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Estudos de Psicologia (Campinas)
On-line version ISSN 1982-0275


Table of contents
Estud. psicol. (Campinas) vol.29 no.2 Campinas Apr./June 2012

 ·  Quality of life, cognition and performance of executive functions in the elderly
Beckert, Michele; Irigaray, Tatiana Quarti; Trentini, Clarissa Marceli

 ·  Intelligence and personality: a correlational study in an academic sample
Santos, Mariana Teles; Nascimento, Elizabeth do

 ·  The relationship between ruminative thought and facets of neuroticism
Zanon, Cristian; Borsa, Juliane Callegaro; Bandeira, Denise Ruschel; Hutz, Claudio Simon

 ·  Face-to-face and long-distance protocols in treatment of enuresis by alarm
Pereira, Rodrigo Fernando; Daibs, Yasmin Spaolonzi; Braga, Paula Ferreira; Silvares, Edwiges Ferreira de Mattos

 ·  Family and social projects aimed at young people: impact and participation
Feijó, Marianne Ramos; Macedo, Rosa Maria Stefanini de

 ·  The relationship between maternal sense of coherence, socioeconomic conditions and the perception of oral health
Lacerda, Valéria Rodrigues de; Pontes, Elenir Rose Jardim Cury; Queiroz, Cecília Lacerda de

 ·  The factor structure of the personal characteristics inventory
Gomes, Cristiano Mauro Assis

 ·  Family, teenagers and parenting styles
Rinhel-Silva, Claudia Maria; Constantino, Elizabeth Piemonte; Rondini, Carina Alexandra

 ·  Egg donation and the issue of disclosure
Montagnini, Helena Maria Loureiro; Malerbi, Fani; Cedenho, Agnaldo Pereira

 ·  A characterisation of poor school performance at the Centre for Applied Psychology of the Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brazil
Rodrigues, Marisa Cosenza; Campos, Ana Paula Soares; Fernandes, Isabela Andrade

 ·  Binge drinking: a bibliometric study (1999-2010) of articles published in the SciELO Database
Arantes, Luis Fernando Resende

 ·  The evolution of psychotherapy research models
Brum, Evanisa Helena Maio de; Frizzo, Giana Bitencourt; Gomes, Aline Grill; Silva, Milena da Rosa; Souza, Daniela Delias de; Piccinini, Cesar Augusto

 ·  Psychological preparation in patients undergoing surgical procedures
Costa Junior, Áderson Luiz; Doca, Fernanda Nascimento Pereira; Araújo, Ivy; Martins, Luciana; Mundim, Lara; Penatti, Ticiana; Sidrim, Ana Cristina

 ·  Therapy for a child who reported having seen her grandmother's ghost
Del Prette, Almir