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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


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J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.20 no.1 São Paulo  2009

Editorial: the dream is still alive...
Andrade, Jailson B. de

 ·  Oscillatory behaviour of isomers of hydroxybenzoic acid with and without catalyst
Nath, Masood A.; Rastogi, R. P.; Peerzada, G. M.

 ·  Experimental design as a tool for optimization of C-phycocyanin purification by precipitation from Spirulina platensis
Silva, Lorena A.; Kuhn, Kátia R.; Moraes, Caroline C.; Burkert, Carlos A. V.; Kalil, Susana J.

 ·  A phenol-based compartmental ligand as a potential chemosensor for zinc(ii) cations
Chen, Jingwen; Cao, Shuhong; Wang, Dandan; Wu, Shengde; Wang, Xiaoyong

 ·  The performance of urea-intercalated and delaminated kaolinites-adsorption kinetics involving copper and lead
Guerra, Denis L.; Airoldi, Claudio

 ·  Singlet oxygen quantum yields (Φd) in water using beetroot extract and an array of LEDs
Bonacin, Juliano A.; Engelmann, Fábio M.; Severino, Divinomar; Toma, Henrique E.; Baptista, Mauricio S.

 ·  New volatile constituents from leaves of Stemodia trifoliata (Link.) Reichb. (Schrophulariaceae)
Silva, Wildson Max B. da; Assunção, João Carlos da C.; Araújo, Renata M.; Silveira, Edilberto R.; Pessoa, Otília D. L.

 ·  SiO2·p-TSA: a green catalyst for solvent-free tetrahydropyranylation of alcohols and thiols
Dos Santos, Alcindo A.; Brito Jr., Gilmar A.; Archilha, Marcos V. L.; Bele, Tiago G. A.; Dos Santos, Guilherme P.; Mello, Murilo B. M. de

 ·  Modification of spherical SiO2 particles via electrolyte for high zeta potential and self-assembly of SiO2 photonic crystal
Liu, Li-ying; Wang, Xiu-feng; Cheng, Bing; Zhang, Chun-xiang

 ·  Degradation of the insecticides Thiamethoxam and Imidacloprid in aqueous solution as promoted by an innovative Feº/Fe3O4 composite
Urzedo, Ana P. F. M. de; Nascentes, Clésia C.; Augusti, Rodinei

 ·  Characterization of salt efflorescence using target factor analysis: development of the method
Čukovska, Lidija; Grupče, Orhideja; Minčeva-Šukarova, Biljana; Kuzmanovski, Igor

 ·  Potentiometric sensor for furosemide determination in pharmaceuticals, urine, blood serum and bovine milk
Santini, Alberto O.; Pezza, Helena R.; Sequinel, Rodrigo; Rufino, José L.; Pezza, Leonardo

 ·  Enantioselective addition of diethylzinc to benzaldehyde catalyzed by an organometallic Ti(IV) compound and a xylose derivative
Parada, José; Herrera, Juan; Pedraza, A.

 ·  Electrochemical and photocatalytic reactions of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons investigated by raman spectroscopy
Cordeiro, Denise S.; Corio, Paola

 ·  Synthesis of hydroxy acids of dinorcholane and 5β-cholane
Nahar, L.; Turner, A. B.; Sarker, S. D.

 ·  Green Michael addition of thiols to electron deficient alkenes using KF/alumina and recyclable solvent or solvent-free conditions
Lenardão, Eder J.; Trecha, Danusia O.; Ferreira, Patrícia da C.; Jacob, Raquel G.; Perin, Gelson

 ·  Screen-printed carbon electrode modified with poly-L-histidine applied to gold(III) determination
Bergamini, Márcio F.; Santos, Daniela P.; Zanoni, Maria Valnice B.

 ·  Determination of ametryn in river water, river sediment and bivalve mussels by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
Jacomini, Analu E.; Camargo, Plinio B. de; Avelar, Wagner E. P.; Bonato, Pierina S.

 ·  Enzymatic hydrolysis of salmon oil by native lipases: optimization of process parameters
Carvalho, Patrícia de O.; Campos, Paula R. B.; Noffs, Maximiliano D'Addio; Fregolente, Patrícia B. L.; Fregolente, Leonardo V.

 ·  Validation of a method using solid phase extraction and liquid chromatography for the determination of pesticide residues in groundwaters
Caldas, Sergiane S.; Demoliner, Adriana; Primel, Ednei G.

 ·  Determination of pKa values of some auxins in methanol-water mixtures by reversed phase liquid chromatography and potentiometric methods
Kelen, Mustafa; Sanli, Nurullah

 ·  Kinetic study of electrocatalytic oxidation of carbohydrates on cobalt hydroxide modified glassy carbon electrode
Karim-Nezhad, Ghasem; Hasanzadeh, Mohammad; Saghatforoush, Lotfali; Shadjou, Nasrin; Earshad, Sohrab; Khalilzadeh, Balal

 ·  Photocatalytic degradation of the insecticide acetamiprid on TiO2 catalyst
Guzsvány, Valéria J.; Csanádi, János J.; Lazić, Sanja D.; Gaál, Ferenc F.

 ·  Photophysical properties and quantum chemical studies of poly(2,7-9,9'-dihexylfluorene-dyil)
Oliveira, Hueder P. M.; Martins, Tatiana D.; Honório, Kathia M.; Rodrigues, Paula C.; Akcelrud, Leni; Silva, Albérico B. F.; Atvars, Teresa D. Z.

 ·  Structural, morphological and vibrational properties of titanate nanotubes and nanoribbons
Viana, Bartolomeu C.; Ferreira, Odair P.; Souza Filho, Antonio G.; Mendes Filho, Josue; Alves, Oswaldo L.

 ·  Antitumoral, antileishmanial and antimalarial activity of pentacyclic 1,4-naphthoquinone derivatives
Silva, Alcides J.M. da; Netto, Chaquip D.; Pacienza-Lima, Wallace; Torres-Santos, Eduardo Caio; Rossi-Bergmann, Bartira; Maurel, Severine; Valentin, Alexis; Costa, Paulo R.R.

 Short Reports
 ·  Direct determination of plant-growth related metabolites by capillary electrophoresis with spectrophotometric UV detection
Assunção, Nilson A.; Arruda, Sandra C. C.; Martinelli, Adriana P.; Carrilho, Emanuel

 ·  A simple method for the quantitative analysis of tyrosol by hplc in liquid Czapek Cultures from endophytic fungi
Guimarães, Denise O.; Borges, Keyller B.; Bonato, Pierina S.; Pupo, Mônica T.

 ·  Biotransformation of a tetrahydrofuran lignan by the endophytic fungus Phomopsis Sp.
Verza, Michelle; Arakawa, Nilton S.; Lopes, Norberto P.; Kato, Massuo J.; Pupo, Mônica T.; Said, Suraia; Carvalho, Ivone