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Tempo Social
Print version ISSN 0103-2070


Table of contents
Tempo soc. vol.23 no.1 São Paulo  2011

 Dossiê - Subjetividade e Cultura: O Sofrimento no Social
 ·  Apresentação
Cardoso, Irene

 ·  Subjectivity at work in question
Sznelwar, Laerte Idal; Uchida, Seiji; Lancman, Selma

 ·  Sale boulot: a window onto the most colossal dirty work in history (a vision of social suffering from the French laboratory)
Arantes, Paulo Eduardo

 ·  Work in question in the "depression epidemic"
Pereira, Luciano

 ·  Bodies in rebellion and suffering-resistance: adolescents in conflict with the law
Vicentin, Maria Cristina G.

 ·  Discontent, suffering and symptom: a Lacanian diagnostic re-reading via animist perspectivism
Dunker, Christian Ingo Lenz

 ·  The social and its vicissitudes in Lacanian psychoanalysis
Ota, Nilton Ken

 ·  Individual experience and objectivity in Minima moralia
Musse, Ricardo

 ·  Negative philosophy? Bourdieu and the foundations of reason
Bueno, Arthur Oliveira

 ·  Heidegger, Agamben and the animal
Ferreira, Jonatas

 ·  The young Marx and the concept of alienation
Barros, José D'Assunção

 ·  Decent work and precariousness instability
Rosenfield, Cinara L.

 ·  Representations and stereotypes of Russian and Ukrainian immigrants in Portuguese society
Mendes, Maria Manuela

 ·  Viver em risco: sobre a vulnerabilidade socioeconômica e civil
Mendosa, Douglas

 ·  As escolas dos dirigentes paulistas: ensino médio, vestibular, desigualdade social
Bandera, Nicolau Dela

 ·  Righteous dopefiend
Rui, Taniele