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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.23 no.6 São Paulo June 2012

 ·  High school chemistry teaching: how to improve it?
Pinto, Angelo C.

 ·  The impressive chemistry, applications and features of ionic liquids: properties, catalysis & catalysts and trends
D. Neto, Brenno A.; Spencer, John

 ·  Chemical modification of polyaniline by N-grafting of polystyrenic chains synthesized via nitroxide-mediated polymerization
Hatamzadeh, Maryam; Mahyar, Ali; Jaymand, Mehdi

 ·  Kinetic modeling of the alkaline decomposition of potassium arsenojarosite
Flores, Mizraim U.; Patiño, Francisco; Reyes, Iván A.; Rivera, Isauro; Reyes, Martín; Juárez, Julio C.

 ·  The influence of the amount and impregnation sequence of potassium on the catalytic performance of VOx/Al2O3 for the non-oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butane
Volpe, María A.; García, Elba A.

 ·  Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction procedure for the determination of palladium by flame atomic absorption spectroscopy
Saçmacl, Şerife; Kartal, Şenol; Dural, Sevilay

 ·  Chemical composition similarity between the essential oils isolated from male and female specimens of each five Baccharis species
Besten, Michele A.; Jasinski, Vanessa C. G.; Costa, Ângela de G. L. C.; Nunes, Domingos S.; Sens, Sávio L.; Wisniewski Jr., Alberto; Simionatto, Edesio L.; Riva, Dilamara; Dalmarco, Juliana B.; Granato, Daniel

 ·  A validated chiral LC method for the enantiomeric separation of repaglinide on immobilized amylose based stationary phase
Patil, Kiran; Rane, Vipul; Yeole, Ravindra; Shinde, Devanand

 ·  1H HRMAS NMR spectroscopy and chemometrics for evaluation of metabolic changes in citrus sinensis Caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri
Silva, Lorena M. A.; Alves Filho, Elenilson G.; Choze, Rafael; Lião, Luciano M.; Alcantara, Glaucia B.

 ·  An efficient synthesis of D-galactose-based multivalent neoglycoconjugates
Andrade, Saulo F. de; Figueiredo, Rute C.; Souza Filho, José D. de; Alves, Ricardo J.

 ·  Fabrication, characterization and analytical performance of the hydroxylamine sensor based on an oracet blue multi-walled carbon nanotubes film deposited on an electrode surface
Zare, Hamid R.; Nasirizadeh, Navid

 ·  Surface properties of oxidized and aminated multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Silva, Wellington M.; Ribeiro, Hélio; Seara, Luciana M.; Calado, Hállen D. R.; Ferlauto, André S.; Paniago, Roberto M.; Leite, Cristiano F.; Silva, Glaura G.

 ·  ESI-MS study of speciation in hydrolyzed aluminum chloride solutions
Cvijović, Mirjana; Kilibard, Vesna; Jelikić-Stankov, Milena; Lazarević, Ivan; Jakovljević, Ivan; Joksović, Ljubinka; Đurđević, Predrag

 ·  Determination of the hydrophobic fraction of Ca, Fe, Mg and Zn in dark color honeys using solid phase extraction and flame atomic absorption spectrometry
Pohl, Pawel; Stecka, Helena; Greda, Krzysztof; Jamroz, Piotr

 ·  Ab Initio correlated all electron Dirac-Fock calculations for eka-francium fluoride (E119F)
Miranda, Patrícia S.; Mendes, Anna Paula S.; Gomes, Jose S.; Alves, Claudio N.; Souza, Aguinaldo R. de; Sambrano, Julio R.; Gargano, Ricardo; Macedo, Luiz Guilherme M. de

 ·  Purification of a synthetic pterocarpanquinone by countercurrent chromatography
Costa, Fernanda das Neves; Silva, Alcides José M. da; Netto, Chaquip Daher; Domingos, Jorge L. de Oliveira; Costa, Paulo Roberto R.; Leitão, Gilda G.

 ·  Efficient synthesis of functionalized 1,2,3-triazoles by catalyst-free 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of nitroalkenes with sodium azide
Wang, Ting; Hu, Xiao-Chun; Huang, Xu-Jiao; Li, Xin-Sheng; Xie, Jian-Wu

 ·  Electrochemical detection of Pb and Cd in paper-based microfluidic devices
Shi, Jianjun; Tang, Fan; Xing, Honglong; Zheng, Huxiang; Lianhua, Bi; Wei, Wang

 ·  Electrochemical reduction of the mycotoxin citrinin at bare and modified with multi-walled carbon nanotubes glassy carbon electrodes in a non-aqueous reaction medium
Zachetti, Vanessa G. L.; Granero, Adrian M.; Robledo, Sebastian N.; Zon, María A.; Rosa, Carlos A. DaRocha; Fernández, Héctor

 ·  High-time resolution measurements of black carbon particles in the exhaust emissions of a diesel engine during acceleration, deceleration and cruise conditions
Miguel, Antonio H.; Hansen, Anthony D. A.

 ·  PtSnIr/C anode electrocatalysts: promoting effect in direct ethanol fuel cells
Silva, Júlio C. M.; Souza, Rodrigo F. B. De; Romano, Mayara A.; D'Villa-Silva, Melina; Calegaro, Marcelo L.; Hammer, Peter; O. Neto, Almir; Santos, Mauro C.

 ·  Determination of carbamates in beverages by liquid-liquid extraction with low temperature partitioning and liquid chromatography
Goulart, Simone M.; Alves, Renata D.; Paula, Washington X. de; Queiroz, José Humberto de; Neves, Antônio A.; Queiroz, Maria Eliana L. R. de

 ·  Determination of copper in human hair and tea samples after dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction based on solidification of floating organic drop (DLLME-SFO)
Bahar, Soleiman; Zakerian, Razieh

 ·  Oncocalyxone A: electrochemical, spectroscopic investigation and studies of its interaction with DNA, nucleobases and N-acetylcysteine
Costa, Cicero de O.; Costa, Erivaldo de O.; Ferreira, Fabrícia da R.; Viana, Luciana da S.; Silva, Leonardo V. da; Silva, Francisco de A. dos Santos; Abreu, Fabiane C. de; Figueiredo, Isis M.; Pinho Jr., Waldomiro; Bento, Edson de S.; Lemos, Telma L. G.; Pessoa, Otília D. L.; Aguilera-Venegas, Benjamin; Norambuena, Ester; Olea-Azar, Claudio; Goulart, Marília O. F.

 ·  Preparation of ordered sulfonated mesoporous polymer (OMP-TsOH) from p-toluenesulfonic acid and application in esterification reaction of fatty acids
Shokrolahi, Arash; Zali, Abbas; Pouretedal, Hamid Reza; Mousaviazar, Ali

 Short Reports
 ·  Fluoride determination in carbon nanotubes by ion selective electrode
Antes, Fabiane G.; Pereira, Juliana S. F.; Spadoa, Laurien C.; Muller, Edson I.; Flores, Erico M. M.; Dressler, Valderi L.