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Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia
On-line version ISSN 1678-4162


Table of contents
Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec. vol.56 no.2 Belo Horizonte Apr. 2004

 Veterinary Medicine
 ·  Vírus da artrite encefalite caprina: isolamento e caracterização de parte do gene gag
Lima, P.P.; Rocha, M.A.; Stancek, D.; Gouveia, A.M.G.; Oliveira, G.D.R.

 ·  Electrocardiographic parameters in clinically healthy Thoroughbred horses
Fernandes, W.R.; Larsson, M.H.M.A.; Alves, A.L.G.; Fantoni, D.T.; Belli, C.B.

 ·  Cryptorchism in horses: clinical and surgical aspects and serum testosterone determination
Cattelan, J.W.; Macoris, D.G.; Barnabé, P.A.; Urbinati, E.C.; Malheiros, E.B.

 ·  Placental maturation and expulsion in Holstein and Nelore cows
Martins, V.M.V.; Marques Junior, A.P.; Vasconcelos, A.C.; Martins, E.; Santos, R.L.; Lima, F.P.C.

 ·  Histopathological lesions in the central nervous system of dogs with encephalitis and molecular diagnosis of canine distemper virus infection
Gebara, C.M.S.; Wosiacki, S.R.; Negrão, F.J.; Alfieri, A.A.; Alfieri, A.F.

 ·  Epidural analgesia with clonidine or romifidine in dogs submitted to coxofemoral surgery
Brondani, J.T.; Natalini, C.C.; Raiser, A.G.; Mazzanti, A.; Prati, L.

 ·  Acquired vesicovaginal fistula secondary to ovariohysterectomy in a bitch: a case report
Gadelha, C.R.F.; Ribeiro, A.P.C.; Apparício, M.F.; Covizzi, G.J.; Vicente, W.R.R.

 ·  Surgical sexing in birds
Raso, T.F.; Werther, K.

 Animal Science and Technology and Inspection of Animal Products
 ·  Performance and carcass yield of calves fed with fermented colostrum, associated with soybean oil and zeranol
Castro, A.L.M.; Campos, W.E.; Mancio, A.B.; Pereira, J.C.; Cecon, P.R.

 ·  Economic evaluation of calves fed fermented colostrum, associated with soybean oil and zeranol
Castro, A.L.M.; Campos, W.E.; Mancio, A.B.; Campos, O.F.

 ·  Chemical composition and nutritive value of thermal processed soybean products for growing pigs
Mendes, W.S.; Silva, I.J.; Fontes, D.O.; Rodriguez, N.M.; Marinho, P.C.; Silva, F.O.; Arouca, C.L.C.; Silva, F.C.O.

 ·  Effects of particle size and physical form of ration on performance, carcass yield and weight of digestive organs of broiler chickens
López, C.A.A.; Baião, N.C.

 ·  Risk ratio as indicator of the number of animals necessary for genetic mapping of complex binary traits in cattle
Thaler Neto, A.; Fries, R.; Thaller, G.

 ·  Mapping QTL in full-sib families using random model approach
Silva, M.V.G.B; Martinez, M.L.; Torres, R.A.; Lopes, P.S.; Euclydes, R.F.; Machado, M.A.; Arbex, W.

 ·  Genetic variability and selection limit in populations of different mating designs
Cunha, E.E.; Euclydes, R.F.; Torres, R.A.; Lopes, P.S.; Ribeiro Júnior, J.I.; Carneiro, P.C.S.

 ·  Estimates of correction factors for lactation length and genetic parameters for milk yield in buffaloes
Tonhati, H.; Muñoz, M.F.C.; Duarte, J.M.C.; Reichert, R.H.; Oliveira, J.A.; Lima, A.L.F.

 ·  Forage potential of sorghum sudangrass hybrids
Tomich, T.R.; Rodrigues, J.A.S.; Tomich, R.G.P.; Gonçalves, L.C.; Borges, I.

 ·  Selenium in bovine plasma, soil and forage measured by neutron activation analysis
Gil, S.; Hevia, S.; Dallorso, M.; Resnizky, S.

 ·  Effect of vitamin A on incidence of mastitis in Holstein cows
Paschoal, J.J.; Zanetti, M.A.

 ·  Clinical and pathological study of feline mammary fibroadenomatous change associated with depot medroxyprogesterone acetate therapy
Loretti, A.P.; Ilha, M.R.S.; Breitsameter, I.; Faraco, C.S.

 ·  Seroepidemiology of canine brucellosis caused by Brucella canis and Brucella abortus in Alfenas, MG, Brazil
Almeida, A.C.; Santorelli, A.; Bruzadelli, R.M.Z.; Oliveira, M.M.N.F.

 ·  Isolation of Pasteurella spp. and Vibrio spp. in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax): susceptibility to different antibiotic groups
Saavedra, M.J.; Brito, R.D.; Sousa, M.; Alves, A.; Rema, P.