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Educação & Sociedade
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Table of contents
Educ. Soc. vol.32 no.115 Campinas Apr./June 2011

 Dossier:"Education policies of the new Latin-American governments"
 ·  Apresentação
Oliveira, Dalila Aniraie; Felifeber, Myriam

 ·  Education laws in the early 21ST century: from neoliberalism to the post-Washington consensus in South America
Saforcada, Fernanda; Vassiliades, Alejandro

 ·  The Chilean education enterprise
Budnik, Jenny Assaél; Chávez, Rodrigo Cornejo; López, Juan González; Rojo, Jesús Redondo; Edmonson, Rodrigo Sánchez; Morales, Mario Sobarzo

 ·  From federal to state government policies: reflections on the current Brazilian education agenda
Oliveira, Dalila Andrade

 ·  Education policies in Argentina: legacy of the 1990s, contradictions and trends towards a "new sign"
Feldfeber, Myriam; Gluz, Nora

 ·  Uruguay: transformation or step backwards?
Dominguez, Laura; Gatti, Elsa

 ·  Current proposals and challenges in education: the Ecuadorian case
Isch L., Edgar

 ·  Pedagogy and emancipations in Bolivarian Venezuela: education policies for the 20TH century socialism
Imen, Pablo

 ·  Reflections of Bologna and Latin America: problems and challenges
Mello, Alex Fiúza de; Dias, Marco Antonio Rodrigues

 ·  Private enterprises and public education in Brazil and Argentina
Luz, Liliene Xavier

 ·  The catholic school culture of the chair of Sociology in the beginning of the state University of Rio Grande do Sul
Monteiro, Lorena Madruga

 ·  Education and diversity: demands of contemporary capitalism
Geraldes, Mary Ângela F; Roggero, Rosemary

 ·  The caipira education: origin and formation
Campos, Judas Tadeu de

 ·  Processes that lead to the production of academic elites
Brandao, Zaia; Carvalho, Cynthia Paes de

 Reviews and Syntheses
 ·  Gender, sexuality and formal education in Brazil: a preliminary analysis of the academic production between 1990 and 2006
Vianna, Claudia Pereira; Carvalho, Marilia Pinto de; Schilling, Flavia Ines; Moreira, Maria de Fatima Salum

 Pedagocical Practice Analysis
 ·  Reflections on the governmental dictionary policies for elementary students in Brazil
Antonioli, Janina

 Images & Words
 ·  Books in reading memories
Goulart, Ilsa do Carmo Vieira

 ·  On the challenges, advances and tensions in the curriculum studies: overviews of Antônio Flávio Barbosa Moreira's thought
Favacho, André Marcio Piçanto

 ·  Academic productivism: will blindness ever stop?
Barsotti, Paulo Douglas