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Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia
On-line version ISSN 1806-907X


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Anestesiol. vol.52 no.1 Campinas Jan./Feb. 2002

 Scientific Article
 ·  Ropivacaine and bupivacaine plasma concentration during lumbar epidural anesthesia in children
Costa, Verônica Vieira da; Souza, Denise Pereira de Oliveira; Buzzi, Marcelo; Mello, Márcio Corrêa de; Saraiva, Renato Ângelo

 ·  Sedation levels of oral preanesthetic clonidine and midazolam: clinical and electroencephalographic bispectral analysis
Braz, Leandro Gobbo; Vianna, Pedro Thadeu Galvão; Braz, José Reinaldo Cerqueira; Mello, Maria Zoé Turchiari de; Carvalho, Lídia Raquel de

 ·  Influence of midazolam and clonidine premedication on hypnosis level after anesthetic induction with propofol and alfentanil in children: bispectral index monitoring
Ganem, Eliana Marisa; Módolo, Norma Sueli Pinheiro; Vianna, Pedro Thadeu Galvão; Castiglia, Yara Marcondes Machado

 ·  Spinal anesthesia with 2% plain lidocaine for short orthopedic surgery: study in 250 patients
Imbelloni, Luiz Eduardo

 ·  Epidural ketamine versus epidural clonidine as therapeutic for refractory neuropathic chronic pain
Lauretti, Gabriela Rocha; Rodrigues, Alexandre de Menezes; Gomes, Josenília Maria Alves; Reis, Marlene Paulino dos

 ·  Efficacy of 7.5% hypertonic sodium chloride, with and without 6% dextran 70, in renal function preservation of hypovolemic dogs submitted to ischemia-reperfusion
Rodrigues Júnior, Geraldo Rolim; Amaral, José Luiz Gomes do; Castiglia, Yara Marcondes Machado; Marques, Mariangela Esther Alencar

 Clinical Report
 ·  Displaced epidural catheter: a reason for analgesia failure. Case report
Guilherme, Sudbrack; Geier, Karl Otto

 ·  Prolonged regional analgesia with peripheral catheters: case reports
Geier, Karl Otto

 ·  Propofol and alfentanil sedation for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
Nociti, José Roberto; Zuccolotto, Sérgio Neves; Cagnolati, Carlos André; Oliveira, Antônio Carlos Moura; Bastos, Maurício Mahalem

 ·  Genotoxic effects on professionals exposed to inhalational anesthetics
Chinelato, Ana Regina; Froes, Nívea Dulce Tedeschi Conforti

 Review Article
 ·  Cytokines and anesthesia
Garcia, João Batista Santos; Issy, Adriana Machado; Sakata, Rioko Kimiko

 ·  Placental transfer and embryo-fetal effects of drugs used in anesthesia
Horta, Márcio Leal; Lemonica, Ione Pellegatti

 Special Article
 ·  Action mechanism of inhalational anesthetics
Saraiva, Renato Ângelo

 ·  Carlos Arthur Cabral de Menezes (18.12.1919 * - 15.09.2001 )
Machado, Walter Silva