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Trabalhos em Linguística Aplicada
Print version ISSN 0103-1813


Table of contents
Trab. linguist. apl. vol.49 no.1 Campinas Jan./June 2010

 ·  Urban legends and the archive: a question of supplementarity
Lopes, Carlos Renato

 ·  Intertext(sex)uality: the discursive construction of identities in safer sex outreach work among travestis
Borba, Rodrigo

 ·  Repetition in Manoel Barros poetry: the nothing distances
Landeira, José Luís

 ·  The discourse that (re)vea/ils the translator
Brito, Cristiane Carvalho de Paula

 ·  Translation & foreign language learning: the learner's point of view
Terra, Márcia Regina

 ·  The conceptual horizon of the genre ping-pong interview: the social role of the interviewee
Silva, Nívea Rohling da

 ·  Afro-brazilian representation in portuguese textbooks
Ribeiro, Giselle Rodrigues

 ·  Patterns of textual and lexicogramatical organization' of the academic genre abstract of thesis: a case study
Carvalho, Flaviane Faria

 ·  Activity versus exercise: theoretical approaches and practice of textual production in the teaching of portuguese
Cerqueira, Mirian Santos de

 ·  Research on cognition and reading activities in school
Gerhardt, Ana Flávia Lopes Magela; Vargas, Diego da Silva

 ·  Collaborative dialogue as potential action for learning languages
Lima, Marília dos Santos; Costa, Patrícia da Silva Campelo

 ·  From english teacher pre-service education to in-service practice: the constitutive lack
Castro, Maria de Fátima F. G. de

 ·  The use of research instruments and procedures to investigate beliefs: promoting reflective development
Moreira, Valdicea; Monteiro, Dirce Charara

 ·  I cut my hair and I did my nails: a case of language transfer in the interlanguage of brazilian speakers of english as a second language?
Vilelai, Ana Carolina; Oliveira, Fernando Luiz Pereira de

 ·  Formative assessment: selfregulation and control of textualization
Gonçalves, Adair Vieira; Nascimento, Elvira Lopes

 ·  Considerations regarding university entrance exams of spanish as a foreign language
Fernández, Isabel Gretel María Eres; Kanashiro, Daniela Sayuri Kawamoto

 ·  Fostering face to face oral interaction through webquests: a case study in ESP for tourism
Laborda, Jesus Garcia

 ·  Discourses about Web 2.0 and education: a semiotic analysis
Pereira, Daniervelin Renata; Matte, Ana Cristina