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Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica
On-line version ISSN 1678-7153


Table of contents
Psicol. Reflex. Crit. vol.19 no.2 Porto Alegre  2006

Criação da ABECiP
Bizzaro, Lisiane

Methodological advances in false memory research: development and norming of DRM procedure
Stein, Lilian Milnitsky; Feix, Leandro da Fonte; Rohenkohl, Gustavo

Metacognition as regulatory strategy of learning
Jou, Graciela Inchausti de; Sperb, Tania Mara

Effects of a continuous history of reinforcement and social consequences on rule following
Monteles, Karla Maria Costa; Paracampo, Carla Cristina Paiva; Albuquerque, Luiz Carlos de

Instructional control in play between children with different repertories
Robles, Heloisa Stoppa Menezes; Gil, Maria Stella Coutinho de Alcântara

Effects of two tutorial modalities on tutor children in spatial tasks
Franciscato, Irene; Maluf, Maria Regina

Effect of static images with different representations of movement under the subjective perception of time
Nather, Francisco Carlos; Bueno, José Lino Oliveira

Language and thought: the signals language in the problem solving
Fávero, Maria Helena; Pimenta, Meireluce Leite

Reading comprehension and writing production among undergraduates
Cunha, Neide de Brito; Santos, Acácia A. Angeli dos

Evidences on the validity of the battery of reasoning tests (BPR-5) for employment selection
Baumgartl, Viviane de Oliveira; Primi, Ricardo

Family therapy in Brazil: an overview
Ponciano, Edna Lúcia Tinoco; Féres-Carneiro, Terezinha

Marital conflict: impact on the psychological development of children and adolescents
Benetti, Silvia Pereira da Cruz

The myth of the exclusive mother and its impact on postnatal depression
Azevedo, Kátia Rosa; Arrais, Alessandra da Rocha

Enuretical children and referred children for university mental health services: a comparative study of their parents' perception
Santos, Erika de Oliveira Lino dos; Silvares, Edwiges Ferreira de Mattos

Patterns of interaction between parents and their children with and without Down syndrome
Silva, Nara Liana Pereira; Dessen, Maria Auxiliadora

The genogram as a research instrument of the impact of stressful events in the family-school transition
Castoldi, Luciana; Lopes, Rita de Cássia Sobreira; Prati, Laíssa Eschiletti

Relationships of subjective well-being, coping strategies and perceived social support in the elderly
Guedea, Miriam Teresa Domínguez; Albuquerque, Francisco José Batista de; Tróccoli, Bartholomeu Tôrres; Noriega, José Angel Vera; Seabra, Magno Alexon Bezerra; Guedea, Rosario Leticia Domínguez

Social norms and prejudice: the impact of egalitarianism and competition on the automatic prejudice against blacks
Lima, Marcus Eugênio O.; Machado, Caliandra; Ávila, Josele; Lima, Carolina; Vala, Jorge

Subjectivity and solidarity: the diverse ways young workers commit themselves in social economy projects
Nardi, Henrique Caetano; Yates, Denise Balem; Fernandes, Janice Mendes; Rodrigues, Manoela Carpenedo

Sex professionals: HIV-related aspects and generating meanings in daily work
Esposito, Ana Paula Gomes; Kahhale, Edna Maria Peters

The importance of Franz Brentano's act-psychology
Ramón, Saturnino Pesquero