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Caderno CRH
On-line version ISSN 1983-8239


Table of contents
Cad. CRH vol.24 no.63 Salvador Sept./Dec. 2011

 ·  Produção do Conhecimento Científico e Inovação: desafios do novo padrão de desenvolvimento
Guimarães, Sonia K.

 ·  The answer of the finnish polytechnic school to the challenges o of inovation and regional development policies
Lyytinen, Anu; Hölttä, Seppo

 ·  Research and innovation: new challenges for higher education in Brazil and in Germany
Neves, Clarissa Eckert Baeta; Neves, Fabrício Monteiro

 ·  Policies of science, technology and inovation in Latin America: the answers of the scientific community
Balbachevsky, Elizabeth

 ·  New horizons to scientific and technological production
Sobral, Fernanda Antônia da Fonseca

 ·  The social permeability of the careers on higher education
Barbosa, Maria Ligia de Oliveira; Santos, Clarissa Tagliari

 ·  Universities and innovation: institutional configuration & third mission
Castro, Maria Helena de Magalhães

 ·  Intensive entrepreneurship in knowledge in Brazil
Guimarães, Sonia K.

 ·  The north-south international cooperatio in science and technology: genesis and evolution
Baiardi, Amilcar; Ribeiro, Maria Clotilde Meirelles

 ·  Public policies and restructuring of networks of sociabilitiy in family farming
Favero, Celso Antonio

 ·  The grammar of action of workers in production co-operative in south of Brazil
Mayer, Ricardo

 ·  Unemployed workers and collective struggle: difficulties and possibilities
Leal, Giuliana Franco

 ·  National Touth Policy: trajectory and challenges
Silva, Roselani Sodré da; Silva, Vini Rabassa da

 Resenha Temática
 ·  Territoriality and local knowledge: walls and frontiers in the construction of the academical knowledge
Accioly, Cecília Bastos da Costa

 ·  Resenha
Holzmann, Lorena

 ·  Resenha
Carvalho, Inaiá Maria Moreira de