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Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia
On-line version ISSN 1981-528X


Table of contents
Rev. bras. farmacogn. vol.15 no.3 João Pessoa July/Sept. 2005


 Trabalhos Originais
 ·  Characterization and biological properties of Pouteria torta extracts: a preliminary study
Perfeito, J.P.; Santos, M.L.; López, K.S.E.; Paula, J.E.; Silveira, D.

 ·  Evaluation of larvicidal activity of triterpenoid saponins isolated of Pentaclethra macroloba (Willd.) Kuntze (Fabaceae) and Cordia piauhiensis Fresen (Boraginaceae) against Aedes aegypti
Santiago, G.M.P.; Viana, F.A.; Pessoa, O.D.L.; Santos, R.P.; Pouliquen, Y.B.M.; Arriaga, A.M.C.; Andrade-Neto, M.; Braz-Filho, R.

 ·  Chemical composition and antimicrobial in vitro activity of the essential oil Eucalyptus cinerea F. Mull. ex Benth., Myrtaceae, extracted in different time intervals
Franco, J.; Nakashima, T.; Franco, L.; Boller, C.

 ·  Chemical constituents and in vivo preliminary evaluation of antimalarial activity of Ouratea nitida Aubl. (Ochnaceae)
Estevam, Charles S.; Oliveira, Fernando M.; Conserva, Lúcia M.; Lima, Lúcia de Fátima C.O.; Barros, Elaine C.P.; Barros, Ângela C.P.; Rocha, Eliana M.M.; Andrade, Eloísa H.A.

 ·  Neolignans and the analysis of the essential oil of Piper regnellii (Miq.) C. DC. var. pallescens (C. DC.) Yunck leaves
Pessini, G.L.; Dias Filho, B.P.; Nakamura, C.V.; Ferreira, A.G.; Cortez, D.A.G.

 ·  Antidiarrhoeal effects of Mikania glomerata Spreng. (Asteraceae) leaf extract in mice
Salgado, Hérida R.N.; Roncari, Ana Flávia F.; Moreira, Raquel R.D.

 ·  Antimicrobial activity of Davilla elliptica St. Hill (Dilleniaceae)
Michelin, D.C.; Iha, S.M.; Rinaldo, D.; Sannomiya, M.; Santos, L.C.; Vilegas, W.; Salgado, H.R.N.

 ·  Effect of the administration of Tibetan mushroom, a microbial consortium, on the intestinal peristalsis in rats
Cardoso, Luiz G.V.; Schneedorf, José M.; Fiorini, João E.; Oliveira, Bianca R. de; Carvalho, José C.T.

 ·  Studies on the essential oils from several Baccharis (Asteraceae) from Southern Brazil
Agostini, F.; Santos, A.C.A.; Rossato, M.; Pansera, M.R.; Zattera, F.; Wasum, R.; Serafini, L.A.

 ·  Contribution to the allelophatic study of Maytenus ilicifolia Mart. ex Reiss., Celastraceae
Dias, J.F.G.; Círio, G.M.; Miguel, M.D.; Miguel, O.G.

 ·  Embryo development in rats treated with Hypericum perforatum during the implantation period
Nepomuceno, F.; Las Casas, L.; Peters, V.M.; Guerra, M.O.

 ·  Comparison of pharmacopeial methods for water determination in plant raw materials and validation of water determination by infrared drying for Calendula officinalis, Foeniculum vulgare, Maytenus ilicifolia e Passiflora alata
Borges, D.B.; Farias, M.R.; Simões, C.M.O.; Schenkel, E.P.

 ·  Chromatographical profiles of fluid extracts and tinctures obtained from Mikania glomerata Sprengel sterilized by gamma ray irradiation
Peregrino, Carlos Augusto F.; Leitão, Suzana G.

 ·  Influence of the drying temperature and the Aerosil®200 concentration on the characteristics of Spray-dried extracts from Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi (Anarcadiaceae)
Vasconcelos, E.A.F.; Medeiros, M.G.F.; Raffin, F.N.; Moura, T.F.A.L.

 ·  Leaf morpho-anatomical analysis of Ocotea puberula (Rich.) Nees, Lauraceae
Farago, Paulo V.; Budel, Jane M.; Duarte, Márcia R.; Nakashima, Tomoe

 Trabalhos de Revisão
 ·  Strychnos L. of South America and Central
Silva, M.A.; Souza-Brito, A.R.M.; Hiruma-Lima, C.A.; Santos, L.C.; Sannomiya, M.; Vilegas, W.

 Trabalhos de Divulgação
 ·  Research progress on the genus Baccharis, Asteraceae: I - Botanical studies
Budel, J.M.; Duarte, M.R.; Santos, C.A.M.; Farago, P.V.; Matzenbacher, N.I.

 ·  Drug interactions between herbs and medicines: Hypericum perforatum and Piper methysticum
Cordeiro, C. H.G.; Chung, M.C.; Sacramento, L.V.S. do