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Ciência Rural
Print version ISSN 0103-8478


Table of contents
Cienc. Rural vol.25 no.2 Santa Maria  1995

 ·  Effect of meteorological elements at the harvesting time on the percentage of head rice grains
Marchezan, Enio

 Crop Protection
 ·  Virulence of stored conidia of Nomuraea rileyi fungi against soybean caterpillar, Anticarsia gemmatalis
Lopes, Maria Inez Lopes e; Barros, Neiva Monteiro de

 ·  Infestation levels of Butiobruchus sp in butia palm nut
Link, Dionisio; Naibo, José Gilmar

 Crop Production
 ·  Optimal size and shape of potato plots in experiments to evaluate potato yields
Oliveira, Paulo Henrique de; Estefanel, Valduíno

 ·  Physical caracteristics of früits of four guava cultivars and two selections at 5th production year in Porto Lucena - RS
Paiva, Marília Caleffi; Fioravanço, João Caetano; Manica, Ivo

 ·  Quality of "Fuji" apple under controlled atmosphere conditions
Brackmann, Auri; Mazaro, Sérgio Miguel; Bortoluzzi, Glaucia

 Soil Fertility
 ·  Phosphorus availability in a low pH highly weathered soil as affected by added salts
Ernani, Paulo Roberto; Barber, Stanley Arthur

 ·  Intensity of root cortex colonization and its relation with phosphorus uptake by pensacola grass
Rheinheimer, Danilo dos Santos; Kaminski, João

 ·  Changes in peroxidase and polypeptide profiles in Nicotiana tabacum L. transformed with Agrobacterium rhizogenes
Echeverrigaray, Sergio

 Clinic And Surgery
 ·  Pathogenesis of Trypanosoma evansi infection in dogs and horses: hematological and clinical aspects
Silva, Roberto Aguilar Machado Santos; Herrera, Heitor Miragaia; Domingos, Luzimari Borges da Silveira; Ximenes, Flora Auxiliadora; Dávila, Alberto Martin Rivera

 ·  Cronological evaluation of variation in packed cell volume on dairy cattle
Marçal, Wilmar Sachetin; Birgel, Eduardo Harry; D'Angelino, José Luiz; Miguel, Ornar

 ·  Evaluation of midazolam/droperidol association for tranquilization of swines
Marques, José Antonio; Valadão, Carlos Augusto Araújo; Teixeira Neto, Francisco José

 ·  Use of fluorescein to identify the superficial lymphatic vessels of mammary glands in bitches
Rahal, Sheila Canevese; Hossne, William Saad; Teixeira, Evandro Moacyr dos Santos

 ·  Classical swine fever: thermal reaction in rabbits to the chinese-Porto Alegre strain
Vidor, Telmo; van der Laan, Carlos Willi; Ribeiro, Carmen Lúcia Garcez; Gonçalves, Alexandre da Rocha

 ·  Antitoxoplasmics imunoglubulins and retinochoroiditis in swine
Grünspan, Elisabete Dockhorn; Moreira, Wlademir Silveira; Edelweiss, Maria Isabel Albano; Ulon, Sara Noemi; Daudt, Helena Maria Lizardo

 Animal Reproduction
 ·  Effects of anabolic products on bull semen quality
Pimentel, Cláudio Alves; Deschamps, João Carlos

 ·  Multiple ovulation in slaughtered mares - Pelotas-RS
Pimentel, Claudio Alves; Tarouco, Adriana Kroef; Harnmes, Anelise Maria

 ·  Time of ovulation in corriedale ewes after natural and induced ovulation with progestagen and eCG
Souza, Carlos José Hoff de; Chagas, Lúcia Martins; Moura, Adilson; Moraes, José Carlos Ferrugem

 Animal Production
 ·  Evaluation of in vivo digestibility of ground soybean hulls with sheep
Tambara, Antônio Augusto Cortíana; Olivo, Clair Jorge; Pires, Maria Beatriz Gonçalves; Sanchez, Luis Maria Bonnecarrère

 ·  Animal production in mixtures of temperate species seeded in a natural pasture
Coelho Filho, Roblein Cristal; Quadros, Fernando Luis Ferreira de

 Food Technology
 ·  Arginine and urea evolution during musts fermentation of cv Gewürztraminer from different nitrogen fertilizer levels in the soil
Boeira, Lúcia Schuch; Pereira, Cristina Nogueira; Daudt, Carlos Eugênio

 ·  Nitrogen fertilization effects on cv. Gewürztraminer from two regions: total nitrogen in the must and its consumption by different yeasts during alcoholic fermentation
Boeira, Lúcia Schuch; Daudt, Carlos Eugênio

 ·  Effect of vineyard nitrogen fertilization on the formation of some wine volatile coumpounds
Boeira, Lúcia Schuch; Daudt, Carlos Eugênio

 ·  Thiamine and riboflavin: evolution during ripening of Cabernet Sauvignon and during fermentation with different levels of so2 added
Daudt, Carlos Eugenio; Parizzi, Luiz Eduardo

 Crop Production
 ·  Cultivars identification of wheat by phenol test
Menezes, Nilson Lemos de; Bellé, Rogério Antonio

 ·  Control of insects on fruits, vegetables and stored grains with high or low temperatures and gases
Brackmann, Auri; Guedes, Jerson Vanderlei Carús

 Clinic And Surgery
 ·  Gastroduodenal ulcer in foals
Dearo, Antonio Cezar de Oliveira; Lopes, Marco Aurélio Ferreira

 ·  Vaccines with antigenic markers against bovine herpesvírus type-1 and pseudorabies vírus
Zanella, Janice Reis Ciacci; Flores, Eduardo Furtado

 Summaries of Masters Degree Dissertation
 ·  Biological aspects, damage and control of Diloboderus abderus sturm, 1826 (Coleoptera: melolonthidae) in no-till
Silva, Mauro Tadeu Braga da

 ·  Bovine herpesvirus type 1 (BHV 1): an epidemiological survey in the dairy herd of Rio Grande do Sul State
Lovato, Luciane Teresinha