt, E N. C.

Parcelled application of lime for cotton
Ferraz, Carlos A. M.; Rodrigues Filho, Francisco S. O.; Cia, Edivaldo; Silva, Nélson Machado Da; Sabino, Nelson P.

Dry bean cultivar trials at Mococa and Monte Alegre do Sul in the State of São Paulo
Almeida, Luiz D'Artagnan de; Bulisani, Eduardo Antônio; Alves, Sebastião; Rocha, Túlio Ribeiro da

Coffee breeding: XXXVII - Coffee resistance to the leaf miner
Medina Filho, H. P.; Carvalho, A.; Mônaco, L. C.

The relative efficiency of limestones employed in neutralizing soil acidity in the State of São Paulo
Van Raij, Bernardo

Effects of harvesting practices and gin machinery on the technological properties of cotton fibers and yarn
Ferraz, Carlos A. M.; Sabino, Nelson P.; Fava, João F. M.; Moreira, Cláudio A.; Costa, Duval S.

Coffee cup quality - cup quality variabiltty in the Icatu cultivar
Fazuoli, L. C.; Carvalho, A.; Mônaco, L. C.; Teixeira, A. A.

Effect of liming, phosphorus and potassium on Siratro culture in "cerrado soil"
Lovadini, Luiz A. C.; Bulisani, Eduardo A.; Mascarenhas, Hipólito A. A.

Influence of several external factors on the quality of soybean seed
Maeda, Jocely A.; Miranda, Manoel A. C.; Arkcoll, David; Zink, Eduardo

Eight cycles of selection among and within half-sib families in the IAC-1 maize population
Miranda, Luiz Torres de; Miranda, Luiz Eugênio Coelho de; Pommer, Celso Valdevino; Sawazaki, Eduardo

Estimates of genetic parameters in the IAC-1 opaque-2 maize population
Pommer, Celso Valdevino; Miranda, Luiz Torres de; Miranda, Luiz Eugênio Coelho de; Sawazaki, Eduardo

Effect of herbicides on the anatomy of Cenchrus echinatus and Euphorbia heterophylla
Deuber, Robert; Forstee, Reinaldo; Signori, Lúcia H.; Medina, Dixier M.

Mineral nutrient removal by the harvest of citrus fruit
Bataglia, Ondino C.; Rodriguez, Ody; Hiroce, Rúter; Gallo, José Romano; Furlani, Pedro Roberto; Furlani, Ângela Maria C.

Uptake of macronutrients, silicon and dry matter accumulation by two corn hybrids
Furlani, P. R.; Hiroce, R.; Bataglia, O. C.; Silva, W. J.

Evaluation of four screening methods for resistance to Meloidogyne exigua in coffee seedlings
Fazuoli, L. C; Carvalho, A.; Lordello, Rubens R. A.

Influence of growth limitant chemical CCC and population density on cotton
Ferraz, Carlos A. M.; Cia, Edivaldo; Sabino, N. P.; Grossi, José M. M.; Veiga, A. A.; Yoshida, H.

Germination of cottonseed delinted by different methods
Maeda, Jocely A.; Lago, Antônio A. do; Zink, Eduardo; Krzyzanowski, Francisco C.; Cia, Edivaldo; Rodrigues Filho, Francisco S. O.; Ferraz, Carlos A. M.

Site of action of trifluralin on germinating Cenchrus echinatus L
Deuber, Robert; Forster, Reinaldo; Signori, Lúcia Helena

Annual variation of citrus yield and macronutrient concentration in the leaves related to water balance and fertilization, during 1957/1975
Gallo, José Romano; Rodriguez, Ody; Camargo, Ângelo Paes de; Igue, Toshio

Breeding for self compatibility and wilt resistance in Crotalaria juncea L.
Ribeiro, Ivan J. A.; Miranda, Manoel Albino C. de; Bulisani, E. A.; Almeida, L. D'Artagnan de; Lovadini, L. A. Costa; Sugimori, Mauro H.; Paradela Filho, O.

Coffee breeding for resistance to Meloidogyne exigua: I - Screening test using arabica progenies and interespecific hybrids
Fazuoli, L. C.; Mônaco, L. C.; Carvalho, A.; Reis, A. J.

Basic density and fiber dimensions in different species of bamboo (Gen. Guadua)
Azzini, A.; Ciaramello, D.; Nagai, V.

Determination of the number of the vascular bundles in three species of bamboos
Azzini, A.; Ciaramello, D.; Nagai, V.

Effect of the temperature of 50: °C on the breaking of dormancy of rice seeds
Lago, Antônio A. do; Fuklani, Pedro R.; Azzini, Luiz E.

Preliminary surveying of insects from cocoa trees in the littoral of the state of São Paulo
Bovi, Odair Alves; Coral, Fausto Joaquim; Parra, José Roberto Postali

Decrease in concentration of nutrient as a function of age of the plant
Hiroce, Rúter; Mascarenhas, Hipólito A.A.

Macronutrient content in "Y" leaf of rice crop
Hiroce, Rúter; Souza, Derly Machado de

Effects of source and levels of phosphorus on the leaf area and production of soybeans
Nogueira, Sandra S. Sevá; Bataglia, Ondino C.; Mascarenhas, Hipólito A. A.

Racemosa coffee seed conservation
Carelli, Maria Luiza C.; Monaco, L.C.

Fiber dimensions in Agave species
Azzini, A.; Ciaramello, D.

Survival of Rhizobium phaseoli in sterilized peat
Lopes, Eli S.; Giardini, Antônio Roberto

Potential use of C. racemosa germplasm for breeding of arabica coffee
Medina Filho, Herculano P.; Carvalho, A.; Medina, Dixier M.

Mineral composition of seeds of nine soy bean cultivars
Bataglia, Ondino C.; Mascarenhas, Hipólito A. A.; Tisselli Filho, Otávio