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Fitopatologia Brasileira
On-line version ISSN 1678-4677


Table of contents
Fitopatol. bras. vol.31 no.6 Brasília Nov./Dec. 2006

 ·  Models and applications for risk assessment and prediction of Asian soybean rust epidemics
Del Ponte, Emerson M.; Godoy, Cláudia V.; Canteri, Marcelo G.; Reis, Erlei M.; Yang, X.B.

 ·  Genetic divergence among and within Colletotrichum lindemuthianum races assessed by RAPD
Talamini, Viviane; Souza, Elaine A.; Pozza, Edson A.; Silva, Gilvan F.; Ishikawa, Francine H.; Camargo Júnior, Osnil A.

 ·  Powders of kudzu, velvetbean, and pine bark added to soil increase microbial population and reduce Southern blight of soybean
Blum, Luiz E. B.; Rodríguez-Kábana, Rodrigo

 ·  Geoestatistics as methodology to study the space-time dynamics of diseases transmitted by seed-borne Colletotrichum spp.
Alves, Marcelo C.; Pozza, Edson A.; Machado, José C.; Araújo, Dejânia V.; Talamini, Viviane; Oliveira, Marcelo S.

 ·  Effect of levels of coffee berry removals on the incidence of rust and on the level of nutrients, carbohydrates and reductor sugar
Costa, Mauro J.N.; Zambolim, Laércio; Rodrigues, Fabrício A.

 ·  Physiological, cultural and pathogenic characterization of different isolates of Lasiodiplodia theobromae
Pereira, Aurenice L.; Silva, Gilson S.; Ribeiro, Valdenir Q.

 ·  Influence of temperature and relative air humidity on the sporulation of Magnaporthe grisea on wheat
Alves, Kalíbia Jane P.; Fernandes, José Maurício C.

 ·  Temporal analysis of apple scab in ‘Royal Gala’ and ‘Fuji’ under conventional and organic production systems
Cesa, Luthiani P.; Jesus Junior, Waldir C.; Bogo, Amauri; Lazaroto, Adriana; Silva, Alinne; Amarante, Cassandro V.T.

 ·  A new Ophiodothella species associated with leaf spots on Annona squamosa in Brazil
Bezerra, José Luiz; Freire, Francisco C.O.; Andrade, Dayse

 ·  Use of spectrophotometry as a tool to quantify the sporulation of Penicillium allii in garlic lesions
Valdez, Jorge G.; Piccolo, Ricardo J.

 ·  Dimorphism of ascospores in Glomerella cingulata f. sp. phaseoli
Castro, Renata A.; Mendes-Costa, Maria C.; Souza, Elaine A.

 ·  Interception of Phoma exigua var. foveata, an exotic quarantine pest for Brazil, in potato germplasm originating in France
Mendes, Marta A.S.; Urben, Araílde F.; Oliveira, Alaíde S.; Marinho, Vera Lúcia A.

 Phytopathological Notes
 ·  Bacterial Canker of Grapevine in Roraima, Brazil
Halfeld-Vieira, Bernardo A.; Nechet, Kátia de Lima

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 ·  Bole rot of sisal caused by Aspergillus niger in Brazil
Coutinho, Wirton M.; Suassuna, Nelson D.; Luz, Clarice M.; Suinaga, Fábio A.; Silva, Odilon R.R.F.

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 ·  Tomato rugose mosaic virus in Tomato Crops in São Paulo State, Brazil
Colariccio, Addolorata; Bergmann, Jéssica C.; Eiras, Marcelo; Chaves, Alexandre L.R.; Chagas, César M.; Zerbini, F. Murilo

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