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Fitopatologia Brasileira
Print version ISSN 0100-4158


Table of contents
Fitopatol. bras. vol.28 no.1 Brasília Jan./Feb. 2003

 ·  Genetic linkage map of Phaseolus vulgaris and identification of QTLs responsible for resistance to Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. phaseoli
Santos, Amaury S.; Bressan-Smith, Ricardo E.; Pereira, Messias G.; Rodrigues, Rosana; Ferreira, Claudia F.

 ·  Virulence, enzymatic activity and isoesterase patterns of isolates of Pyrenophora chaetomioides, causal agent of the oat leaf and kernel spot
Bocchese, Carla A. C.; Martinelli, José A.; Matsumura, Aida T. S.; Federizzi, Luíz C.; Prestes, Ariano M.

 ·  Viability of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum after soil solarization in the presence of crop mulch
Ferraz, Leila C. L.; Bergamin Filho, Armando; Amorim, Lilian; Nasser, Luiz C. B.

 ·  Taxonomic review of some Ravenelia species on leguminous plants from the Brazilian Cerrado
Rezende, Denise V.; Dianese, José C.

 ·  Biological and chemical treatment combinations for corn seeds
Luz, Wilmar Cório da

 ·  Pathogenicity of Pratylenchus coffeae on seedlings of coffee cv. Mundo Novo
Kubo, Roberto K.; Silva, Rosangela A.; Tomazini, Melissa D.; Oliveira, Cláudio M. G.; Mazzafera, Paulo; Inomoto, Mário M.

 ·  Incidence of pectolytic erwinias associated with blackleg of potato in Rio Grande do Sul
Oliveira, Andréia M. R.; Duarte, Valmir; Silveira, José R. P.; Moraes, Marcelo G.

 ·  An isolate of Apple stem grooving virus associated with Cleopatra mandarin fruit intumescence
Lovisolo, Osvaldo; Accotto, Gian Paolo; Masenga, Vera; Colariccio, Addolorata

 ·  Mapping rust, anthracnose and angular leaf spot resistance genes in common bean using RAPD markers
Faleiro, Fábio G.; Ragagnin, Vilmar A.; Schuster, Ivan; Corrêa, Ronan X.; Good-God, Pedro I.; Brommonshenkel, Sérgio H.; Moreira, Maurílio A.; Barros, Everaldo G.

 ·  Effect of sewage sludge in vitro to suppress Phytophthora nicotianae
Leoni, Carolina; Ghini, Raquel

 ·  The role of petals in development of grey mould in strawberries
Boff, Pedro; Kraker, Joop de; Gerlagh, Mathijs; Köhl, Jürgen

 ·  Coat protein and RNAs of Cole latent virus are not present within chloroplasts of Chenopodium quinoa-infected cells
Belintani, Priscila; Gaspar, José O.

 ·  Nit-mutant vegetative compatibility of Fusarium solani pathogenic and non pathogenic to dry-bean and soybean
Oliveira, Virgínia C. de; Costa, Jefferson L. S. da

 ·  Evaluation of biological and chemical wheat seed treatments
Luz, Wilmar Cório da

 ·  Reaction of Phaseolus vulgaris genotypes to stem rot and powdery mildew
Blum, Luiz E. B.; Amarante, Cassandro V. T.; Arioli, Cristiano J.; Guimarães, Letícia S.; Dezanet, Alexandre; Hack Neto, Pedro; Scheidt, Fábio R.

 ·  Encapsulation of Trichoderma inhamatum for the biological control of Rhizoctonia solani in clonal propagation of Eucalyptus
Mafia, Reginaldo G.; Alfenas, Acelino C.; Maffia, Luiz A.; Ventura, Gizella M.; Sanfuentes, Eugênio A.

 Phytopathological Notes
 ·  Coconut stalk rot caused by Cylindrocladium floridanum in the State of Pará, Brazil
Poltronieri, Luiz S.; Trindade, Dinaldo R.; Alfenas, Acelino C.; Albuquerque, Fernando C.; Carvalho, José E. U.

 ·  Nectria pseudotrichia, as the causal agent of stem canker, occurring on japanese pear in Brazil
Becker, Walter F.

 ·  Post harvest decay of carrot caused by Ceratocystis fimbriata
Carvalho, Aldir O.; Carmo, Margarida G. F.