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Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem
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At-risk families

Table of contents
Texto contexto - enferm. vol.14 no.spe Florianópolis  2005

 Original Article - Research
 ·  Nutritional risks of low family income students residents in the coast of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Grillo, Luciane Peter; Klitzke, Cheila Adriane; Campos, Isabel Cristina de; Mezadri, Tatiana

 ·  Perceptions and beliefs of health community agents about resilience in single parent poor families
Yunes, Maria Angela Mattar; Mendes, Narjara Fernandes; Albuquerque, Beatriz de Mello

 ·  Dimensions of violence against children and adolescents gathered from the discourse of teachers and caretakers
Gomes, Vera Lúcia de Oliveira; Fonseca, Adriana Dora da

 ·  Domestic violence and negligence identification by middle and popular classes parents
Delfino, Vanessa; Biasoli-Alves, Zélia Maria Mendes; Sagim, Mírian Botelho; Venturini, Fabiola Perri

 ·  Potential health risks: analysis of social exclusion and inclusion of families Itajai/SC
Próspero, Elisete Navas Sanches; Machado, Heloísa; Stuker, Henri; Elsen, Ingrid; Ângelo, Márcio Vieira; Silva, Yolanda Flores e

 ·  Sexual abuse: diagnosis of cases reported in the municipal district of Itajaí/SC, during the period 1999 to 2003, as a tool for assisting families experiencing situations of violence
Machado, Heloisa Beatriz; Lueneberg, Caroline Fabre; Régis, Enedina Izabel; Nunes, Michelli Proença Palma

 ·  Parents orientation: to share knowledge about development and childrearing practices as an intervention procedure
Biasoli-Alves, Zélia Maria Mendes

 ·  From risk to psychosocial resilience: conceptual models and avenues for family intervention
Lacharité, Carl

 ·  "At-risk" families of domestic violence and child abuse
Bringiotti, María Inés

 ·  What's of the "family being"?
Delgado, Josefa Aida

 ·  Resilience and health promotion
Silva, Mara Regina Santos da; Lunardi, Valéria Lerch; Lunardi Filho, Wilson Danilo; Tavares, Katia Ott

 ·  The paternal participation in the humanization birth process: an issue to be rethought
Tarnowski, Karina da Silva; Próspero, Elisete Navas Sanches; Elsen, Ingrid

 ·  The family in situation of risk and its insertion in the program of a family health: a necessary reflection to the professional practice
Resta, Darielli Gindri; Motta, Maria da Graça Corso

 Experiment Report
 ·  Life experience and reflections from a study group on families facing chronic health situation
Marcon, Sônia Silva; Radovanovic, Cremilde Aparecida Trindade; Waidman, Maria Angélica Pagliarini; Oliveira, Magda Lúcia Félix de; Sales, Catarina Aparecida

 ·  An attempt to humanize the relationship of the nursing staff with the family of patients in the unit of intensive therapy
Silveira, Rosemary Silva da; Lunardi, Valéria Lerch; Lunardi Filho, Wilson Danilo; Oliveira, Adriane M. Netto de