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Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa
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Psic.: Teor. e Pesq. vol.24 no.4 Brasília Oct./Dec. 2008

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Abreu-Rodrigues, Josele

Children's mental representations of parental figures
Custódio, Susana; Cruz, Orlanda

SDQ (Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire): identification of children readers behavioral characteristics
Stivanin, Luciene; Scheuer, Claudia Ines; Assumpção Jr, Francisco Baptista

Culture, self and autonomy: paving the road for children's participation
Pires, Sergio Fernandes Senna; Branco, Angela Uchoa

Generosity versus self interest: moral judgment of children and adolescents
Vale, Liana Gama do; Alencar, Heloisa Moulin de

Intersubjective negotiation of meanings in Role-Playing Games
Guimarães, Danilo Silva; Simão, Lívia Mathias

The place of affect, the affect for the place: what do the elderly say?
Macedo, Danielle; Oliveira, Carolina Vilela; Günther, Isolda de Araújo; Alves, Susana Martins; Nóbrega, Thaís Santos

Behavior and barriers: physical activity in institutionalized elderly
Gobbi, Sebastião; Caritá, Leonardo Pierrobon; Hirayama, Márcio Sussumu; Quadros Junior, Antonio Carlos de; Santos, Ruth Ferreira; Gobbi, Lílian Teresa Bucken

Motherhood experience in the context of HIV/Aids in the third-month-baby
Gonçalves, Tonantzin Ribeiro; Piccinini, Cesar Augusto

Association among depression, anxiety, and quality of life in post acute myocardial infarction patients
Lemos, Conceição; Gottschall, Carlos A.M.; Pellanda, Lucia C.; Müller, Marisa

Care and internment experiences in a general hospital
Espinha, Tatiana Gomez; Amatuzzi, Mauro Martins

Where do we come from? A conceptual and historical review of couple psychotherapy
Féres-Carneiro, Terezinha; Diniz-Neto, Orestes

Clinical significance and reliable change in evaluating psychological interventions
Del Prette, Zilda Aparecida Pereira; Del Prette, Almir

Recollecting personal events: autobiographical memory, consciousness and judgment
Gauer, Gustavo; Gomes, William Barbosa

Changes in the contrast sensitivity related to the alcohol ingestion
Cavalcanti, Melyssa Kellyane; Santos, Natanael Antonio dos

The concept of "paying attention" for Skinner
Strapasson, Bruno Angelo; Dittrich, Alexandre

Coping in young adults facing expectation of finding a job and depression indicators
Coelho, Jorge Artur Peçanha de Miranda; Albuquerque, Francisco José Batista de; Martins, Cíntia Ribeiro; D'Albuquerque, Henrique Barboza; Neves, Maria Tereza de Souza

Achievement goals among high school students: evidences of factorial validity and internal consistency of a measure
Gouveia, Valdiney V.; Diniz, Pollyane K. da Costa; Santos, Walberto Silva dos; Gouveia, Rildésia S. V.; Cavalcanti, Jane Palmeira Nóbrega

Social programs evaluation: a comparison of data analysis strategies
Mourão, Luciana; Laros, Jacob A.