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Physis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva
On-line version ISSN 1809-4481


Qualitative Methodology and Public Health Research

Table of contents
Physis vol.21 no.4 Rio de Janeiro Oct./Dec. 2011

Editorial: Metodologia qualitativa e pesquisa em saúde coletiva
Camargo Jr., Kenneth R. de; Bosi, Maria Lúcia Magalhães

 ·  Qualitative research as a social, historical and political practice guided by principles
Peñaranda, Fernando; Bastidas, Miryam; Torres, Julio Nicolas; Escobar, Gloria Matilde

 ·  Understanding lay rationalities about health and illness
Silva, Luisa Ferreira da; Alves, Fatima

 ·  Innovation in mental health: subsidies for innovative practices and multidimensional evaluation models
Bosi, Maria Lucia Magalhães; Carvalho, Liliane Brandão; Sobreira, Maria Aparecida Alves; Ximenes, Verônica Morais; Liberato, Mariana Tavares Cavalcanti; Godoy, Maria Gabriela Curubeto

 ·  New objects and new challenges for medical anthropology nowadays
Iriart, Jorge Alberto Bernstein; Caprara, Andrea

 ·  Talk to them! the interpretative work and the production of consensus in qualitative health research: innovations from participatory design
Campos, Rosana Onocko

 ·  The qualitative approach in the evaluation of food consumption: fundamentals, applications and operational considerations
Bosi, Maria Lúcia Magalhães; Prado, Shirley Donizete; Lindsay, Ana Cristina; Machado, Márcia Maria Tavares; Carvalho, Maria Claudia da Veiga Soares

 ·  The use of diaries as tools for intervention in institutional analysis: reflections on everyday work in collective oral health
Pezzato, Luciane M.; L'abbate, Solange

 ·  The task-force of developmental psychiatry
Lima, Ana Cristina Costa; Caponi, Sandra Noemi Cucurullo de

 ·  Can the modest witness speak? biomedicine within a paradigmatic shift
Cruz, Alice

 ·  The body in the therapeutic process
Mendes, Marisa Ferreira

 ·  Interconnections between Applied Linguistics and health care practices: language and identity in the prevention of STDs / AIDS among transvestite sex workers
Borba, Rodrigo

 ·  Suffering as the experience shared in supporting palliative care patients
Bogalska-Martin, Ewa

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 ·  Norms and practices: decision making in health and disease
Menezes, Rachel Aisengart

 ·  Female homosexuality in health: from invisibility to violence
Valadão, Rita de Cássia; Gomes, Romeu

 ·  Aging and social support networks in rural area of the Pantanal in Mato Grosso, Brazil
Pignatti, Marta Gislene; Barsaglini, Reni Aparecida; Senna, Giselle Dantas

 ·  Between conformism and dreams: perceptions of women in social vulnerability situations from the perspective of Amartya Sen
Magalhães, Kelly Alves; Cotta, Rosângela Minardi Mitre; Gomes, Karine de Oliveira; Franceschinni, Sylvia do Carmo Castro; Batista, Rodrigo Siqueira; Soares, Jéferson Boechat

 ·  The patenting of polymorphs in the pharmaceutical industry and access to medicines
Lima, Denise Maria Menezes de; Silveira, Carla Cristina de Freitas da

 ·  The federal health work force in Brazil: an analysis in the context of the 2000's
Alberto, Luciane Galdino; Machado, Cristiani Vieira; Teixeira, Márcia

 ·  Study of care models practiced by private operators of health plans
Freitas, Rosiene Maria de; Cherchiglia, Mariângela Leal; Lana, Francisco Carlos Félix; Malta, Deborah Carvalho; Andrade, Eli Iola Gurgel

 ·  Building the mental health care network with the matrix support tool
Sousa, Fernando Sérgio Pereira de; Jorge, Maria Salete Bessa; Vasconcelos, Mardênia Gomes Ferreira; Barros, Márcia Maria Mont'alverne de; Quinderé, Paulo Henrique Dias; Gondim, Luciana Gurgel Farias

 ·  Viver por um fio
Alves, Hayda