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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.23 no.3 São Paulo Mar. 2012

 ·  The Brazilian Chemical Society and The International Year of Chemistry
Pinto, Angelo C.; Galembeck, Fernando; Andrade, Jailson B. de

 ·  Polypyrrole coating doped with dihydrogenophosphate ion to protect aluminium against corrosion in sodium chloride medium
Martins, José Inácio; Diblikova, Lenka; Bazzaoui, Mohammed; Nunes, M.C.

 ·  Monte Carlo simulation for the evaluation of measurement uncertainty of pharmaceutical certified reference materials
Rocha, Werickson F. C.; Nogueira, Raquel

 ·  Synthesis by precipitation polymerization of a molecularly imprinted polymer membrane for the potentiometric determination of sertraline in tablets and biological fluids
Arvand, Majid; Hashemi, Masoumeh

 ·  β-lactam antibiotics epitope mapping with STD NMR spectroscopy: a study of drug-human serum albumin interaction
Milagre, Cíntia D. F.; Cabeça, Luís F.; Almeida, Wanda P.; Marsaioli, Anita J.

 ·  Electrospray ionization mass spectrometry fingerprinting of extracts of the leaves of Arrabidaea chica
Schiozer, Adriana L.; Cabral, Elaine C.; Godoy, Luiz A. F. de; Chaves, Francisco C. M.; Poppi, Ronei J.; Riveros, José M.; Eberlin, Marcos N.; Barata, Lauro E. S.

 ·  Intercalation and electrical behavior of TaxMo1-xS2 (x > 0.5) layered mixed disulfides
Lara, Nelson; Aranda, Pilar; Ruiz, Ana I.; Manríquez, Víctor; Ruiz-Hitzky, Eduardo

 ·  Characterization of thermoplastic starch/poly(lactic acid) blends obtained by extrusion and thermopressing
Müller, Carmen M. O.; Pires, Alfredo T. N.; Yamashita, Fabio

 ·  Development studies of a new metronidazole certified reference material
Nogueira, Raquel; Rocha, Werickson F. C.; Silva, Thaís E.; Rego, Eliane C. P.; Moreira, Gabriela F.; Wollinger, Wagner; Rodrigues, Janaína M.

 ·  LC, LC-MS/MS studies for the identification and characterization of degradation products of hydrochlorothiazide and establishment of mechanistic approach towards degradation
Mahajan, Anand Avinash; Thaker, Anil Keshavlal; Mohanraj, Krishnapriya

 ·  Quantification of autoantibodies to annexin V in plasma by an "in house" sandwich ELISA
Pelusa, Héctor F.; Valdés, María de los Ángeles; Daniele, Stella M.; Almará, Adriana M.; Svetaz, María J.; Bearzotti, Mariela; Paparella, Cecilia V.; Bouvet, Beatriz R.; Ghersevich, Sergio A.; Arriaga, Sandra M.

 ·  Short-term toxicity test: monitoring Klebsiella oxytoca bacterium respiration using a flow injection analysis/conductometric system
Guimarães, José R.; Farah, Carolina R. T.; Fadini, Pedro S.

 ·  Determination of ursolic acid and ursolic acid lactone in the leaves of Eucalyptus tereticornis by HPLC
Maurya, Anupam; Srivastava, Santosh Kumar

 ·  Determination of mesalamine by spectrofluorometry in human serum after solid-phase extraction with Ni-Al layered double hydroxide as a nanosorbent
Abdolmohammad-Zadeh, Hossein; Kohansal, Solmaz

 ·  Ceramides and cytotoxic constituents from Ficus glumosa Del. (Moraceae)
Nana, Frédéric; Sandjo, Louis Pergaud; Keumedjio, Félix; Ambassa, Pantaléon; Malik, Rizwana; Kuete, Victor; Rincheval, Vincent; Choudhary, Muhammad Iqbal; Ngadjui, Bonaventure Tchaleu

 ·  Determination of bromine, fluorine and iodine in mineral supplements using pyrohydrolysis for sample preparation
Taflik, Ticiane; Duarte, Fábio A.; Flores, Éder L. M.; Antes, Fabiane G.; Paniz, José N. G.; Flores, Érico M. M.; Dressler, Valderi L.

 ·  Volatile organic compound emissions from a landfill, plume dispersion and the tropospheric ozone modeling
Corrêa, Sérgio M.; Souza, Carolina V. de; Sodré, Eduardo D.; Teixeira, Jorgina R.

 ·  Electrodeposition of ZnO from DMSO solution: influence of anion nature and its concentration in the nucleation and growth mechanisms
Riveros, Gonzalo; Ramírez, Daniel; Tello, Alejandra; Schrebler, Ricardo; Henríquez, Rodrigo; Gómez, Humberto

 ·  Topological study of the first step of nucleophilically unassisted solvolysis of protonated 2-endo/exo-norbornanol and protonated 2-endo/exo-oxabicycloheptanol
Firme, Caio L.

 ·  RP TLC-based lipophilicity assessment of some natural and synthetic coumarins
Rabtti, El Hadi M. A.; Natic, Maja M.; Milojkovic-Opsenica, Dušanka M.; Trifkovic, Jelena Ð.; Vuckovic, Ivan M.; Vajs, Vlatka E.; Tešic, Živoslav Lj.

 ·  Self-assembled films from chitosan and poly(vinyl sulfonic acid) on Nafion® for direct methanol fuel cell
Vinhola, Leonardo; Facci, Tiago; Dias, Luis G.; Azevedo, Dayse C. de; Borissevitch, Galina; Huguenin, Fritz

 ·  Method development for 234U and 230Th determination and application to fossil deep-water coral and authigenic carbonate dating from the Campos Basin - Brazil
Vivone, Ronaldo J.; Godoy, Maria Luiza D. P.; Godoy, José Marcus; Santos, Guaciara M.

 ·  Fast direct determination of titanium dioxide in toothpastes by X-Ray fluorescence and multivariate calibration
Schwab, Nicolas V.; Da-Col, José Augusto; Terra, Juliana; Bueno, Maria Izabel M. S.

 ·  Development of plurimetallic electrocatalysts prepared by decomposition of polymeric precursors for EtOH/O2 fuel cell
Palma, Lívia M.; Almeida, Thiago S.; Andrade, Adalgisa R. de

 ·  Cyclic voltammetry and computational chemistry studies on the evaluation of the redox behavior of parabens and other analogues
Gil, Eric de S.; Andrade, Carolina H.; Barbosa, Núsia L.; Braga, Rodolpho C.; Serrano, Sílvia H. P.

 ·  Evaluation of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry for determining Ca, Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn, Se and Zn in bovine semen samples using a simple sample dilution method
Aguiar, Giovanna F. M.; Batista, Bruno L.; Rodrigues, Jairo L.; Luccas, Pedro O.; Barbosa Jr., Fernando