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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.27 no.4 Viçosa  2009

 ·  Potential to use Cyperus rotundus in areas of industrial waste disposal
Jesus, S.L.; Arévalo, R.A.; Romão, G.O.; Rossi, L.M.; Coscione, A.R.; Nogueira, N.L.

 ·  Comparative analyses of the allelopathic potential of the hydroalcoholic extract and essential oil of "Cipo-d'alho" (Bignoniaceae) leaves
Souza Filho, A.P.S.; Guilhon, G.M.S.P.; Zoghbi, M.G.B.; Cunha, R.L.

 ·  Determination of indicative species and comparison of sunflower genotypes as to their allelopathic potential
Silva, H.L.; Trezzi, M.M.; Marchese, J.A.; Buzzello, G.; Miotto Jr., E.; Patel, F.; Debastiani, F.; Fiorese, J.

 ·  Weed seed banks in cassava cultivations in Central Amazon
Costa, J.R.; Mitja, D.; Fontes, J.R.A.

 ·  Effect of environmental factors on germination of Emilia sonchifolia seeds
Yamashita, O.M.; Guimarães, S.C.; Silva, J.L.; Carvalho, M.A.C.; Camargo, M.F.

 ·  Foliar area estimate of two sugarcane-infesting weeds using leaf blade linear dimensions
Cardozo, N.P.; Parreira, M.C.; Alves, P.L.C.A.; Bianco, S.

 ·  Foliar anatomy of the species Lantana camara and L. radula (Verbenaceae)
Passos, J.L.; Meira, R.M.S.A.; Barbosa, L.C.A.

 ·  Competition between rice plants and Echinochloa spp. biotypes resistant or susceptible to quinclorac
Galon, L.; Concenço, G.; Ferreira, E.A.; Silva, A.F.; Ferreira, F.A.; Noldin, J.A.; Freitas, M.A.M.

 ·  Leaf micromorphology in the analysis of glyphosate toxicity in Eucalyptus grandis
Tuffi Santos, L.D.; Sant'Anna-Santos, B.F.; Meira, R.M.S.A.; Ferreira, F.A.; Tiburcio, R.A.S.T.; Silva, E.C.F.

 ·  Glyphosate and foliar fertilization using manganese in transgenic soybean crop
Correia, N.M.; Durigan, J.C.

 ·  Impact of glyphosate associated with insecticide and fungicide application on the microbial activity and potential phosphate solubilization in soil cultivated with Roundup Ready® soybean
Reis, M.R.; Silva, A.A.; Freitas, M.A.M.; Pereira, J.L.; Costa, M.D.; Picanço, M.C.; Ferreira, E.A.; Belo, A.F.; Coelho, A.T.C.P.; Silva, G.R.

 ·  Performance of transgenic soybean cultivars and weed control in function of application times and glyphosate formulations
Agostinetto, D.; Dal Magro, T.; Galon, L.; Moraes, P.V.D.; Tironi, S.P.

 ·  Action of herbicides on the activity of phosphate-solubilizing bacteria isolated from sugarcane rhizosphere
Tironi, S.P.; Reis, M.R.; Galon, L.; Freitas, M.A.M.; Costa, M.D.; Silva, A.A.; Barbosa, M.H.P.; Peternelli, L.A.

 ·  selectivity of soybean RR® genotypes submitted to glyphosate + chlorimuron-ethyl tank mixtures associated to mineral oil and insecticides
Maciel, C.D.G.; Amstalden, S.L.; Raimondi, M.A.; Lima, G.R.G.; Oliveira Neto, A.M.; Artuzi, J.P.

 ·  Physiological response of vicia faba to prohexadione-calcium under saline conditions
Bekheta, M.A.; Abdelhamid, M.T.; El-Morsi, A.A.

 ·  Biodegradation of glyphosate in rhizospheric soil cultivated with Glycine max, Canavalia ensiformis e Stizolobium aterrimum
Santos, J.B.; Ferreira, E.A.; Fialho, C.M.T.; Santos, E.A.; Galon, L.; Concenço, G.; Asiazú, I.; Silva, A.A.

 ·  Effects of herbicides, associated to a brassinosteroid Analogue, on the photosynthetic apparatus of Eucalyptus grandis seedlings
Silva, C.M.M.; Gomes, M.M.A.; Freitas, S.P.

 ·  Proton transport primary systems used as mechanisms of mesotrione detoxification in corn plants
Ogliari, J.; Freitas, S.P.; Ramos, A.C.; Bressan Smith, R.E.; Façanha, A.R.

 ·  Selection of Sugarcane Genotypes for Protoporphyrin IX Accumulation using Protox-Inhibiting Herbicides
Barberis, L.R.M.; Trindade, M.L.B.; Velini, E.D.

 ·  Performance of Tebuthiuron Applied on Sugarcane Straw
Tofoli, G.R.; Velini, E.D.; Negrisoli, E.; Cavenaghi, A.L.; Martins, D.

 ·  Interference of Dayflower Species in Coffee Culture
Oliveira, A.R.; Freitas, S.P.; Vieira, H.D.

 ·  Susceptibility of Ipomoea quamoclit, I. triloba and Merremia cissoides to the Herbicides Sulfentrazone and Amicarbazone
Campos, L.H.F.; Francisco, M.O.; Carvalho, S.J.P.; Nicolai, M.; Christoffoleti, P.J.

 ·  Chemical Management of Convolvulaceae and Euphorbiaceae in Sugarcane during Dry Season
Azania, C.A.M.; Azania, A.A.P.M.; Pizzo, I.V.; Schiavetto, A.R.; Zera, F.S.; Marcari, M.A.; Santos, J.L.

 ·  Herbicide selection for chemical eradication of coconut palms infected with stem-bleeding
Fontes, H.R.; Procopio, S.O.; Cargnelutti Filho, A.; Ferreira, J.M.S.; Fernandes, M.F.

 ·  Efficacy of the Herbicide MSMA in Eradicating Coconut Trees Infected with Stem-Bleeding
Fontes, H.R.; Procopio, S.O.; Cargnelutti Filho, A.; Ferreira, J.M.S.; Fernandes, M.F.

 Literature Review
 ·  Economic levels of weed injury on crops: concepts, definitions and calculation models
Portugal, J.M.; Vidal, R.A.