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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
versión impresa ISSN 0103-5053


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J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.20 no.2 São Paulo  2009

Loh, Watson

 ·  Etherification of glycerol with benzyl alcohol catalyzed by solid acids
Silva, Camila R. B. da; Gonçalves, Válter L. C.; Lachter, Elizabeth R.; Mota, Claudio J. A.

 ·  2-methyl-7-substituted pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines: highly regioselective synthesis and bromination
Martins, Marcos A. P.; Scapin, Elisandra; Frizzo, Clarissa P.; Rosa, Fernanda A.; Bonacorso, Helio G.; Zanatta, Nilo

 ·  Influence of sources and meteorology on surface concentrations of gases and aerosols in a coastal industrial complex
Allen, Andrew G.; McGonigle, Andrew J. S.; Cardoso, Arnaldo A.; Machado, Cristine M. D.; Davison, Brian; Paterlini, Willian C.; Rocha, Gisele O. da; Andrade, Jailson B. de

 ·  Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from asphalt binder: extraction and characterization
Pinheiro, Lucidalva S.; Fernandes, Paulo R. N.; Cavalcante, Rivelino M.; Nascimento, Ronaldo F.; Soares, Jorge B.; Soares, Sandra A.; Freire, José A. K.

 ·  Effect of synthesis temperature and alkoxy side chain length on molecular structure and photoelectrochemical properties of terthiophenes
Santos, Marcos J. L.; Girotto, Emerson M.

 ·  Flow-injection iodimetric determination of captopril in pharmaceutical preparations
Schmidt Jr., Erlando; Melchert, Wanessa R.; Rocha, Fábio R. P.

 ·  Trace elements in different species of cetacean from Rio de Janeiro coast
Seixas, Tércia G.; Kehrig, Helena A.; Di Beneditto, Ana Paula M.; Souza, Cristina M. M.; Malm, Olaf; Moreira, Isabel

 ·  Direct electrochemistry of hemoglobin immobilized in polyvinylalcohol and clay composite film modified carbon ionic liquid electrode
Hui, Ni; Gao, Rui-fang; Li, Xiao-qing; Sun, Wei; Jiao, Kui

 ·  A semi-continuous analyzer for the fluorimetric determination of atmospheric formaldehyde
Sousa, Eliane Teixeira; Oliveira, Fabio Santos de; Alves, Arnaldo Cardoso; Andrade, Jailson B. de

 ·  Study on the interaction between morin-bi(III) complex and DNA with the use of methylene blue dye as a fluorophor probe
Ensafi, Ali A.; Hajian, Reza; Ebrahimi, Sara

 ·  Volatile compounds of Baccharis punctulata, Baccharis dracunculifolia and Eupatorium laevigatum obtained using solid phase microextraction and hydrodistillation
Schossler, Patrícia; Schneider, Guilherme Leal; Wunsch, Diego; Soares, Geraldo Luiz Gonçalves; Zini, Cláudia Alcaraz

 ·  Flow injection spectrofluorimetric determination of cystine and cysteine
Ensafi, Ali A.; Rezaei, B.; Nouroozi, S.

 ·  Proposal of an EPR based method for pollution level monitoring in mangrove sediments
Mangrich, Antonio S.; Silva, Lenise da; Pereira, Betania F.; Messerschmidt, Iara

 ·  Potentiometric studies on nickel(II), copper(II) and zinc(II) metal complexes with new schiff bases containing cyclobutane and thiazole groups in 60% dioxane-water mixture
Altun, Yüksel; Köseoğlu, Fitnat; Demirelli, Havva; Yılmaz, İbrahim; Çukurovalı, Alaattin; Kavak, Nusret

 ·  Passerini multicomponent reaction of indane-1,2,3-trione: an efficient route for the one-pot synthesis of sterically congested 2,2-disubstituted indane-1,3-dione derivatives
Kazemizadeh, Ali Reza; Ramazani, Ali

 ·  Green and roasted arabica coffees differentiated by ripeness, process and cup quality via electrospray ionization mass spectrometry fingerprinting
Amorim, Ana Carolina L.; Hovell, Ana Maria C.; Pinto, Angelo C.; Eberlin, Marcos N.; Arruda, Neusa P.; Pereira, Elenilda J.; Bizzo, Humberto R.; Catharino, Rodrigo R.; Morais Filho, Zenildo B.; Rezende, Claudia M.

 ·  Screening of the odour-activity and bioactivity of the essential oils of leaves and flowers of Hyptis Passerina Mart. from the Brazilian Cerrado
Zellner, Barbara D.; Amorim, Ana Carolina L.; Miranda, Ana Luisa P. de; Alves, Ruy J. V.; Barbosa, Jussara P.; Costa, Gisela L. da; Rezende, Claudia M.

 ·  In situ measurement of trace metals in estuarine waters of Patos Lagoon using diffusive gradients in thin films (DGT)
Wallner-Kersanach, Mônica; Andrade, Carlos Francisco F. de; Zhang, Hao; Milani, Márcio R.; Niencheski, Luis Felipe H.

 ·  Organotin(IV) esters of 4-maleimido-benzoic acid: synthesis, characterization and in vitro anti-leishmanial effects
Khan, M. I.; Baloch, Musa Kaleem; Ashfaq, Muhammad; Gul, Saima

 ·  Simultaneous quantification of amphetamines and ephedrines in urine by GC/MS using analytical-grade acetic anhydride/pyridine as derivatizing reagents: a suitable approach to reduce costs of routine analyses
Bergo, Patrícia L. de Souza; Correa, Joane M.; Nagem, Tanus J.; Augusti, Rodinei; Nascentes, Clésia C.

 ·  Square-wave voltammetric determination of acetylsalicylic acid in pharmaceutical formulations using a boron-doped diamond electrode without the need of previous alkaline hydrolysis step
Sartori, Elen R.; Medeiros, Roberta A.; Rocha-Filho, Romeu C.; Fatibello-Filho, Orlando

 ·  A general and efficient synthesis of pyrazoles catalyzed by Sc(OTf)3 under solvent-free conditions
Xiong, Wei; Chen, Jiu-Xi; Liu, Miao-Chang; Ding, Jin-Chang; Wu, Hua-Yue; Su, Wei-Ke

 Short Reports
 ·  Chemical composition and larvicidal activity of Rollinia leptopetala (Annonaceae)
Feitosa, Edinilza M. A.; Arriaga, Ângela M. C.; Santiago, Gilvandete M. P.; Lemos, Telma L. G. de; Oliveira, M. Conceição F. de; Vasconcelos, Jackson Nunes e; Lima, Jefferson Q.; Malcher, Grazielle T.; Nascimento, Ronaldo F. do; Braz-Filho, Raimundo

 ·  6-acetonyl-N-methyl-dihydrodecarine, a new alkaloid from Zanthoxylum riedelianum
Fernandes, Carromberth C.; Vieira, Paulo C.; Silva, Virgínia C. da; Dall'Oglio, Evandro L.; Silva, Luiz E. da; Sousa Jr., Paulo T. de

 ·  A new β-lapachone derivative from Distictella elongata (Vahl) Urb.
Bedir, Erdal; Pereira, Ana M. S.; Khan, Shabana I.; Chittiboyina, Amar; Moraes, Rita M.; Khan, Ikhlas A.