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Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo
On-line version ISSN 1806-9657


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Ciênc. Solo vol.27 no.4 Viçosa July/Aug. 2003

 Soil physics
 ·  Sampling and TDR probe insertion in the determination of the volumetric soil water content
Teixeira, W. G.; Schroth, G.; Marques, J. D.; Huwe, Bernd

 Soil biology
 ·  Use of mycorrhizas and rhizobium in intercropping system of eucalyptus and sesbania: I - Growth, uptake and transfer of nitrogen between plants
Rodrigues, L. A.; Martins, M. A.; Salomão, M. S. M. B.

 ·  Use of mycorrhizas and rhizobium in intercropping system of eucalyptus and sesbania: II - Phosphorus uptake and efficiency of use and phosphate phosphate -fractions
Rodrigues, L. A.; Martins, M. A.; Salomão, M. S. M. B.

 ·  Crop residue decomposition and nitrogen release in single and mixed cover crops
Aita, C.; Giacomini, S. J.

 Soil fertility and plant nutrition
 ·  Nitrogen fertilization efficiency with Urea (15N) in Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu associated with split application of ordinary superphosphate and potassium chloride
Oliveira, P. P. A.; Trivelin, P. C. O.; Oliveira, W. S.

 ·  Recovery of nitrogen (15N) from urea and cane trash by sugar cane ratoon (Saccharum spp.)
Gava, G. J. C.; Trivelin, P. C. O.; Vitti, A. C.; Oliveira, M. W.

 ·  N-NH3 losses from nitrogen sources applied over unburned sugarcane straw
Costa, M. C. G.; Vitti, G. C.; Cantarella, H.

 ·  Phosphate fertilizers and soybean yield in soils with different phosphate buffer capacities
Bedin, I.; Furtini Neto, A. E.; Resende, A. V.; Faquin, V.; Tokura, A. M.; Santos, J. Z. L.

 ·  Influence of water levels and mineral fertilization on nutrition and yield of upland rice
Crusciol, C. A. C.; Arf, O.; Soratto, R. P.; Machado, J. R.

 ·  Sulphur availability to soybean and arilsulphatase activity in a soil treated with phosphogypsum
Nogueira, M. A.; Melo, W. J.

 ·  Time of agricultural use and chemical properties of two Ferralsols in the Planalto Médio region of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Perin, E.; Ceretta, C. A.; Klamt, E.

 ·  Corn yield on no tillage crop-pasture rotation in presence and absence of white clover, grazing and nitrogen
Assmann, T. S.; Ronzelli Júnior, P.; Moraes, A.; Assmann, A. L.; Koehler, H. S.; Sandini, I.

 Soil genesis, morphology and classification
 ·  Classification of planossolic soils from the Sertão do Araripe region, of State Pernambuco, Brazil
Oliveira, L. B.; Ribeiro, M. R.; Ferraz, F. B.; Jacomine, P. K. T.

 Soil and water management and conservation
 ·  Spatial variability of soil characteristics under grapevine in Vitoria Brasil (State of Sao Paulo - Brazil)
Carvalho, M. P.; Takeda, E. Y.; Freddi, O. S.

 ·  Comparison of organic matter and other soil properties in Acacia mangium and Eucalyptus grandis plantations
Garay, I.; Kindel, A.; Carneiro, R.; Franco, A. A.; Barros, E.; Abbadie, L.

 ·  Important rainfall characteristics for soil and water conservation in São Manuel, State of São Paulo, Brazil
Moreti, D.; Carvalho, M. P.; Mannigel, A. R.; Medeiros, L. R.

 ·  Alternative scenario simulation of land use in a watershed through geoprocessing and modeling techniques
Machado, R. E.; Vetorazzi, C. A.; Xavier, A. C.

 ·  Sediment yield simulation for the watershed Ribeirão dos Marins, State of São Paulo, Brazil
Machado, R. E.; Vettorazzi, C. A.

 ·  Soil and water losses by rainfall erosion influenced by tillage methods, slope-steepness classes, and soil fertility levels
Cogo, N. P.; Levien, R.; Schwarz, R. A.

 Pollution and environmental quality
 ·  Effects of tannery and coal mining residues on chemical and biological soil properties and on corn soybean yields
Ferreira, A. S.; Camargo, F. A. O.; Tedesco, M. J.; Bissani, C. A.

 ·  Latosols dispersion in response to pre-treatments used in particle-size analysis
Donagemma, G. K.; Ruiz, H. A.; Fontes, M. P. F.; Ker, J. C.; Schaffer, C. E. G. R.