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Table of contents
Trans/Form/Ação vol.18  Marília Jan. 1995

 Original Articles
 ·  The place of architecture
Schwarz, Roberto

 ·  The new architecture of old times: what's to be done?
Arantes, Otília B. F

 ·  Between critique and scientism
Bolognesi, Mário Fernando

 ·  Mário de Andrade and the First of May, 1935
Costa, Iná Camargo

 ·  Two or three things about Antonio Candido
Musse, Ricardo

 ·  Aristotle's influence on Ptolomeo's astrological work (the Tetrabiblos)
Martins, Roberto de Andrade

 ·  Plato beyond dogmatism
Benoit, Alcides Hector Rodriguez

 ·  The limits of sovereignty in Rousseau
Mata, José Veríssimo Teixeira da

 ·  Schmitt's and Hegel's criticism of liberalism
Ramos, Cesar Augusto

 ·  Notes on schematism in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
Marques, Ubirajara Rancan de Azevedo

 ·  Phenomenological macrorealism and experience-fields
Schaeffer, Renato

 ·  O outro Nietzsche: justiça contra utopia moral
Maurer, Reinhart

 ·  A history of the "paulistas" in their desire for a philosophy: two interviews with Paulo Arantes