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História (São Paulo)
On-line version ISSN 1980-4369


Table of contents
História vol.28 no.1 Franca  2009

Carvalho, Margarida Maria de; Silva, Wilton C. L.

 Dossiê: Império Português
 ·  Crossing the seas: a historian of the Portuguese Empire comes face to face with the "Atlantic History"
Russell-Wood, A.J.R.

 ·  In the far-flung corners of the Portuguese overseas Empire: the island experience of Sao Tome and Principe at the beginning of the 19th century
Brilhante, Neuma

 ·  The birth of Portuguese America in the context of imperial lusitania: theoretical considerations regarding differences between recent historiography and History teaching
Siqueira, Lucília

 ·  An America unknown
França, Susani Silveira Lemos

 ·  Reform and prophecy: the activity of D. Gaspar de Leão, the Archbishop of Goa and mystic
Faria, Patricia Souza de

 ·  Before Brazil existed: the Portuguese in India from the Crown's strategies to individual tactics
Doré, Andréa

 ·  Businessmen: social vocabulary, distinction and commercial activities in Minas Gerais during the 1700s
Rodrigues, Aldair Carlos

 ·  The sugar populace: free people in the recovery of the portuguese jurisdiction of the captaincy of Pernambuco - Brazil 17th to 18th centuries
Silva, Kalina Vanderlei

 ·  Under the Mask of Colonial. Birth and "decadence" of a vila in modern Brazil; Vila Boa de Goias in the 18th Century
Vidal, Laurent

 ·  "Africa in Portugal": slavery, religious devotion and black brotherhoods during the 18
Reginaldo, Lucilene

 ·  Catechesis and Civilization of native Indians in the "Sertões" of the Portuguese empire in the 18
Ribeiro, Núbia Braga

 ·  Environment and culture in the captaincies of the brazilian colonial northeast: nationalism and reforms illustrated in the work of the nature explorer, manuel arruda da câmara (1793-1814)
Aguiar, José Otávio; Buriti, Catarina de Oliveira

 ·  Local power and the urban network in the Mines of the State of Goias, Brazil
Lemes, Fernando Lobo

 ·  The Portuguese and political experiences: the struggle and the bread: Sao Paulo 1870-1945
Matos, Maria Izilda Santos de

 ·  Gilberto Freyre e a intelligentsia salazarista em defesa do Império Colonial Português (1951 - 1974)
Pinto, João Alberto da Costa

 ·  A "flight" between Portugal and Brazil: readings of the Luso-Brazilian relations in the Seara Nova magazine in the early 1920s
Miranda, Luciana Lilian de

 ·  Contemporary times and private lives: an interdisciplinary look into Brazil
Silva, Marcos

 ·  Passages from Roman Antiquity to the Middle Ages: historiographic lectures of a transition period
Barros, José D'Assunção

 ·  Historical Archaeology and the heritage problem: discussions about preservation, tourism and heritage education in the Vale do Taquari - Rio Grande do Sul
Machado, Neli T. Galarce; Lopes, Sérgio Nunes; Gheno, Diego Antônio

 ·  Exclusion and criminality in the kingdom of Castile: the jew in the Siete Partidas (Seven-Part Code) of Alfonso X
Feldman, Sergio Alberto

 ·  "Theirs is the Kingdom of God": evangelical children's media and the religious cultural supermarket in Brazil (1950s to 2000s)
Bellotti, Karina Kosicki

 ·  The best friend of the king: the image of the perfect privanza (favorite) in the Hispanic Monarchy of the 17
Oliveira, Ricardo de

 ·  The politico-cultural importance of the Revolt of the Statues in the Homilies about the Statues by John Chrysostom
Silva, Érica Cristhyane Morais da

 ·  Simon Bolivar's correspondence and its presence in literature: an analysis of The General in His Labyrinth by Gabriel Garcia Márquez
Fredrigo, Fabiana de Souza

 ·  Facetas do Império na História: conceitos e métodos
Luz, Guilherme Amaral

 ·  Os carnavais de rua e dos clubes na cidade de São Paulo: metamorfoses de uma festa (1923-1938)
Barreiro, José Carlos

 ·  A invenção de Goa: poder imperial e conversões culturais nos séculos XVI e XVII
Moura, Denise A. Soares de