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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.16 no.2 Viçosa July/Dec. 1998

Dormancy overcoming in Panicum maximum seeds
Martins, Cibele C.; Silva, Walter R. da

Effects of liquid swine manure on weed incidence and on metribuzin efficiency in the sweet potato yield
Freitas, Silvério P.; Sediyama, Tocio; Sediyama, Maria A. N.; Ferreira, Francisco A.; Sediyama, Carlos S.

Influence of the mulch on the behavior of atrazine
Fornarolli, Donizeti A.; Rodrigues, Benedito N.; Lima, João de; Valério, Maria A.

Chemical weed control in sucessive crops of corn and field bean
Brighenti, Alexandre M.; Silva, José F.; Sediyama, Tocio; Silveira, José S. M.; Sediyama, Carlos S.

Resistance of the weed wild poinsettia to ALS inhibitor herbicides
Gazziero, Dionisio L. P.; Brighenti, Alexandre M.; Maciel, Cleber D. G.; Christofolleti, Pedro J.; Adegas, Fernando S.; Voll, Elemar

No-till of oat on native pasture dessecate with herbicides
Ferri, Miguel V. W.; Eltz, Flávio L. F.

Carryover effects of Imazaquin and Imazethapyr on corn planted right after soybean
Ulbrich, Adolfo V.; Rodrigues, Benedito N.; Lima, João de

Leaf area determination of weeds: Solanum americanum Mill
Tofoli, Gustavo R.; Bianco, Silvano; Pavani, Maria do Carmo M. D.; Silva, Roseli C.

Chemical characterization and allelopathic effects of radicular exudates of plants of sorghum over lettuce leaves
Barbosa, Tânia Maria L.; Ferreira, Francisco A.; Souza, Itamar F. de; Barbosa, Luiz Cláudio de A.; Casali, Vicente W. D.

Influence of the mulch on the behavior of Trifluralin
Rodrigues, Benedito N.; Lima, João de; Yada, Inês F. U.; Fornarolli, Donizeti A.

Effect of storage time of diluted herbicides mix on their effectiveness: I. pós-emergency herbicides
Ramos, Hamilton H.; Durigan, Julio C.

Evaluation of allelopathic potential of oat genotypes at the end of life cycle
Jacobi, Ubiratã S.; Fleck, Nilson G.

Effect of Imazethapyr residue and weed interference in alfalfa
Pagotto, Juliana Z.; Reis, Ricardo A.; Durigan, Julio C.