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Jornal de Pediatria
On-line version ISSN 1678-4782


Table of contents
J. Pediatr. (Rio J.) vol.87 no.2 Porto Alegre Mar./Apr. 2011

 ·  Pneumonia mortality among children in Brazil: a success story
Axelsson, Inge; Silfverdal, Sven Arne

 ·  Next steps in the study of sudden infant death syndrome
Bergman, Abraham B.

 Review Article
 ·  Environmental pediatrics: an emerging issue
Valenzuela, Patricia M.; Matus, M. Soledad; Araya, Gabriela I.; Paris, Enrique

 ·  Toxocariasis: visceral larva migrans in children
Carvalho, Elaine A. A.; Rocha, Regina L.

 Original Article
 ·  Pneumonia mortality in Brazilian children aged 4 years and younger
Rodrigues, Felipe E.; Tatto, Rafael B.; Vauchinski, Larissa; Leães, Letícia M.; Rodrigues, Mariana M.; Rodrigues, Vinícius B.; Catharino, Alessandra; Cainelli, Mariana; Prates, Gabriela P.; Cerqueira, Thais M.; Zhang, Linjie

 ·  Epidemiological profile and strategies for diagnosing SIDS in a developing country
Pinho, Ana Paula Silveira; Nunes, Magda Lahorgue

 ·  Respiratory disease screening in school-aged children using portable spirometry
Constant, Carolina; Sampaio, Isabel; Negreiro, Filipa; Aguiar, Pedro; Silva, Ana Margarida; Salgueiro, Marisa; Bandeira, Teresa

 ·  Impact of HAART on growth and hospitalization rates among HIV-infected children
Diniz, Lilian Martins Oliveira; Maia, Marcelle Marie Martins; Camargos, Letícia Silveira; Amaral, Leandro Custódio; Goulart, Eugênio Marcos Andrade; Pinto, Jorge Andrade

 ·  Mild stunting is associated with higher body fat: study of a low-income population
Clemente, Ana Paula Grotti; Santos, Carla Danusa da Luz; Martins, Vinicius J. B.; Benedito-Silva, Ana Amélia; Albuquerque, Maria Paula; Sawaya, Ana Lydia

 ·  Care alternatives for pediatric chronic mechanical ventilation
Hanashiro, Milton; Franco, Antonio O. C.; Ferraro, Alexandre A.; Troster, Eduardo J.

 ·  Hepatic steatosis in obese children and adolescents
Duarte, Maria Amélia S. M.; Silva, Giselia Alves Pontes da

 ·  Use of monoclonal faecal elastase-1 concentration for pancreatic status assessment in cystic fibrosis patients
Gonzales, Andréa C. S.; Vieira, Sandra M. G.; Maurer, Rafael L.; Silva, Fernando A. A. e; Silveira, Themis R.

 ·  Volumetric capnography to detect ventilation inhomogeneity in children and adolescents with controlled persistent asthma
Almeida, Celize C. B.; Almeida-Júnior, Armando A.; Ribeiro, Maria Ângela G. O.; Nolasco-Silva, Marcos T.; Ribeiro, José Dirceu

 ·  Mothers' perception of obesity in schoolchildren: a survey and the impact of an educational intervention
Pakpour, Amir H.; Yekaninejad, Mir Saeed; Chen, Hui

 Brief Communication
 ·  Oral rehydration therapy in emergency departments
Costa, Auxiliadora Damianne P. Vieira da; Silva, Gisélia Alves Pontes da

 Letter to the Editor
 ·  Alpha-thalassemia should be considered in the differential diagnosis of a child with anemia
Viana, Marcos Borato; Oliveira, Benigna Maria de