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Revista de Psiquiatria do Rio Grande do Sul
Print version ISSN 0101-8108


Table of contents
Rev. psiquiatr. Rio Gd. Sul vol.28 no.3 Porto Alegre Sept./Dec. 2006

 About the cover
 ·  Homage to some pioneers in psychiatry in Rio Grande do Sul
Busnello, Ellis D'Arrigo

 ·  The contemporary psychiatrist: working per via di porre and per via di levare
Keidann, Carmem; Shansis, Flávio

 Invited Editorial
 ·  Freud and memory neurobiology
Izquierdo, Ivan

 Original Articles
 ·  Mental health, women and social change: a progressive institutional profile from 1931 to 2000
Gastal, Fábio Leite; Leite, Sérgio Soares Olivé; Treptow, Erika Cristine; Marini, Stela Scaglioni; Noal, Maurício Vargas; Binz, Mario Arthur Rockenbach; Amaral, Milene Tombini do

 ·  Qualitative analysis of relevant variables for the application of the integrated psychological therapy program in patients with schizophrenia in three Southern Brazilian centers
Zimmer, Marilene; Duncan, Adriana Veríssimo; Belmont-de-Abreu, Paulo

 ·  Bulimia and binge eating disorder: systematic review and metasynthesis
Espíndola, Cybele Ribeiro; Blay, Sérgio Luís

 ·  Development of a Brazilian Portuguese version of the questionnaire on relationships pattern Beziehungs-Muster Fragebogen
Ferreira, Eliane Bernadete; Nunes, Maria Lúcia Tiellet; Kurth, Regina A.; Pokorny, Dan; Terra, Luciana; Hauck, Simone; Ceitlin, Lúcia Helena Freitas

 ·  A Brazilian version of the MTA-SNAP-IV for evaluation of symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and oppositional-defiant disorder
Mattos, Paulo; Serra-Pinheiro, Maria Antonia; Rohde, Luis Augusto; Pinto, Diana

 Review Articles
 ·  Recent history and current perspectives of outcome studies on long-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy
Jung, Simone Isabel; Fillippon, Ana Paula Mezacaza; Nunes, Maria Lúcia Tiellet; Eizirik, Cláudio Laks

 ·  Countertransference and psychic trauma
Eizirik, Mariana; Schestatsky, Sidnei; Knijnik, Laís; Terra, Luciana; Ceitlin, Lúcia Helena Freitas

 ·  What is scientific metapsychology?
Lyra, Carlos Eduardo de Sousa

 ·  Neuropsychological assessment of decision-making prefrontal circuits in schizophrenia: a systematic review of the literature
Alves, Gilberto Sousa; Rozenthal, Marcia

 Case Report
 ·  Impact of antipsychotic agents in bone mineral density of schizophrenic patients
Guimarães, Lísia Rejane; Leitão-Azevedo, Carmen Lúcia; Abreu, Martha Guerra Belmonte de; Gama, Clarissa Severino; Lobato, Maria Inês; Belmonte-de-Abreu, Paulo

 ·  Use of quetiapine for early-onset bipolar disorder
Boarati, Miguel Angelo; Cavalcanti, Ana Rosa; Fu-I, Lee

 ·  Burnout in psychiatric practice: a case report
Vieira, Isabela; Ramos, Andréia; Martins, Dulcéa; Bucasio, Erika; Benevides-Pereira, Ana Maria; Figueira, Ivan; Jardim, Sílvia

 Letters to the Editors
 ·  Trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms in drug users
Faller, Sibele; Pulcherio, Gilda; Strey, Marlene

 ·  Metabolic alterations due to the use of antipsychotics in schizophrenic patients: molecular and neuroendocrinological considerations
Rocha, Felipe Filardi da; Sousa, Karla Cristhina Alves de

 Book Reviews
 ·  Review of the book entitled Psiquiatria forense: 80 anos de prática institucional
Piccinini, Walmor J.

 ·  Review of the book entitled Affect dysregulation and disorders of the self
Silva, Maurício Marx e

 ·  The God delusion
Flores, Renato Zamora