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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.11 n.1 São Paulo Jan./Feb. 2000

Vargas, Maria D.

 ·  A new dinucleating N,O donor ligand (H2BPClNOL) and the structural and magnetic properties of two diiron complexes with the di-m-alkoxo motif
Horn Jr., Adolfo; Neves, Ademir; Vencato, Ivo; Drago, Valderes; Zucco, César; Werner, Rüdiger; Haase, Wolfgang

 ·  Formation of dense cellulose monolayers on silver surfaces
Soo, Whan Choi; Lauer, Heike; Wenz, Gerhard; Bruns, Michael; Petri, Denise F. S.

 ·  The oxidation of formaldehyde on high overvoltage DSA type electrodes
Motheo, Artur J.; Gonzalez, Ernesto R.; Tremiliosi-Filho, Germano; Olivi, Paulo; Andrade, Adalgisa R. de; Kokoh, Boniface; Léger, Jean-Michel; Belgsir, El Mustapha; Lamy, Claude

 ·  New quaternary ammonium salts derived from cardanol and their use as phase transfer catalyst
Avellar, Isa G. J. de; Godoy, Kênia; Magalhães, Gouvan C. de

 ·  Evaluation of a Fe2O3-based graphite-epoxy tubular electrode as pH sensor in flow injection potentiometry
Teixeira, Marcos F. de S.; Ramos, Luiz A.; Cassiano, Neila M.; Fatibello-Filho, Orlando; Bocchi, Nerilso

 ·  Study of charge compensation during the redox process of self-doped polyaniline in aqueous media
Varela, Hamilton; Torresi, Roberto M.; Buttry, Daniel A.

 ·  Electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol: study with Pt:Mo dispersed catalysts
Oliveira Neto, Almir; Perez, Joelma; Napporn, Wilhelmin T.; Ticianelli, Edson A.; Gonzalez, Ernesto R.

 ·  On-line preconcentration employing a tannin resin for copper determination in plant material and food stuff by atomic absorption spectrometry
Miranda, Carlos E. S.; Olivares, Susana; Reis, Boaventura F.; Luzardo, Francisco M.

 ·  Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of dodecylsulphate doped polypyrrole films in the dark and under illumination
Martini, Milena; Matencio, Tullio; Alonso-Vante, Nicolás; De Paoli, Marco-Aurélio

 ·  Synthetic studies with Pinus elliottiis rosin derivatives. Oxidation of maleopimaric anhydride methyl ester and trimethyl fumaropimarate
Hess, Sonia C.; Farah, Maria I. S.; Eguchib, Silvia Y.; Imamura, Paulo M.

 ·  Comparative study of the coprecipitation methods for the preparation of Layered Double Hydroxides
Crepaldi, Eduardo L.; Pavan, Paulo C.; Valim, João B.

 ·  Study on the use of oxidant scrubbers for elimination of interferences due to nitrogen dioxide in analysis of atmospheric dimethylsulfide
Rodrigues, Beatriz A.; Pitombo, Luís R.M.; Cardoso, Arnaldo A.

 ·  In vitro bioactivity of polymer matrices reinforced with a bioactive glass phase
Oréfice, Rodrigo L.; Hench, Larry L.; Brennan, Anthony B.

 ·  Identification and dosage by HRGC of minor alcohols and esters in Brazilian sugar-cane spirit
Boscolo, Maurício; Bezerra, Cícero W. B.; Cardoso, Daniel R.; Lima Neto, Benedito S.; Franco, Douglas W.

 ·  Redox behavior of crosslinked polyaniline films
Silva, José E. P. da; Torresi, Susana I. C. de; Temperini, Marcia L. A.