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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
versión On-line ISSN 1678-4790


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J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.22 no.3 São Paulo mar. 2011

 ·  Chemical biodiversity and its industrial applicability
Carvalho, Antonio Paes de

 ·  Recent advances in 1,4-benzoquinone chemistry
Abraham, Ignatious; Joshi, Rahul; Pardasani, Pushpa; Pardasani, R.T

 ·  Electropolymerization of brilliant cresyl blue on carbon ionic liquid electrode and electrocatalytic application for the voltammetric determination of ascorbic acid
Xia, Li; Niu, Qingjuan; Li, Guangjiu; Zhan, Tianrong; Sun, Wei

 ·  Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics investigation of the ethene polymerization mechanism catalyzed by a bulky diimine-Ni(II) complex
Ferreira, Daví A. C; Meneghetti, Simoni M. P; Oliveira Neto, Marçal de; Rocha, Willian R; Meneghetti, Mario R

 ·  Analysis of volatiles in fluid inclusions by direct online crushing mass spectrometry
Jorge, Sandra; Coelho, Carlos E. S; Aquino-Neto, Francisco Radler de

 ·  Ultrasound-assisted emulsification solidified floating organic drop microextraction for the determination of trace cadmium in water samples by flame atomic absorption spectrometry
Zhang, Jing-Wen; Wang, Yu-Kun; Du, Xin; Lei, Xia; Ma, Jing-Jun; Li, Jing-Ci

 ·  Development and validation of analytical method for sulfonamide residues in eggs by liquid chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry based on the Comission Decision 2002/657/EC
de la Cruz, Márcia N. S; Soares, Renata F; Marques, Anna Sylvia F; Aquino-Neto, Francisco Radler de

 ·  Microwave-assisted Passerini reactions under solvent-free conditions
Barreto, Angélica de Fátima S; Vercillo, Otilie E; Andrade, Carlos Kleber Z

 ·  Electroless deposition of bis(4'-(4-Pyridyl)-2,2':6',2''-terpyridine)iron(II) thiocyanate complex onto carbon nanotubes modified glassy carbon electrode: application to simultaneous determination of ascorbic acid, dopamine and uric acid
Kamyabi, M. A; Narimani, O; Monfared, H. H

 ·  Preparation of tunable wettability polymer (ionic liquid) brushes at rough substrate using surface initiated atom transfer radical polymerization
Sun, Kanjun; Yang, Wu; Ma, Guofu; Wan, Fei; Gao, Jinzhang; Lei, Ziqiang; Guo, Hao

 ·  Synthesis and characterization of brush-like ZnO nanorods using albumen as biotemplate
Nouroozi, Fatemeh; Farzaneh, Faezeh

 ·  Solution properties of a hydrophobically associating polyacrylamide and its polyelectrolyte derivatives determined by light scattering, small angle x-ray scattering and viscometry
Maia, Ana M. S; Villetti, Marcos A; Vidal, Rosangela R. L; Borsali, Redouane; Balaban, Rosangela C

 ·  An anionic resin modified by di-2-pyridyl ketone salicyloylhydrazone as a new solid preconcentration phase for copper determination in ethanol fuel samples
Garcia, Samara; Gaubeur, Ivanise

 ·  A convenient and efficient protocol for the one pot synthesis of 3,4-Dihydropyrimidin-2-(1H)-ones catalyzed by ionic liquids under ultrasound irradiation
Dadhania, Abhishek N; Patel, Vaibhav K; Raval, Dipak K

 ·  Ligandless cloud point extraction for trace nickel determination in water samples by flame atomic absorption spectrometry
Abdolmohammad-Zadeh, Hosssein; Ebrahimzadeh, Elnaz

 ·  Nano aluminium nitride as a solid source of ammonia for the preparation of hantzsch 1,4-dihydropyridines and bis-(1,4-dihydropyridines) in water via one pot multicomponent reaction
Ghorbani-Choghamarani, Arash; Zolfigol, Mohammad Ali; Hajjami, Maryam; Goudarziafshar, Hamid; Nikoorazm, Mohsen; Yousefi, Somaieh; Tahmasbi, Bahman

 ·  Fast method of multi-elemental analysis of stream sediment samples by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) with prior single-step microwave-assisted digestion
Roje, Vibor

 ·  Photo-fenton degradation of poly(Ethyleneglycol)
Santos, Laís C; Schmitt, Carla C; Poli, Alessandra L; Neumann, Miguel G

 ·  Simple route for the synthesis of copper hydroxy salts
Aguirre, Jhon Mauricio; Gutiérrez, Adamo; Giraldo, Oscar

 ·  Determination of copper, iron, lead and zinc in gasoline by sequential multi-element flame atomic absorption spectrometry after solid phase extraction
Santos, Denilson S. S; Korn, Maria Graças A; Guida, Mauro A. B; Santos, Gabriel L. dos; Lemos, Valfredo A; Teixeira, Leonardo S. G

 ·  Dry washing in biodiesel purification: a comparative study of adsorbents
Faccini, Candice Schmitt; Cunha, Michele Espinosa da; Moraes, Maria Silvana Aranda; Krause, Laiza C; Manique, Márcia C; Rodrigues, Maria Regina A; Benvenutti, Edilson V; Caramão, Elina B

 ·  Improved extraction method to evaluate the degradation of selected PAHs by marine fungi grown in fermentative medium
Passarini, Michel R. Z; Sette, Lara D; Rodrigues, Marili V. N

 ·  Design of experiments (DOE) for the optimization of hydrothermal synthesis of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles
Sadat-Shojai, Mehdi; Atai, Mohammad; Nodehi, Azizollah

 ·  Enzyme kinetics, structural analysis and molecular modeling studies on a series of Schistosoma mansoni PNP inhibitors
Postigo, Matheus P; Krogh, Renata; Terni, Marcela F; Pereira, Humberto M; Oliva, Glaucius; Castilho, Marcelo S; Andricopulo, Adriano D

 Short Reports
 ·  Synthesis of a new class of triazole-linked benzoheterocycles via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition
Barbosa, Fernanda C. G; Oliveira, Ronaldo N. de

 ·  Synthesis of 3-bromotetronamides via amination of 3,4-dibromofuran-2(5H)-one
Cunha, Silvio; Oliveira, Caio C; Sabino, José R