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Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Print version ISSN 0036-4665


Table of contents
Rev. Inst. Med. trop. S. Paulo vol.30 no.3 São Paulo May/June 1988

 Original Articles
 ·  Coordination, assessment and follow-up procedures of health research projects of Polonoroeste
Belinati, Waldmir; Costa e Silva, Aluizio

 ·  Human malaria: standardization of serologic tests for individual diagnostic and seroepidemiologic surveys
Ferreira, Antonio Walter; Sanchez, Maria Carmen Arroyo

 ·  Evaluation of Plasmodium falciparum response to chloroquine, quinine and mefloquine
Di Santi, S.M.; V.L.F, Camargo Neves; Boulos, M.; Dutra, A.P.; Ramos, A.M.S.V.; Santos, M.; Barata, L.C.B.

 ·  Study on the natural history of malaria in areas of the Rondonia State - Brazil and problems related to its control
Deane, L.M.; Ribeiro, C. Daniel; Oliveira, R. Lourenço de; Oliveira-Ferreira, J.; E. Guimarães, A.

 ·  Maintenance of anopheles darlingi, Root, 1926, in laboratory
Buralli, Geraldo Magela; Bergo, Eduardo Sterlino

 ·  Anemia in inhabitants of Caceres/MT and its correlation with income per capita
Sanches, E.M.C.; Barros, M.D. de; Mello, P.R.B. de

 ·  Nutritional conditions indicators in Polonoroeste Area: I. Methodological aspects and social-economic characteristics
Spinelli, M.A. dos Santos; Silva, R.R. da; Albuquerque, M.C.W.; Yokoo, E.M.; Guimarães, L.V.

 ·  Nutritional conditions indicators in Polonoroeste Area: II - Anthropometric study, 1983
Yokoo, E.M.; Guimarães, L.V.; Silva, R.A.P.R. da; Spinelli, M.A. dos Santos; Albuquerque, M.C.W.

 ·  Nutritional status indicators in Polonoroeste Area: III - clinical nutritional study
Albuquerque, M.C.W.; Yokoo, E.M.; Guimarães, L.V.; Latorraca, M.Q.; Spinelli, M.A. dos Santos; Veloso, R.V.; Silva, R.A.P.R. da; Santos, S.M.C. dos

 ·  Nutritional conditions indicators in Polonoroeste Area: IV - Food inquiry in families in 6 cities of Polonoroeste/MT Area, 1983
Silva, R.R. da; Spinelli, M.A. dos Santos; Albuquerque, M.C.W.; dos Santos, S.M.C; Yokoo, E.M.

 ·  Nutritional conditions indicators in Polonoroeste Area: V - Proteic-energetic malnutrition and intestinal parasites in a group of children the ages of 3 and 72 months from Mirassol D'Oeste, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Latorraca, M.Q.; Meirelles, S.M.P.; Marchini, J.S.

 ·  Nutritional conditions indicators in Poionoroeste Area: VI - Anthropometric study, 1985
Spinelli, M.A. dos Santos; da Silva, R.R.; Albuquerque, M.C.W.; Yokoo, E.M.; Guimarães, L.V.

 ·  Indicators of nutritional status in the Polonoroeste area: VII - Prevalence of malnutrition and diarrhea in 1985
da Silva, M.H.G.G.; Veiga, G.V. da; Amicucci, M.S.

 ·  Arterial hypertension in the urban population of Cáceres
Santos, M.A. dos; Koike, S.K.; Caporossi, E.M.G.

 ·  Migrating flux of malaria cases in Cuiabá/MT, 1986
Botelho, C.; Barbosa, L.S.G.; Silva, M.D.; Meirelles, S.M.P.

 ·  Biology of Amazonian anophelines: XII. Species of Anopheles, transmission dynamics and control of malaria in the urban area of Ariquemes (Rondonia, Brazil)
Tadei, Wanderli Pedro; Santos, Joselita Maria Mendes dos; Costa, Wellington Luciano de Souza; Scarpassa, Vera Margarete