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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.17 no.2 Viçosa May/Aug. 1999

Effect of the herbicides on the chlorophyll content of Spirodela punctata
Santos, Durvalina M. M. dos; Pitelli, Robinson A.; Banzatto, David A.

Potential for seed bank formation of two weed species from Brazilian Amazonia
Dias-Filho, Moacyr B.

Alexandergrass life-cycle is affected by black oat residues on the soil surface
Theisen, Giovani; Vidal, Ribas A.

Integration of cultural practices and reduction of dose of bentazon on soybean crop: I - Effects on the growth of crop
Carvalho, Fernando T. de; Durigan, Júlio C.

Leaching of flumioxazin and metribuzin under greenhouse conditions
Oliveira, Maurílio F. de; Silva, Antônio A. da; Ferreira, Francisco A.; Ruiz, Hugo A.

Genetic characterization of Egeria najas presented in the Jupia Lake and its tributaries
Mori, Edson S.; Gouvea, Cantídio F.; Leite, Suzi M. M.; Marino, Celso L.; Martins, Dagoberto; Velini, Edivaldo D.

Composition and spatial variation of a weed seed bank on an agricultural area in Azul, Argentina
Requesens, Eduardo; Caramuzzino, Rosas

Effects of weeding and side-dressing of nitrogen fertilizer on different bean development stages: II - "dry" crop season
Paes, José M. V.; Cardoso, Antônio A.; Silva, Antônio A. da; Brito, Césio H. de

Glyphosate and imazapyr leaching in soils with different textures and chemical composition: II. analytical method
Souza, Adailson P. de; Prates, Hélio T.; Ferreira, Francisco A.; Reis, Efraim L.; Jordão, Claudio P.

Inhibitory effects of hydroalcoholic extracts of five plant species used as mulches on germination of lettuce and carrot seeds
Souza, Cláudio L. M. de; Morais, Verônica de; Silva, Elania R. da; Lopes, Higino M.; Tozani, Roberto; Parraga, M.S.; Carvalho, Geizi J. A. de

Bioclimatic characteristic of weeds in the city Cordoba's green belt: part I - Polygonum aviculare
Nobile, Raul A.; Edreira, Graciela E.; di Rienzo, Julio

Efficiency of the oxadiazil, oxadiazon, oxyfluorfen and imazapyr herbicides on Pinus cropping
Silva, Wilson da; Ferreira, Francisco A.; Silva, José F. da; Firmino, Luís E.

Chemical aquatic weed control in resevoir
Martins, Dagoberto; Velini, Edivaldo D.; Cavenaghi, Anderson L.; Mendonça, Cristina G. de; Mendonça, Cristiane G. de

Weed survey in autumn corn crops in the state of São Paulo, Brazil
Duarte, Aildson P.; Deuber, Robert

Efficiency of nitrogen uptake and utilization by rice and two red rice ecotypes
Eberhardt, Domingos S.; Silva, Paulo R. F. da; Rieffel Neto, Severo R.