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Educação & Sociedade
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Table of contents
Educ. Soc. vol.28 no.99 Campinas May/Aug. 2007

 Dossier: "Teacher's work in the Latin-American context: some analysis perspectives"
 ·  Apresentação
Oliveira, Dalila Andrade

 ·  Sociological reflections on teacher's professionalization
Tenti Fanfani, Emilio

 ·  Educational policies and the re-structuring of teachers' work: reflections on the Latin-American context
Oliveira, Dalila Andrade

 ·  Notes on the relationship between teacher identity and teacher unionism
Ferreira, Márcia Ondina Vieira

 ·  Educational bureaucracy, teacher's work and gender: female supervisors physically involved in management
Morgade, Graciela

 ·  On the condition of teachers: first theoretical approaches
Teixeira, Inês Assunção de Castro

 ·  Regulation of teacher training and work: a critical analysis of the "educational agenda" in Latin America
Feldfeber, Myriam

 ·  Research agenda and theoretical-methodological options in the research on teacher's work
Mancebo, Deise

 ·  Challenges and prospects in the research on teaching
Chiroque Chunga, Sigfredo

 ·  Evaluation and democratic management in the regulation of the Brazilian basic education: a relationship to be evaluated
Freitas, Dirce Nei Teixeira de

 ·  Aversion to theory and poverty of practice: criticism based on Adorno's philosophy
Loureiro, Robson

 ·  Educators' manifesto (1959) in the light of history
Sanfelice, José Luís

 Reviews & Syntheses
 ·  State of the art survey in leisure studies (Brazil): XXth and XXIst centuries - some notes
Peixoto, Elza

 ·  June parties in schools: lesson of prejudice
Campos, Judas Tadeu de

 Images & Words
 ·  Educação, cidadania e emancipação
Jimenez, Susana Vasconcelos

 ·  Educação não-formal: contextos, percursos e sujeitos
Fávero, Osmar

 ·  La formación del profesorado y la mejora de la educación
Lastória, Andrea Coelho