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Scientia Agricola
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Sci. agric. (Piracicaba, Braz.) vol.51 no.1 Piracicaba Jan./Apr. 1994

 Agricultural Engeneering
 ·  Comparison of various roof coating materials through thermal comfort indexes
Sevegnani, K.B.; Ghelfi Filho, H.; Silva, I.J.O. da

 Agricultural Economy
 ·  Contribution to the study of agroindustrial organization: the case of chicken meat industry in the State of Sao Paulo)
Marques, P.V.

 Plant Physiology
 ·  Comparison among several media for the rooting of croton (Codiaeum variegatum L.) cuttings
Tillmann, M.A.A.; Cavariani, C.; Piana, Z.; Minami, K.

 ·  Physiological behavior of feijoa multiplied by stool layring
Mielke, MS.; Fachinello, J.C.; Nachtigal, J.C.; Matiuz, B.; Endres, L.; Santos Filho, B. Gomes dos

 ·  Rooting of chrysantemum [Dendranthema morifolium (RAMAT.) TZVELEV] cuttings treated with indolebutylic acid applied with talcum powder
Cuquel, F.L.; Mimani, K.

 ·  Influence of etylen on the chemical characteristics of mango fruits var. Keitt, harvested in the pre-climateric stage
Coneglian, R.C.C.; Rodrigues, J.D.

 ·  Methods of mucilage remotion and physiological quality of tomato (Lycopersicon sculentum Mill.) seeds
Cavariani, C.; Piana, Z.; Tillmann, M.A.A.; Minami, K.

 ·  Evaluation of Leucaena spp. genotypes in the edaphic and climatic conditions of São Carlos, SP: I. phenotypical characterization and agronomical evaluation
Primavesi, A.C.P. de A.; Nogueira, A.R.A.; Primavesi, O.; Godoy, R.; Batista, L.A.R.; Novaes, N.J.; França-Dantas, M.S.

 ·  Evaluation of Leucaena spp. genotypes in the edaphic and climatic conditions of São Carlos, SP: II. bromatological determinations at the establishment period
Primavesi, A.C.P. de A.; Nogueira, A.R.A.; Primavesi, O.; Godoy, R.; Batista, L.A.R.; Novaes, N.J.; França-Dantas, M.S.

 ·  Evaluation of forage legumes (Centrosema spp.) grown on distrophic soils
Novaes, N.J.; Godoy, R.; Primavesi, A.C.P.A.; Negreiros, G. de F.

 ·  Behaviour of Piralima orange on Poncirus trifoliata rootstock as a function of budding height
Sampaio, V.R.

 ·  Biological control of the two-spotted spider mite (Acari: Tetranychidae, Phytoseiidae) in cucumber and strawberry crops
Watanabe, M.A.; Moraes, G.J. de; Gastaldo Jr., I.; Nicolella, G.

 ·  Effect of potassium fertilizers on soybean yield
Mascarenhas, H.A.A.; Tanaka, R.T.; Pereira, J.C.V.N.A.; Gallo, P.B.; Bataglia, O.C.

 ·  Incidence of rust leaf disease on peaches and nectarines of the IAC germoplasm bank
Barbosa, W.; Campo-Dall'Orto, F.A.; Ojima, M.; Kalil, G.P.C.; Lovate, A.A.; Ribeiro, I.J.A.; Martins, F.P.; Nogueira, E.M.C.

 ·  The peach meadow orchard system: VII. performance of new lAC selections on biennal drastic pruning
Barbosa, W.; Campo-Dall'Orto, F.A.; Ojima, M.; Lovate, A.A.; Santos, R.R. dos

 ·  Response of fig-tree orchard (Ficus carica L.) under irrigation and nitrogen levels at the Ilha Solteira (SP) region
Hernandez, F.B.T.; Suzuki, M.A.; Buzetti, S.; Correa, L.S.

 Earth Science
 ·  Performance of extracting procedures in soil treated with several sources of phosphorus
Stefanutti, R.; Muraoka, T.; Malavolta, E.

 ·  Field determined variation of the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity functions using simplified analysis of internal drainage experiments
Villagra, M. M.; Michiels, P.; Hartmann, R.; Bacchi, O.O.S.; Reichardt, K.

 ·  Influence of aldicarb and endosulfan on the number of microorganisms and urease activity in the soil
Santos, T.M.C.; Monteiro, R.T.R.

 Agroindustrial Technology
 ·  Chemical analysis of buffalo milk in relation to cow milk
Verruma, M.R.; Salgado, J.M.

 ·  Performance evaluation of corn seeds submitted to a partial remotion of the endosperm and the pericarp
Silva, W.R. da; Chamma, H.M.C.P.; Novembre, A.D. da L.C.; Moraes, M.H.D. de

 ·  Behaviour of hybrid corn seeds during storage under different conditions of air temperature and relative humidity
Bilia, D.A.C.; Fancelli, A.L.; Marcos Filho, J.; Machado, J.A.

 ·  Temperature and preconditioning of soybean seeds for the tetrazolium test on soybean seeds
Costa, N.P. da; Marcos Filho, J.

 ·  Toxicity of coffee weed (Cassia occidentalis L.) seeds to broilers
Gonzales, E.; Butolo, J.E.; Silva, R.D. de M. e; Packer, I.U.; Lamas da Silva, J.M.

 ·  Heat treatment of raw milk in plastic bags
Oliveira,; Gallo, C.R.; Carvalho,

 ·  Tenuipalpus oliveirai, a new species (Acari, Prostigmata, Tenuipalpidae) from Brazil
Flechtmann, C.H.W.

 ·  Determination of the average irrigation depth of center pivot irrigation systems
Dourado Neto, D.; Van Lier, Q. de Jong; Frizzone, J. A.

 ·  Lethal dose of gamma radiation for eggs of Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton, 1865) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), rice moth
Duarte Aguilar, J.A.; Arthur, V.