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Horticultura Brasileira
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Table of contents
Hortic. Bras. vol.20 no.2 Brasília June 2002

 Editor's Letters
 Letter to the Editor
 Invited Article
 ·  Primed melon seeds: are they worth using?
Nascimento, Warley Marcos

 ·  Present situation of arracacha (Arracacia xanthorrhiza) diseases in Brazil
Henz, Gilmar P.

 ·  Estimate of the genetic similarity and identification of strawberry cultivars by RAPD analysis
Conti, José Henrique; Minami, Keigo; Gomes, Luiz Humberto; Tavares, Flavio Cesar A.

 ·  Marketable yield and contents of Cu and Zn in carrot as influenced by residual phosphate and urban compost in a cerrado soil
Mesquita Filho, Manoel V. de; Souza, Antônio F.; Moita, Antônio W.; Ramagem, Ricardo D.

 ·  Field emergence of supersweet maize single crosses hybrids from a complete diallel cross
Lemos, Margarida Agostinho; Gama, Elto Eugênio G.; Menezes, Dimas; Santos, Venézio Felipe dos; Tabosa, José Nildo; Morais, Maria da Salete L.

 ·  Performance of lettuce cultivars with and without intercropping with carrot in Mossoró
Negreiros, Maria Z. de; Bezerra Neto, Francisco; Porto, Vânia C. N.; Santos, Ricardo H. S.

 ·  Evaluation of ten inbred lines and their hybrids of supersweet maize in a complete diallel cross
Lemos, Margarida Agostinho; Gama, Elto Eugênio G.; Menezes, Dimas; Santos, Venézio Felipe dos; Tabosa, José Nildo

 ·  Genetic divergence among five muskmelon cultivars
Rizzo, Adriana Antonieta do Nascimento; Braz, Leila Trevizan

 ·  Selective insecticides to the earwing Doru luteipes (Scudder) used for controlling the green peach aphid in Brassicae
Bacci, Leandro; Picanço, Marcelo C.; Gusmão, Marcos Rafael; Barreto, Robert W.; Galvan, Tederson Luiz

 ·  Evaluation of breeding lines and cultivars of cowpea-beans in Areia, Paraiba, Brazil
Oliveira, Ademar P. de; Sobrinho, José Tavares; Nascimento, João T.; Alves, Adriana U.; Albuquerque, Ivanildo C. de; Bruno, Genildo B.

 ·  Level of nitrate in lettuce cultivated in hydroponic and conventional systems
Beninni, Elisabete R. Yonamini; Takahashi, Hideaki Wilson; Neves, Carmen S.V.J.; Fonseca, Inês Cristina de B.

 ·  Sucrose concentration on in vitro rooting of strawberry plants
Calvete, Eunice Oliveira; Kämpf, Atelene Normann; Suzin, Marilei

 ·  Production and quality of garlic crop under soil water regimes and nitrogen levels
Marouelli, Waldir A.; Silva, Washington L. C.; Carrijo, Osmar A.; Silva, Henoque R.

 ·  Nutrient sources affecting yield, nitrate concentration and nutritional status of lettuce cultivars, in hydroponics
Fernandes, Adriano Alves; Martinez, Herminia Emilia Prieto; Pereira, Paulo Roberto Gomes; Fonseca, Maira Christina Marques

 ·  Development of tomato and changes in soil properties with organic materials application in greenhouse
Mello, Simone C.; Vitti, Godofredo C.

 ·  Drip line placement depth for processing tomatoes crop
Marouelli, Waldir A.; Silva, Washington L.C.

 ·  Coconut coir fiber as a potting media for tomato seedling production
Silveira, Elineide B.; Rodrigues, Viviane J.L.B.; Gomes, Andréa M.A.; Mariano, Rosa L.R.; Mesquita, Júlio C.P.

 ·  Evaluation of Capsicum genotypes for resistance to the broad mite
Echer, Márcia M.; Fernandes, Maria C.A.; Ribeiro, Raul L.D.; Peracchi, Adriano L.

 Grower's Page
 ·  Technical and economic viability of the Embrapa crate for marketing of fresh tomatoes
Vilela, Nirlene J.; Luengo, Rita F. A.

 ·  Development of cucumber seedlings in different substrates with and without nutritive solution
Cañizares, Kathia A. L.; Costa, Paulo César; Goto, Rumy; Vieira, Ana R. M.

 ·  Performance of crisphead lettuce cultivars in Boa Esperança, Brazil
Yuri, Jony E.; Souza, Rovilson J. de; Freitas, Silvio A.C. de; Rodrigues Júnior, Juarez C.; Mota, José Hortêncio

 ·  Yield of pak choi crop under non woven polypropylene
Reghin, Marie Y.; Otto, Rosana F.; van der Vinne, Jhony; Feltrin, Anderson Luiz

 ·  Evaluation of TEG (grassland tomato cropping technique) in Eastern Amazon, Brazil
Cheng, Simon S.; Chu, Elizabeth Y.; Poltronieri, Luiz S.

 Economy and Rural Extension
 ·  Identification of causes of postharvest carrot losses in the retail market
Lana, Milza M.; Moita, Antônio Williams; Nascimento, Edson F. do; Souza, Geraldo da S. e; Melo, Mário Felipe de