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Engenharia Agrícola
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Table of contents
Eng. Agríc. vol.32 no.3 Jaboticabal May/June 2012

 Scientific Papers
 ·  Formation of beetroot seedlings in different protected environments, substrates and containers in Aquidauana region, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Oliveira, Letícia C. de; Costa, Edilson; Cortelassi, Julissandra A. da S.; Rodrigues, Edson T.

 ·  Fuzzy procedure applied to evaluate the insalubrity level in agriculture activities
Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Schiassi, Leonardo; Abreu, Lucas H. P.; Barbosa, Jackson A.; Campos, Alessandro T.

 ·  Effects of environmental conditions on sound level emitted by piglets
Silva-Miranda, Kesia O. da; Borges, Giselle; Menegale, Vinícius L. de C.; Silva, Iran Jose O. da

 ·  Fuzzy system to predict productive performance of broiler chicks from 1 to 21 days old
Ponciano, Patrícia F.; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Schiassi, Leonardo; Campos, Alessandro T.; Nascimento, José W. B. do

 ·  Setting efficiency indicators for center pivots
Schons, Ricardo L.; Robaina, Adroaldo D.; Peiter, Márcia X.

 ·  Measurement systems of soil water matric potential and evaluation of soil moisture under different irrigation depths
Beraldo, José M. G.; Cora, José E.; Fernandes, Edemo J.

 ·  Spatial variability of leaf nutrient contents in a drip irrigated citrus orchard
Armindo, Robson A.; Coelho, Rubens D.; Teixeira, Marconi B.; Ribeiro Junior, Paulo J.

 ·  Soil, organic matter and nutrients losses by water erosion in a slope with sugarcane straw, in Guariba, State of São Paulo
Sousa, Gasparino B.; Martins Filho, Marcílio V.; Matias, Sammy S. R.

 ·  Emerald zoyzia grass development regarding photosynthetically active radiation in different slopes
Coan, Ruchele M.; Turco, José E. P.; Pivetta, Kathia F. L.; Costa, Madson N. da; Mateus, Caroline de M. D'A.

 ·  Adaption and evaluation of the infocrop model for simulating grain yield of irrigated rice
Walter, Lidiane C.; Rosa, Hamilton T.; Streck, Nereu A.; Ferraz, Simone E. T.

 ·  Water application uniformity of self-propelled irrigation equipment with sprinklers presenting triangular, elliptical and rectangular radial water distribution profiles
Prado, Giuliani do; Colombo, Alberto; Oliveira, Henrique F. E. de; Faria, Lessandro C.

 ·  Characteristic of the spray deposition and distribution in soybean'crop on V6 growth stage
Constantin, Jamil; Sales, José G. C.; Maciel, Cleber D. de G.

 ·  Ventilation power demand for aeration of materials in composting
Matos, Antonio T. de; Teixeira, Denis L.; Ribeiro, Ivan C.; Paiva, Ed Carlo R.; Lacerda Filho, Adílio F.

 ·  Probabilistic structure of an annual extreme rainfall series of a coastal area of the State of São Paulo, Brazil
Blain, Gabriel C.; Camargo, Marcelo B. P. de

 ·  Hydrographic and hydrogeological basin of Entre-Ribeiros: probable recharge zone delimitation and environmental impact assessment
Vasconcelos, Vitor V.; Martins Junior, Paulo P.; Hadad, Renato M.

 Technical Papers
 ·  Estimation of transpiration of the 'Valencia' orange young plant using thermal dissipation probe method
Coelho, Rubens D.; Vellame, Lucas M.; Fraga Júnior, Eusímio F.

 ·  Evapotranspiration and crop coefficient of drip irrigated watermelon in Piaui coastline, Brazil
Bastos, Edson A.; Silva, Cláudio R.; Rodrigues, Braz H. N.; Andrade Jr., Aderson S.; Ibiapina, Lívia M. M.

 ·  Characterization of water availability in a hydrographic basin
Arai, Fabiane K.; Pereira, Silvio B.; Gonçalves, Geula G. G.

 ·  Economic viability of retrofiting emitters in center pivot irrigation systems
Zolin, Cornélio A.; Coelho, Rubens D.; Paulino, Janaina; Folegatti, Marcos V.

 ·  Development of software to compute operational costs of farm machinery - MAQCONTROL
Piacentini, Liane; Souza, Eduardo G. de; Uribe-Opazo, Miguel A.; Nóbrega, Lúcia H. P.; Milan, Marcos