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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.22 no.12 São Paulo Dec. 2011

 ·  XXIX Latin American Congress of Chemistry
Parada-Alfonso, Fabián; De Andrade, Jailson B.; Lopes, Norberto Peporine

 ·  Molecular interactions of mefenamic acid with lipid bilayers and red blood cells
Suwalsky, Mario; Manrique-Moreno, Marcela; Howe, Jörg; Brandenburg, Klaus; Villena, Fernando

 ·  Searching of protein targets for alpha lipoic acid
Maldonado-Rojas, Wilson; Olivero-Verbel, Jesus; Ortega-Zuñiga, Carlos

 ·  Alkaline reactivity of arsenical natrojarosite
Reyes, Iván A.; Patiño, Francisco; Rivera, Isauro; Flores, Mizraím U.; Reyes, Martín; Hernández, Juan

 ·  DFT-GIAO calculation of properties of 19F NMR and stability study of environmentally relevant perfluoroalkylsulfonamides (PFASAmide)
Mejía-Urueta, Rafael; Mestre-Quintero, Kleyber; Vivas-Reyes, Ricardo

 ·  Principal component analysis of changes due to water stress for some osmolytes, pigments and antioxidant enzymes in Gmelina arborea Robx: leaves from trees planted in northern Colombia
Crespo, Sandra C.; Moreno-Chacón, Andres L.; Rojas, Andrea; Melgarejo, Luz M.

 ·  Polar compounds isolated from the leaves of Calea prunifolia H.B.K. and their anti-adrenergic related vasodilator activity
Puebla, Pilar; Aranguren, Nataly; Rincón, Javier; Rojas, Maritza; Guerrero, Mario; Feliciano, Arturo San

 ·  Study of growth, optical and morphological properties of Zn(O;OH)S thin films synthesized by CBD method
Vallejo, W.; Romero, E.; Gordillo, G.

 ·  Chemical and spectroscopic characterization of a vegetable oil used as dielectric coolant in distribution transformers
Gomez, Neffer A.; Abonia, Rodrigo; Cadavid, Hector; Vargas, Ines H.

 ·  Effect of the molecular weight on the physicochemical properties of poly(lactic acid) nanoparticles and on the amount of ovalbumin adsorption
Palacio, Juliana; Orozco, Víctor H.; López, Betty L.

 ·  Contribution to the study of the formation mechanism of ordered porous carbons from a soft-template method using the copolymer triblock (PEO140PPO39PEO140) and a phenolic resin
Santa, Cristiam F.; Sierra, Ligia

 ·  Palladium nanoparticles supported on layered hydroxide salts and their use in carbon-carbon coupling organic reactions
Martínez, Maby; Ocampo, Rogelio; Rios, Luz Amalia; Ramírez, Alfonso; Giraldo, Oscar

 ·  Optimization of the HS-SPME technique by using response surface methodology for evaluating chlorine disinfection by-products by GC in drinking water
Aguirre-González, Mauricio; Taborda-Ocampo, Gonzalo; Dussan-Lubert, Carmen; Nerin, Cristina; Rosero-Moreano, Milton

 ·  Enzymatic hydrolysis of cassava starch for production of bioethanol with a colombian wild yeast strain
Ruiz, Mónica I.; Sanchez, Clara I.; Torrres, Rodrigo G.; Molina, Daniel R.

 ·  Chemistry and bioactivity of Haplopappus remyanus ("bailahuen"), a chilean medicinal plant
Faini, Francesca; Torres, René; Rodilla, Jesús M.; Labbé, Cecilia; Delporte, Carla; Jaña, Fabián

 ·  Determination of acidic herbicides in water samples by in situ derivatization, single drop microextraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Araujo, Lilia; Prieto, Avismelsi; Troconis, María; Urribarri, Grilena; Sandrea, Williams; Mercado, Jair

 ·  Production of indole-3-acetic acid in the culture medium of microalga Scenedesmus obliquus (UTEX 393)
Prieto C., Rosa E.; Cordoba C., Nancy M.; Montenegro J., Andres M.; González-Mariño, Gloria E.

 ·  Electrochemical detection of arsenite with silver electrodes in inorganic electrolyte and natural system mixtures
Aguirre, María del C.; Rivas, Bernabe L.; Basáez, Luiz; Peña-Farfal, Carlos

 ·  Chemometric analysis of ESIMS and NMR data from Piper species
Yamaguchi, Lydia F.; Freitas, Giovana C.; Yoshida, Nidia C.; Silva, Renata A.; Gaia, Anderson M.; Silva, Adalberto M.; Scotti, Marcus T.; Emerenciano, Vicente de P.; Guimarães, Elsie F.; Floh, Eny I. S.; Colombo, Carlos A.; Siqueira, Walter J.; Kato, Massuo J.

 ·  Integrated utilization of guava (Psidium guajava L.): antioxidant activity of phenolic extracts obtained from guava seeds with supercritical CO2-ethanol
Hernández-Acosta, Mile A.; Castro-Vargas, Henry I.; Parada-Alfonso, Fabián

 Short Reports
 ·  Topical anti-inflammatory activity of Calea prunifolia HBK (Asteraceae) in the TPA model of mouse ear inflammation
Gómez, Milton; Gil, Juan F.

 ·  Microwave-assisted synthesis under solvent-free conditions of (E)-2-(Benzo[d]thiazol-2-yl)-3-arylacrylonitriles
Trilleras, Jorge E.; Velasquez, Kelly J.; Pacheco, Dency J.; Quiroga, Jairo; Ortíz, Alejandro