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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.22 no.9 São Paulo Sept. 2011

 ·  The importance of international collaborations for the 21st century chemist
Jackson, Nancy B; American Chemical Society

 ·  Modulation of the catalytic activity of porphyrins by lipid-and surfactant-containing nanostructures
Nantes, Iseli L; Durán, Nelson; Pinto, Sandra M. S; Silva, Fabiana B. da; Souza, Juliana S. de; Isoda, Noemia; Luz, Roberto A. S; Oliveira, Tiara G. de; Fernandes, Vinícius G

 ·  Microwave-promoted morita-baylis-hillman reactions: efficient synthesis of new monoacylglycerols (MAGs) as potential anti-parasitic compounds
Sousa, Suervy C. O; Junior, Claudio G. L; Silva, Fábio P. L; Andrade, Natália G; Barbosa, Ticiano P; Vasconcellos, Mário L. A. A

 ·  Characterization studies of 1-(4-cyano-2-oxo-1,2-dihydro-1-pyridyl)-3-(4-cyano-1,2-dihydro-1-pyridyl)propane formed from the reaction of hydroxide Ion with 1,3-Bis-(4-cyano pyridinium)propane
Fiori, Simone; Schuquel, Ivânia T. A; Silva, Idélcio N. da; Politi, Mário J; Catalani, Luiz H; Chaimovich, Hernan; Meyer, Emerson; Hioka, Noboru

 ·  Bromine and chlorine determination in cigarette tobacco using microwave-induced combustion and inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry
Müller, Aline L. H; Bizzi, Cezar A; Pereira, Juliana S. F; Mesko, Marcia F; Moraes, Diogo P; Flores, Erico M. M; Muller, Edson I

 ·  Microextraction in packed sorbent for determination of sulfonamides in egg samples by liquid chromatography and spectrophotometric detection
Salami, Fernanda H; Queiroz, Maria Eugênia C

 ·  Determination of efavirenz in diluted alkaline electrolyte by cathodic adsorptive stripping voltammetry at the mercury film electrode
Castro, Arnaldo A; Souza, Marcus V. N. de; Rey, Nicolás A; Farias, Percio A. M

 ·  Effect of temperature on methylene blue decolorization in aqueous medium in electrical discharge plasma reactor
Benetoli, Luís O. de B; Cadorin, Bruno M; Postiglione, Cícero da S; Souza, Ivan G. de; Debacher, Nito A

 ·  SPE-HPLC method for determination of ketoconazole and clotrimazole residues in cow's milk
Beigi, Farzaneh Ahmad Khan; Imani, Mohammad; Payehghadr, Mahmood; Hosseini, Hedayat

 ·  Galvanostatic removal of Pb2+ ions from diluted solutions by the use of a membrane-less flow-through cell with stainless steel wool electrodes
Almeida, Lucio C; Bocchi, Nerilso; Rocha-Filho, Romeu C; Biaggio, Sonia R

 ·  The effects of solar irradiation on copper speciation and organic complexation
Tonietto, Alessandra E; Lombardi, Ana Teresa; Vieira, Armando A. H

 ·  Determination of pesticide residues in tomato using dispersive solid-phase extraction and gas chromatography/ion trap mass spectrometry
Andrade, Graziela C. R. Moura; Freguglia, Rosana M. O; Furlani, Regina P. Z; Torres, Nádia H; Tornisielo, Valdemar L

 ·  Ethanol electrooxidation using Ti/(RuO2)(x) Pt(1-x) electrodes prepared by the polymeric precursor method
Freitas, R. G; Marchesi, L. F. Q. P; Forim, M. R; Bulhões, L. O. S; Pereira, E. C; Santos, M. C; Oliveira, R. T. S

 ·  Descriptor-and fragment-based QSAR models for a series of Schistosoma mansoni purine nucleoside inhibitors
Freitas, Humberto F; Postigo, Matheus P; Andricopulo, Adriano D; Castilho, Marcelo S

 ·  Fast and simultaneous determination of Pb2+ and Cu2+ in water samples using a solid paraffin-based carbon paste electrode chemically modified with 2-aminothiazole-silica-gel
Silva, Daiane H; Costa, Dayane A; Takeuchi, Regina M; Santos, André L

 ·  Novel chiral ionic liquid (CIL) assisted selectivity enhancement to (L)-proline catalyzed asymmetric aldol reactions
Zhang, Long; Zhang, Haibo; Luo, Huadong; Zhou, Xiaohai; Cheng, Gongzhen

 ·  A "green" synthesis of N-(quinoline-3-ylmethylene)benzohydrazide derivatives and their cytotoxicity activities
Reddy, Lingam Venkata; Nallapati, Suresh Babu; Beevi, Syed Sultan; Mangamoori, Lakshmi Narasu; Mukkanti, Khagga; Pal, Sarbani

 ·  Organonickel(II) complexes with anionic tridentate 1, 3-bis(azolylmethyl)phenyl ligands. synthesis, structural characterization and catalytic behavior
Hurtado, John; Ibañez, Andrés; Rojas, René; Valderrama, Mauricio; Fröhlich, Roland

 ·  Analytical methods in photoelectrochemical treatment of phenol
Lopes, Paulo R. M; Montagnolli, Renato N; Bidoia, Ederio D

 ·  Study of the BPP7a peptide and its β-cyclodextrin complex: physicochemical characterization and complete sequence specific NMR assignments
Lula, Ivana; Sousa, Frederico B. de; Denadai, Ângelo M. L; Ianzer, Danielle; Camargo, Antônio C. M. de; Santos, Robson A. S; Sinisterra, Rubén D

 ·  Property-based design and synthesis of new chloroquine hybrids via simple incorporation of 2-imino-thiazolidin-4-one or 1h-pyrrol-2, 5-dione fragments on the 4-amino-7-chloroquinoline side chain
Rojas, Fernando A; Kouznetsov, Vladimir V

 ·  Simultaneous determination of hydride and non-hydride forming elements by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry
Benzo, Z; Matos-Reyes, M. N; Cervera, M. L; Guardia, M. de la

 ·  Use of Fe3+ ion probe to study intensively weathered soils utilizing electron paramagnetic resonance and optical spectroscopy
Balena, S. P; Messerschmidt, I; Tomazoni, J. C; Guimarães, E; Pereira, B. F; Ponzoni, F. J; Blum, W. E. H; Mangrich, A. S

 ·  Metal-free synthesis of indanes by iodine(III)-mediated ring contraction of 1, 2-dihydronaphthalenes
Siqueira, Fernanda A; Ishikawa, Eloisa E; Fogaça, André; Faccio, Andréa T; Carneiro, Vânia M. T; Soares, Rafael R. S; Utaka, Aline; Tébéka, Iris R. M; Bielawski, Marcin; Olofsson, Berit; Silva Jr, Luiz F

 ·  Dansyl-based fluorescent films prepared by chemical and electrochemical methods: cyclic voltammetry, afm and spectrofluorimetry characterization
Silva, Ana Julia C; Silva Jr, José Ginaldo; Alves Jr, Severino; Tonholo, Josealdo; Ribeiro, Adriana S

 ·  Background corrected dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction of cadmium combined with flame atomic absorption spectrometry
Karim-Nezhad, Ghasem; Ahmadi, Mohammad; Zare-Dizajdizi, Behruz