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Food Science and Technology (Campinas)
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Ciênc. Tecnol. Aliment. vol.17 no.2 Campinas May/Aug. 1997

Beverage based on rice and soybean hydrossoluble extract
Wang, Sin H.; Cabral, Lair C.; Fernandes, Simone M.

Chemical characterization of oat (Avena sativa l.) cultivars
Pedó, I.; Sgarbieri, V.C

Analysis of inosine-5'-monophosphate (5'-IMP) and its derivatives in different muscles of beef, pork and lamb
Madruga, Marta Suely

Evaluation of cassava and corn flours as substrates for alcoholic distilled beverage production
Demiate, I. M.; Leonel, M.; Damasceno, S.; Maeda, K. C.; Lima, C.L.C. de; Sartori, M.M.; Cereda, M. P.

Carbohydrate composition of some banana's cultivars (Musa spp) during ripening
Mota, R.V.da; Lajolo, F.M.; Cordenunsi, B.R.

Analysis of consistency of yogurt: correlation between sensorial and instrumental evaluation
Penna, A.L.B.; Oliveira, M.N.; Baruffaldi, R.

Chemical composition of yeast biomass (Saccharomyces sp.) and protein nutritive value of integral or mechanically ruptured cells
Caballero-Córdoba, Glenys M.; Pacheco, Maria Teresa B.; Sgarbieri, Valdemiro C.

Avaliação da eficiência de dois kits comerciais para detecção de aflatoxina B1 em amostras de milho, ração e amendoim e seus produtos
Sabino, M.; Milanez, T.V.; Lamardo, L.C.A.; Navas, S.A.; Stofer, M.; Garcia, C.B.

Chemical, microbiological and sensorial characteristics of frozen goat milk
Gomes, Maria Isabel F.Vasconcelos; Bonassi, Ismael Antonio; Roça, Roberto de Oliveira

Lipases biocatalysis in the production of flavor esters
Macedo, Gabriela A.; Pastore, Gláucia M.

Provitamin a activity of Brazilian carrots: leaves and roots, raw and cooked and their chemical composition
Almeida-Muradian, Ligia Bicudo; Popp, Veronica; Farias, Marcela Paiva

Evaluation of the effect of mechanically deboned poultry meat addition in a fermented sausage
Gomide, Lúcio A. M.; Garcia, Andrea M.; Pereira, Afonso S. O.; Mendonça, Regina C. S.

Brazilian ginger: general aspects, essential oil and oleoresin. part 2 - drying, essential oil and oleoresin
Magalhães, Mauro Taveira; Koketsu, Midori; Gonçalves, Sueli Limp; Cornejo, Felix Emilio Prado; Marques, Lilia Maria Rosamiglia

Soybean seed isoflavones: β-glucosidase activity on development of undesirable bitter and objectionable aftertaste
Araújo, J. M. A.; Carlos, J. C. S.; Sedyama, C. S.

Pasteurization of packaged milk submerged in a hot water bath
Teixeira Neto, Rodrigo Otávio; Van Dender, Ariene Gimenes Fernandes; Barbieri, Margarida Kikuta; Eiroa, Mirtha Nelly Uboldi; Moura, Silvia Cristina S. Rolim de

Studies on some precursors involved in meat flavour formation
Madruga, M.S.

Evaluation of Clostridium botulinum toxin production in mortadella and ham
Amstalden, Valéria Christina Junqueira; Serrano, Antônio de Melo; Manhani, Maria Raquel

Chemical and microbiological changes in "PACU" (piaractusmesopotamicus) stored under refrigeration at 5°c
Leitão, Mauro F.F.; Rios, Daniel P.F.A.; Guimarães, Judite G.L.; Baldini, V.L.S.; Mainardes Pinto, Cleide S. R.

Natural microflora and pseudomonas aeroginosas in non carbonated mineral water bottled in different materials during storage at 30°c ± 1°c
Eiroa, Mirtha Nelly Uboldi; Junqueira, Valéria Christina Amstalden; Silveira, Neliane Ferraz Arruda

Gaseous composition estimation in modified atmosphere packaging of mangos (mangifera indica l.) Cv. Keitt
Yamashita, Fábio; Telis Romero, Javier; Kieckbusch, Theo Guenter

Occurrence of Vibrio vulnificus in seafood
Garcia Moreno, Maria Luz; Landgraf, Mariza

Effects of using different baking additives on bread quality made with flours based on wheat flour and defatted corn germ
Granito, Marisela; Guerra, Marisa

Lactosucrose production by β-fructofunosidase from bacillus sp no417 using lactose and sucrose mixture
Ikegaki, Masaharu; Park, Yong Kun

Physical, chemical and sensory characterization of sauvignon blanc dry white wine treated with polyvinylpolypyrrolidone
Pereira, Ivana M.; Moretti, Roberto H.

Padronization of the methodology for determination of propionic acid in bread loaves
Campos, Gisélia; Nelson, David L.; Cunha, Mariem R. Ribeiro; Franklin, Heloisa M. O. H.; Gomides, Maria F.; Naveira, Rita M. P.; Peixoto, Tânia M. A. G.