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Psicologia Clínica
On-line version ISSN 1980-5438


Table of contents
Psicol. clin. vol.18 no.1 Rio de Janeiro  2006

 Seção Temática: Clínica e Neurociência
 ·  Neurosciences and psychoanalysis: is there any possibility of articulation?
Faveret, Bianca Maria Sanches

 ·  Neuroscience and psychiatry
Graeff, Frederico G.

 ·  Remembering, subjectivity and the neural basis of the autobiographic memory
Frank, Jean; Landeira-Fernandez, J.

 ·  Damage to thinking and subjective identity
Oppenheim-Gluckman, H.

 ·  Essay on integration of some basic psychoanalytic concepts with basic concepts of neuroscience
Soussumi, Yusaku

 ·  Constructivism, experimental psychology and neuroscience
Vasconcellos, Silvio José Lemos; Machado, Simone da Silva

 Seção Livre
 ·  Anorexia: a pseudo-separation in the light of the impasses on alienation and separation
Silva, Alinne Nogueira; Bastos, Angélica

 ·  The psychoanalytic clinic of the psychosis in mental health institutions
Monteiro, Cleide Pereira; Queiroz, Edilene Freire de

 ·  Strindberg's echoes: pain, fear and psychoanalysis on extension
Cerqueira Filho, Gisálio

 ·  A book named Anguish: on the romance by Graciliano Ramos
Caldas, Heloisa

 ·  The bet in sacrifice and the implacable side of the Other
Ambertín, Marta Gerez

 ·  The Bejahung in the connections of the psychoanalysis
França Neto, Oswaldo

 ·  The body on contemporary psychoanalysis: about Pierre Marty's and Joyce McDougall's psychosomatic conceptions
Peres, Rodrigo Sanches

 ·  From mother to daughter: the familiar transmission in question
Carreteiro, Teresa Cristina; Freire, Letícia de Luna

 ·  Narcissistic pathologies and autoimmune diseases: some assumptions about the body in clinical work
Pinheiro, Teresa; Verztman, Júlio; Venturini, Camilo; Viana, Diane; Canosa, Lindinaura; Caravelli, Selena

 ·  How to listen to neurons
Winograd, Monah; Sisson, Nathalia

 ·  Silet, the paradoxes of drive from Freud to Lacan
Edler, Sandra

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