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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.28 no.4 Viçosa Dec. 2010

 ·  Water use efficiency of cassava plants under competition conditions
Aspiazú, I; Sediyama, T; Ribeiro Jr, J.I; Silva, A.A; Concenco, G; Ferreira, E.A; Galon, L; Silva, A.F; Borges, E.T; Araujo, W.F

 ·  Phytosociological survey of weeds in sunflower crop
Adegas, F.S; Oliveira, M.F; Vieira, O.V; Prete, C.E.C; Gazziero, D.L.P; Voll, E

 ·  Weed occurrence in sugar beet crop under mulching and organic fertilization
Sediyama, M.A.N; Santos, M.R; Vidigal, S.M; Santos, I.C; Salgado, L.T

 ·  Straw cover formation and weed management in soybean under no-tillage system
Nunes, A.S; Timossi, P.C; Pavani, M.C.MO.D; Costa Alves, A.P.L

 ·  Allelophatic potential of substances isolated from Annona crassiflora seeds
Inoue, M.H; Santana, D.C; Vilhena, K.S.S; Souza Filho, A.P.S; Guilhon, G.M.S.P; Possamai, A.C.S; Silva, L.E; Dallacort, R

 ·  Allelophatic activity of crude extracts from three species of Copaifera (Leguminosae - Caesalpinioidedae)
Souza Filho, A.P.S; Gurgel, E.S.C; Queiroz, M.S.M; Santos, J.U.M

 ·  Quantification and chemical composition of epicuticular wax of eucalyptus leaves
Viana, R.G; Tuffi Santos, L.D; Demuner, A.J; Ferreira, F.A; Ferreira, L.R; Ferreira, E.A; Machado, A.F.L; Santos, M.V

 ·  Weed dynamics in a consortium of sorghum and three forage plants in a farming-livestock- forest integration system
Mota, V.A; Tuffi Santos, L.D; Santos Junior, A; Machado, V.D; Sampaio, R.A; Oliveira, F.L.R

 ·  Response of different Digitaria insularis populations to glyphosate
Correia, N.M; Leite, G.J; Garcia, L.D

 ·  Water use efficiency in sugarcane genotypes submitted to herbicide application
Galon, L; Concenço, G; Ferreira, E.A; Aspiazú, I; Silva, A.F; Ferreira, F.A; Silva, A.A; Tironi, S.P; Freitas, M.A.M; Soares, E.R

 ·  Tolerance of grain sorghum to 2,4-D applied in post-emergence
Dan, H.A; Dan, L.G.M; Barroso, A.L.L; Oliveira Jr, R.S; Guerra, N; Feldkircher, C

 ·  Selectivity of the herbicide tembotrione to pearl millet
Dan, H.A; Barroso, A.L.L; Dan, L.G.M; Oliveira Jr, R.S; Procópio, S.O; Freitas, A.C.R; Correa, F.M

 ·  Selectivity of pre-emergence herbicides to physic nut (Jatropha curcas)
Rocha, P.R.R; Silva, A.F; Faria, A.T; Galon, L; Ferreira, E.A; Felipe, R.S; Silva, A.A; Dias, L.A.S

 ·  Selectivity of herbicide alternatives for two cassava cultivars
Biffe, D.F; Constantin, J; Oliveira Jr, R.S; Rios, F.A; Franchini, L.H.M; Gemelli, A; Arantes, J.G.Z; Raimondi, M.A; Blainski, E

 ·  Persistence of imazaquin associated to glyphosate or paraquat under no-tillage
Vidal, R.A; Nunes, A.L

 ·  Leaching potential of herbicides used in cotton crop under soil column conditions
Inoue, M.H; Santana, D.C; Oliveira Jr, R.S; Clemente, R.A; Dallacort, R; Possamai, A.C.S; Santana, C.T.C; Pereira, K.M

 ·  Residual effect of sulfentrazone, isoxaflutole and oxyfluorfen in three soils
Melo, C.A.D; Medeiros, W.N; Tuffi Santos, L.D; Ferreira, F.A; Ferreira, G.L; Paes, F.A.S.V; Reis, M.R

 ·  Effect of herbicides applied on sunflower crop in wetland soil
Erasmo, E.A.L; Costa, N.V; Peruzzo, A.S; Barberato Junior, J.E

 ·  Efficacy of herbicides applied during the dry and wet seasons for Euphorbia heterophylla control in sugarcane
Correia, N.M; Kronka Jr, B

 ·  Selectivity of glyphosate in tank mixtures for RR soybean in sequential applications with mixtures only in the first or second application
Alonso, D.G; Constantin, J; Oliveira Jr, R.S; Biffe, D.F; Raimondi, M.A; Gemelli, A; Blainski, E; Carneiro, J.C

 ·  Nutrient content in arabica coffee cultivars subjected to glyphosate drift
França, A.C; Freitas, M.A.M; D'Antonino, L; Fialho, C.M.T; Silva, A.A; Reis, M.R; Ronchi, C.P

 ·  Relationship between plant density and soybean roundup readyTM genotypes
Souza, C.A; Gava, F; Casa, R.T; Bolzan, J.M; Kuhnem Junior, P.R

 ·  Spraying distribution, symmetry of fan and droplet size to spray nozzles TF-VS2
Román, R.A.A; Ferreira, M.C; Carvalho, G.F.G; Baggio, M.V

 ·  Phorate and dietholate act as safeners for rice against clomazone at high doses
Sanchotene, D.M; Kruse, N.D; Avila, L.A; Machado, S.L.O; Nicolodi, G.A; Dornelles, S.H.B

 ·  Weed management in raw sugarcane
Ferreira, E.A; Procópio, S.O; Galon, L; Franca, A.C; Concenço, G; Silva, A.A; Aspiazu, I; Silva, A.F; Tironi, S.P; Rocha, P.R.R