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Revista Brasileira de Meteorologia
On-line version ISSN 1982-4351


Table of contents
Rev. bras. meteorol. vol.22 no.2 São Paulo Aug. 2007

 ·  The occurrence of streams in the lower-atmosphere vertical wind profile and of their effect to intensity of the "K" index
Corrêa, Cleber Souza

 ·  Precipitation events in pelotas-RS associated with synoptic processes and systems
Fedorova, Natalia; Levit, Vladimir; Carvalho, Maria Helena de

 ·  Turbulence index from ETA model predictions
Lyra, André de Arruda; Chan, Chou Sin; Dereczynski, Claudine Pereira

 ·  Influence of the meteorological variables on the incidence of primness, meningite and pneumonia at João Pessoa-PB
Sousa, Nadja Maria Nacimento; Dantas, Renílson Targina; Limeira, Rodrigo Cézar

 ·  Easterly waves disturbance (DOLs) at the region of Alcântara Launching Center-MA
Coutinho, Eliane De Castro; Fisch, Gilberto

 ·  Spatial pattern recognition of extreme temperature climatology: assessing HadCM3 simulations via NCEP reanalyses over Europe
Lucio, P. S.; Conde, F. C.; Ramos, A. M.

 ·  Droughts in the pampa humeda-impact in the productivity of corn
Minetti, J. L.; Vargas, W. M.; Vega, B.; Costa, M. C.

 ·  Bower ratio-energy balance associated errors in vineyards under dripping irrigation
Soares, José Monteiro; Azevedo, Pedro Vieira De; Silva, Bernado Barbosa Da

 ·  Synoptic classification assification associated with cold waves in São Paulo
Escobar, Gustavo Carlos Juan

 ·  Analysis of the time period meteological and agricultural drought monitoring the state of São Paulo, Brasil
Blain, Gabriel Constantino; Brunini, Orivaldo

 ·  Aerodynamic roughness parameters over sparse vegetation in a semi-arid region
Lyra, Gustavo Bastos; Pereira, Antonio Roberto

 ·  Methodological aspects of the use of the principal component analysis of 1000 and 500 hPa anomalies of geopotential height fields in southern south america
Bettolli, Maria Laura; Vargas, Walter Mario; Penalba, Olga Clorinda