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Engenharia Agrícola
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Table of contents
Eng. Agríc. vol.27 no.2 Jaboticabal May/Aug. 2007

 Agricultural Building and Environment
 ·  Aerial environment in broiler housing: dust and gases
Nääs, Irenilza de A.; Miragliotta, Miwa Y.; Baracho, Marta dos S.; Moura, Daniella J. de

 Soil and Water Engineering
 ·  Chlorination and compressed air to control the wastewater clogging in drippers
Cararo, Denis C.; Botrel, Tarlei A.

 ·  Wetted angle and towpath spacing for traveling gun systems with the Plona-RL400 gun sprinkler model
Prado, Giuliani do; Colombo, Alberto; Biagioni, Priscila F.

 ·  Potato crop growth and yield trickle irrigated under two cultivation systems
Silva, João A.; Pires, Regina C. M.; Sakai, Emilio; Silva, Tonny J. A.; Andrade, José E.; Arruda, Flávio B.; Calheiros, Rinaldo O.

 ·  Instalation, calibration and operation of a weighing lysimeter
Carvalho, Daniel F.; Silva, Leonardo D. B.; Guerra, José G. M.; Cruz, Francisco A.; Souza, Adilson P.

 ·  Performance evaluation of hydrocyclone filter for microirrigation
Mailapalli, Damodhara R .; Marques, Patricia A. A.; Thomas, Kochukaleepkal J.

 ·  Crop coefficient (kc) for coffee (Coffea arabica L.) during the winter-fall seasons in Lavras region - MG, Brazil
Sato, Fabio A.; Silva, Antônio M. da; Coelho, Gilberto; Silva, Antônio C. da; Carvalho, Luiz G. de

 ·  Energy balance and estimative of the evapotranspiration of irrigated passionfruit crops by the Bowen ratio method
Silva, Tonny J. A.; Folegatti, Marcos V.; Silva, Cláudio R.; Alves Júnior, José; Bonfim-Silva, Edna M.

 ·  Performance of thermal dissipation probe in the measurement of transpiration of young plant of 'Tahiti' acid lime
Delgado-Rojas, Juan S.; Angelocci, Luiz R.; Folegatti, Marcos V.; Coelho Filho, Maurício A.

 ·  Dry bean yield under different uniformity of water distribution on soil surface and undersurface
Frizzone, José A.; Rezende, Roberto; Gonçalves, Antonio C. A.; Helbel Júnior, Celso

 ·  Spatial variability of the rainfall erosive potential in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Montebeller, Claudinei A.; Ceddia, Marcos B.; Carvalho, Daniel F. de; Vieira, Sidney R.; Franco, Elenilson M.

 ·  Phosphorous content and pH in the wet bulb, with diferent frequencies of fertigation using phosphoric acid
Foratto, Leticia C.; Zanini, José R.; Natale, William

 ·  Effect of organic garbage and irrigation levels calculated by two methods in the eucaliptus seedlings formation
Galbiatti, João A.; Lui, Jandislau J.; Sabonaro, Débora Z.; Bueno, Lara F.; Silva, Vanessa L. da

 Agricultural Machinery Management
 ·  Operational performance of seeder in different forward speed and winter cover crop management
Furlani, Carlos E. A.; Pavan Júnior, Álvaro; Lopes, Afonso; Silva, Rouverson P.; Grotta, Danilo C.C.; Cortez, Jorge W.

 ·  Economical viability of investiment concerning to platforms of corn harverster in a reduced space
Dias, Vilnei de O.; Souza, Renato S. de; Alonço, Airton dos S.

 ·  Qualitative factors for flat fan hydraulic nozzles ADGA 110015 in agricultural spraying
Ferreira, Marcelo C.; Costa, Glauberto M.; Silva, Adriana R.; Tagliari, Sônia R. A.

 ·  Corn hibrids yield as a function of seeding speed
Mello, Adilson J. R.; Furlani, Carlos E. A.; Silva, Rouverson P.; Lopes, Afonso; Borsatto, Edinan A.

 ·  Soybean crop in function of the depth of sowing and vertical load on the row of sowing
Grotta, Danilo C. C.; Furlani, Carlos E. A.; Silva, Rouverson P.; Santos, Leonardo dos; Cortez, Jorge W.; Reis, Gustavo N. dos

 Post Harvest Science and Technology
 ·  Soybean mechanical properties in function of moisture content
Ribeiro, Deise M.; Corrêa, Paulo C.; Furtado, Bruno F.; Goneli, André L. D.; Resende, Osvaldo

 ·  Mathematical modelling for describing the drying process of the edible bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in thin layers
Corrêa, Paulo C.; Resende, Osvaldo; Martinazzo, Ana P.; Goneli, André L. D.; Botelho, Fernando M.

 Topography, Photogrammentry and Remote Sensing
 ·  Hyperion/EO-1 hyperspectral data efficacy for agricultural targets identification: a comparison with ETM+/Landsat-7 multispectral data
Tisot, Daniela A.; Formaggio, Antonio R.; Rennó, Camilo D.; Galvão, Lênio S.

 ·  Determination of nitrogen status in bean plants using color digital images
Baesso, Murilo M.; Pinto, Francisco de A. de C.; Queiroz, Daniel M. de; Vieira, Luciano B. de; Alves, Enrique A.

 ·  Image fusion through IHS to improve identification of land use in sample elements
Adami, Marcos; Deppe, Flavio; Rizzi, Rodrigo; Moreira, Mauricio A.; Rudorff, Bernardo F. T.; Fonseca, Leila M. G.; Faria, Rogério T.

 Sanitation and Ambient Control
 ·  Physical-chemical and microbiological trend in stored pig slurry
Santos, Mônica A. A. dos; Schmidt, Verônica; Bitencourt, Vanessa C.; Maroso, Michele T. D.

 ·  Effects from the concentration of coagulants and pH solution on the turbidity of the recirculating water used in the coffee cherry processing
Matos, Antonio T.; Cabanellas, Cláudia F. G.; Cecon, Paulo R.; Brasil, Mozart S.; Mudado, Cláudio S.

 Agricultural Building and Environment
 ·  Pre-stressed timber bridges: economic choice for rural roads
Fonte, Thalita F. da; Calil Júnior, Carlito

 Soil and Water Engineering
 ·  Temporary variation of the hydrological behavior in the Dourados river basin
Pereira, Silvio B.; Alves Sobrinho, Teodorico; Fedatto, Euclides; Peixoto, Paula P. P.; Bonacina, Raquel

 ·  Wastewater use of urban origin in cultivation of gerberas: effect on production components
Medeiros, Salomão de S.; Soares, Frederico A.L.; Gheyi, Hans R.; Fernandes, Pedro D.

 Post Harvest Science and Technology
 ·  Evaluation of fresh market tomato in packing houses
Ferrari, Paulo R.; Ferreira, Marcos D.