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Psicologia & Sociedade
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Table of contents
Psicol. Soc. vol.24 no.2 Belo Horizonte May/Aug. 2012

 ·  Editorial
Mayorga, Claudia; Rasera, Emerson; Prado, Marco Aurélio Máximo

 ·  Meanings of identity in Jürgen Habermas's work: some elements for a critical social psychology
Lima, Aluísio Ferreira de

 ·  Reflections on the development of soviet psychology: focusing on a few omissions of western interpretation
Rey, Fernando Luis González

 ·  Identity as a conceptual resource for the study of transitions
Noriega, José Ángel Vera; Medina, Jesús Ernesto Valenzuela

 ·  Historicizing the activity theory: the clash in to debate
Piccolo, Gustavo Martins

 ·  Social welfare and psychology: about tension and conflicts of psychologist at the public service
Senra, Carmem Magda Ghetti; Guzzo, Raquel Souza Lobo

 ·  "It has to be a woman's choice"!representations of motherhood in women who are not mothers by option
Patias, Naiana Dapieve; Buaes, Caroline Stumpf

 ·  Domestic violence against women: realities and social representations
Fonseca, Denire Holanda da; Ribeiro, Cristiane Galvão; Leal, Noêmia Soares Barbosa

 ·  An analysis about  diversity policies promoted by banks
Souza, Eloisio Moulin de; Silva, Alfredo Rodrigues Leite da; Carrieri, Alexandre de Pádua

 ·  Reduction of risks from the perspective of the practitioners of barebacking: opportunities and challenges
Silva, Luís Augusto Vasconcelos da

 ·  Teaching and subjectivity: mapping the forces that create a body-male-less
Rosa, Rogério Machado

 ·  What do you mean by "teacher"?psychological research on teacher professional identity
Tateo, Luca

 ·  Choice and vocational guidance of students from popular pre-university course
Valore, Luciana Albanese; Cavallet, Luiza Helena Raittz

 ·  Teachers' social representations on infantile autism
Santos, Michele Araújo; Santos, Maria de Fátima de Souza

 ·  School's cartographies: controls and potencies in communication practices
Deusdará, Bruno; Rocha, Marisa Lopes da

 ·  Transgressive youth: on the advent of adolescence
Weinmann, Amadeu de Oliveira

 ·  What does adolescents think about love and sex?a study on social representation perspective
Costa, Vanuzia; Fernandes, Sheyla Christine Santos

 ·  Domestic violence against children and adolescents: prevention and combating
Branco, Marco Antonio de Oliveira; Tomanik, Eduardo Augusto

 ·  Intrafamilial sexual abuse: mothers towards daughters' victimization
Lima, Joana Azevêdo; Alberto, Maria de Fátima Pereira

 ·  Imaginary meanings of contemporary childhood: media, parents and specialists
Carrijo, Adriana

 ·  The work in contemporary society: the senses attributed by children
Natividade, Michelle Regina da; Coutinho, Maria Chalfin

 ·  Social representations of work: identity dynamic and psychosocial involvement
Marquez, Eduardo; Leon, Isabel

 ·  Homeless movement's squats and work psychology
Tomimura, Patrícia; Muniz, Hélder Pordeus

 ·  Social representation of capixaba: identity in process
Souza, Lídio de; Wanderley, Thaís Caus; Ciscon-Evangelista, Mariane Ranzani; Bertollo-Nardi, Milena; Bonomo, Mariana; Barbosa, Paola Vargas

 ·  Heroes, victims and villains: discourses on anorexia nervosa
Araújo, Maria; Henriques, Margarida; Brandão, Isabel; Torres, António Roma

 ·  Verbetes de dicionários como tramas em narrativas históricas: reflexões sobre a contribuição potencial de obras de referência
Spink, Mary Jane

 ·  The multiple facets of power in marital relationships
Boris, Georges Daniel Janja Bloc