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Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia
Print version ISSN 0101-2800


Table of contents
J. Bras. Nefrol. vol.33 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Mar. 2011

 ·  World Kidney Day 2011 albuminuria and creatinine: simple, inexpensive and essential tests in the course of chronic kidney disease
Bastos, Marcus Gomes; Andriolo, Adagmar; Kirsztajn, Gianna Mastroianni

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 ·  World Kidney Day 2011: protect your kidneys, save your heart
Couser, William G; Riella, Miguel C

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 Original Articles
 ·  Comparison of cognitive function between patients on chronic hemodialysis who carry out assisted physical activity and inactive ones
Martins, Carmen Tzanno Branco; Ramos, Geison Stein Meirelles; Guaraldo, Simone Adriana; Uezima, Clarissa Baia Bargas; Martins, João Paulo Lian Branco; Ribeiro Junior, Elzo

 ·  Profile and scientific production of CNPq researchers in Nephrology and Urology
Oliveira, Eduardo A.; Pécoits-Filho, Roberto; Quirino, Isabel G.; Oliveira, Maria Christina; Martelli, Daniela Reis; Lima, Leonardo S.; Martelli Jr, Hercílio

 ·  Factors associated with the quality of life of incident patients on PD in Brazil (BRAZPD)
Grincenkov, Fabiane Rossi dos Santos; Fernandes, Natália; Chaoubah, Alfredo; Bastos, Kleyton; Qureshi, Abdul Rashid; Pécoits-Filho, Roberto; Divino Filho, José Carolino; Bastos, Marcus Gomes

 ·  Low response to intradermal hepatitis B vaccination in incident hemodialysis patients
Medeiros, Regina H.; Figueiredo, Ana Elizabeth PL; Poli-de-Figueiredo, Carlos Eduardo; d'Avila, Domingos Otávio; de los Santos, Carlos Abaeté

 ·  Nephrolithiasis in pediatric patients: metabolic and anatomical investigation
Peres, Luis Alberto Batista; Langer, Sarah Sella; Schmidt, Raysa Cristina; Nacke, Roberto Arthur Bavaresco; Francescon, Paulo Victor Muller; Almeida, Rogério Cavalcante de; Coimbra, Renan Macedo; Ribas, Tailla Michelle; Barros, Tiago Dahrug; Matsuo, Tiemi

 ·  Assessment of methods to identify protein-energy wasting in patients on hemodialysis
Vegine, Patrícia Marçal; Fernandes, Ana Carolina Packness; Torres, Márcia Regina Simas Gonçalves; Silva, Maria Inês Barreto; Avesani, Carla Maria

 ·  Effects of inspiratory muscle training in hemodialysis patients
Silva, Vanessa Giendruczak da; Amaral, Carolina; Monteiro, Mariane Borba; Nascimento, Daniela Meirelles do; Boschetti, Jaqueline Regina

 ·  Effects of customary dinner on dietetical profile of patients undergoing hemodialysis
Ribeiro, Marcia Machado Cunha; Araújo, Melissa Luciana de; Netto, Michele Pereira; Cunha, Lucas Maciel

 ·  Cardiac morphology and function in patients with and without residual diuresis on hemodialysis
Araujo, Salustiano; Lemes, Helton P.; Cunha, Danny A.; Queiroz, Vinicius S.; Nascimento, Daniela D.; Ferreira Filho, Sebastião Rodrigues

 ·  Comparison of trisodium citrate and heparin as catheter-locking solution in hemodialysis patients
Bevilacqua, José Luís; Gomes, Jaelson Guilhem; Santos, Vanderson Farley Brito; Canziani, Maria Eugênia Fernandes

 Review Article
 ·  Chronic kidney disease: importance of early diagnosis, immediate referral and structured interdisciplinary approach to improve outcomes in patients not yet on dialysis
Bastos, Marcus Gomes; Kirsztajn, Gianna Mastroianni

 Case Reports
 ·  Cellular congenital mesoblastic nephroma: case report
Santos, Lina Gomes dos; Carvalho, Juliana de Sousa Ribeiro de; Reis, Marcela Aguiar; Sales, Rayli Lauro Jennyfer Brandão

 ·  Assessment and management of cardiovascular disease in patients with chronic kidney disease
Tavares, Marcelo de Sousa

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 ·  Buttonhole: an old technique rediscovered
Galante, Nelson Zocoler; Yamamoto, Atsuko; Rabelo, Lucia Lima; Monterio, Denise Paulini; Azevedo, Luiz Sergio Fonseca de

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