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Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa
On-line version ISSN 1806-3446


Table of contents
Psic.: Teor. e Pesq. vol.23 no.4 Brasília Oct./Dec. 2007

 ·  Prenúncio de novos tempos
Conceição, Maria Inês Gandolfo

Mothers' and fathers' educative practices with their 18-month-old children
Piccinini, Cesar Augusto; Frizzo, Giana Bitencourt; Alvarenga, Patrícia; Lopes, Rita Sobreira; Tudge, Jonathan

Human development: challenges for the comprehension of the probabilistic trajectories
Sifuentes, Thirza Reis; Dessen, Maria Auxiliadora; Oliveira, Maria Cláudia Santos Lopes de

Recombinational reading in persons with special educational needs: analysis of restricted syllables control
Alves, Keila Regina Sales; Kato, Olivia Misae; Assis, Grauben José Alves de; Maranhão, Carolina Monteiro de Albuquerque

The central executive concept and its origins
Oliveira, Rosinda Martins

Development of a therapeutic game for relapse prevention and motivation for change in young drug users
Williams, Anna Virginia; Meyer, Elisabeth; Pechansky, Flavio

Teachers' styles in the promotion of intrinsic motivation: instrument revision and validation
Bzuneck, José Aloyseo; Guimarães, Sueli Édi Rufini

Awareness of the "argumentative structure" and textual production
Pinheiro, Regina; Leitão, Selma

"Conjunction fallacy": definition and control variables
Rodrigues, Lílian Cavalheiro; Abreu-Rodrigues, Josele

Self-regulation: differences by year and area in college students
Ribeiro, Iolanda da Silva; Silva, Carla Ferreira da

Human behavior and conduct norms in a solidarity based economy: experience report
Cortegoso, Ana Lucia; Porto, Vanessa Camargo Franchini Correa

The thinking in Watson: breaking with the metaphysical legacy and searching for a materializing reference
Oliveira, Cláudio Ivan de; Pires, Anderson Clayton

Hamlet and the problem of the truth
Coelho, Maria Thereza Ávila Dantas

The epistemological anguish in psychology
Silveira, Ronie Alexsandro Teles da; Hüning, Simone Maria

Book review: "but he says he loves me...": relational blindness and conjugal violence
Guimarães, Fabrício; Silva, Eduardo Chaves da; Maciel, Sérgio Alberto Bitencourt

News: Alvaro Tamayo
Porto, Juliana Barreiros